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Lee’s Frontier Chevron and Deli–

Your One-Stop Shop off the 395, in Lone Pine

Lee's Frontier for Chevron & Diesel Gas, Fresh Deli, Liquor & Lotto, Tackle & Bait, FREE Coffee & More...
Lee’s Frontier for Chevron & Diesel Gas & Propane, Fresh Deli, Liquor & Lotto, Tackle & Bait, FREE Coffee & More…

At Your Service Since 1986

The store opened on July 1st of 1986 in the home to Mt. Whitney & most film history of the wild west– Lone Pine, CA.

Lee’s Frontier Chevron and Deli  has a great appreciation for a cup of coffee on the road… whether the sun is up or not.


It only makes sense that Lee’s Frontier keeps fresh coffee as easily accessible as possible.

So, naturally, FREE coffee has been a staple to Lee’s Frontier since day one.


Did we mention FREE COFFEE?

And, truck drivers are no strangers to stopping at Lee’s Frontier     loyally on their route.

Deli Hours

The Deli is open from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Efrain at your service! With fresh ingredients and food prepared from scratch, Lee’s Frontier takes pride in the food they offer at the deli. Breakfast starts at 3:00 AM.

Say “Hello” to Assistant Manager Cheryl Mullis !

The selection of packaged dry fruit, nuts and gourmet candies is huge.

More candy and snacks for kids of all ages!

Check out the wide clean aisles !!!

You can find just about everything at Lee’s!!!

Get all your fishing supplies at Lee’s too!

How about Souvenirs? Yes, Lee’s has those too!


What about those animals?

How’s that for the charm of a small town?


Once the sun comes up, sit and eat outside while you stop… by the horses and goats. Yes! Picnic! No petting.

Visitors stop and take pictures and enjoy the view of the animals and mountains.


Lee’s sells liquor, beer, and wine (and lots of it) between 6AM and 2AM.


Products & Services

Gas Station: Chevron, Diesel Fuel & Propane

Deli: Homemade Breakfast including delicious burritos, Lunch with homemade fried chicken – even pastrami, fresh sandwiches,  soups & salads – Breakfast starts at 3:00 AM. Meals prepared daily from scratch.

FREE Coffee, Daily

Stop Here For Road Trips and Work Shifts:
Coffee, Souvenirs, Groceries, Necessities, and of course Quality Chevron Gas, Diesel and Propane.

Fill ‘er up before you hit the road.


Plus: Get Local Honey, Olives, & Peppers all in the fully stocked Mini Mart for everything you need on the road!

Hours & Information

Lee’s Frontier in Lone Pine

Open 24-Hours a Day

With Deli Hours: 3 a.m. to 6 p.m.

1900 S Main St

Lone Pine, CA 93545

(760) 876-5844


 Lee’s Frontier– Your One-Stop Shop off the 395, in Lone Pine


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