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Tri-County Fair Winners

Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair Results

This years fair had a theme of “Where Heritage and Culture Come Together”.   Among the featured contests were the Carne Asada cooking contest, Salas on the spot,  the Viva Margarita competition, and Pecan Pie baking contest.  Congratulations to all the winners.

Tri-County Fair Winners

Carne Asada Contest

1. Todd Lembke (aka The Mayor of Wilkerson)

2. Bruce Walder

3. Adrienne Martinez

Salas on the spot Contest

Junior Division

1. Ashley Switzer

Viva Margarita Contest

1. Sheryl Holmes

2. Lisa Yeager

3. Adrienne Martinez

Pecan Pie Contest


1. Alison Young

2. Joni Ferrell

Junior Division

1. Jesi Ferrell

2. Kennedy Bigham

Cover Photo, Todd Lembke, The Mayor of Wilkerson winning top honors in the Carne Asada contest.

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