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City of Bishop working at Fowler and Church

City of Bishop Improving ramp at Fowler and Church

Public Works News Release

The City of Bishop Public Works staff is constructing a new curb ramp at the intersection of Fowler and Church Streets in Bishop. The work will obstruct sidewalks at the northeast corner of the intersection during the 2 week construction period.
The new concrete ramp will improve access for people with mobility disabilities traveling to and from the city parking lot at the Fowler / Church intersection and community events in the neighborhood such as those at City Hall, the Bishop High School, and the Bishop United Methodist Church. The new ramp will meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and will help improve the city’s overall network of pedestrian facilities. In addition to the new ramp, some
curb in the area will be replaced to improve drainage and reduce ponding in the area.
Unfortunately, a tree had to be removed to allow for construction of the new ramp and adjacent sidewalk. The project includes planting a new tree in the spring.
The project was put out to bid in October but no bids from prospective contractors were received. To keep the project moving forward, it is being constructed by City of Bishop Public Works staff. The project is estimated to cost about $10,000. For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at publicworks@cityofbishop.com or 760-873-8458
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