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Tioga Pass Update

Road crews are patching potholes, cleaning ditches and road side debris and forestry is wrapping up immediate hazard tree work that needs to be done. The Avalanche Team performed one final blast on Olmsted to primarily charcoal the upper section.
Yesterday we were able to work each end of Olmsted to narrow this area down to about 100 yards wide and you can now see each vehicle pass through the zone from each end. The west bound lane is still acting as the toe of the snow remaining on the slope so we are not able to remove at this time. The area is finally beginning to melt out but it needs to reduce in volume/depth before we can change to just a no stopping zone. We are hoping that by early next week we will see dramatic difference in snow levels with the water running off the slope.
Though it has been reduced in size it is still unstable due to the heat and water running under the snowpack and could result in a wet slab release that will impact the road.
Tony with Mono County will be coming up tomorrow afternoon and Bob Brantley will be showing him Olmsted and what efforts we have been doing to reduce snow in this area.
B&G and Utilities has been working daily this week in TM and sounds like they are making good progress.
We are hoping next week is the big push of melt and we can get the avalanche areas safe to get full opening crews up there to push facilities open. I also have a draft of a vehicle access-shuttle plan in the Supt office in case we can get the road safe but the snow is preventing us from stationing our emergency services people or getting water or services turned on…we could try to use this to at least let cars through on a limited hours basis if possible.
I would guess we are still looking at melting out all next week but the warmer temps are improving things.
Michael Reynolds
Yosemite National Park

120 west opening to the Yosemite Gate Friday

CalTrans says 120 West will open to the Yosemite Gate this Friday

April 26, 2016
Submitted by CalTrans

Anticipated opening of California State Route 120 West to the east Yosemite National Park Entrance Gate is scheduled for Friday, April 29th at Noon.

 Mono County – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has been working on clearing snow, removing rocks, and repairing the road to open State Route 120 West to the east Yosemite Park entrance gate.  It is anticipated that the road will reopen from winter closure on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at noon, weather and safety permitting.  Caltrans’ number one priority is safety for the traveling public and highway maintenance crews.    State Route 120 west will remain closed at the Yosemite Park entrance.

This partial opening is dependent upon favorable weather and verification that the highway is safe for users.  If the area is impacted by inclement weather Caltrans may not be able to open the highway as anticipated.  Please check local highway conditions before planning to use SR 120 west.

For the latest highway information please visit the Caltrans QuickMap site at quickmap.dot.ca.gov or call the Road Condition Hotline at 1-800-427-ROAD (7623).

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Mt Passes Open

Caltrans opens Tioga, Sonora, and Monitor

Mono County – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has removed the snow, cleared the debris and made the necessary repairs to open, Monitor Pass (SR 89), Sonora Pass (SR 108) and Tioga Pass (SR 120).

Caltrans opened the passes for the spring season on Friday, April 17th, 2015 but closed the passes last week due to weather conditions.

Caltrans crews responsible for the road opening extend their best wishes for safe summer traveling to those who enjoy the recreational opportunities California has to offer.

Winter weather and road conditions can change rapidly.  Motorists should expect the worst conditions and be prepared when traveling in areas subject to hazardous conditions.  All vehicles, including those with four-wheel drive or snow tires should, additionally, carry chains when traveling during snowy weather.

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Passes Closing In advance of Storm

Sonora and Tioga Passes Closing today

Caltrans will be closing State Route 108, Sonora Pass at 4pm today (Wednesday, May 13th).  Caltans officials indicate this closure is due to a incoming storm.  In addition, Yosemite National Park will close State Route 120, Tioga Pass at 8pm tonight in advance of expected adverse weather.

Caltrans reminds folks that as is often the case this time of year, closure of mountain passes occur due to weather conditions.  Caltrans notes that crews closely monitor highways to determine if it is safe for the traveling public.

cover photo by Gary Young. www.garyyoungphotography.com

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Pending Storm Closing Passes

Tioga and Sonora Pass close

Tioga Road and Glacier Point Roads in Yosemite National Park Temporarily Closed. Caltrans shuts down 108, Sonora Pass.
The Tioga Road and Glacier Point Roads in Yosemite National Park are temporarily closed due to snow and icy conditions. A storm system in the area necessitated the temporary closure. The park is currently receiving snow at the higher elevations.  Both roads will remain closed throughout today (Thursday) and will open when conditions permit safe travel. There is no estimated time for the roads to reopen.  For updated, 24-hour road conditions, please call 209-372-0200.
Caltrans has closed state route 108, Sonora Pass. Caltrans notes that the route will be reopened after Caltrans can assess the roadway after the storm passes.

cover photo by Gary Young. Yosemite National Park.  garyyoungphotography

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Tioga Pass Opening

Tioga Road opening Today

Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park to Open on Monday, May 4
Road Construction Occurring on Portions of Tioga Road

The Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park will open for the season on Monday, May 4, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. for all vehicular traffic.  Due to a light snowpack this past winter, the Tioga Road was cleared of snow early into the season.  The Tioga Road, bounded on both sides by State Highway 120, is the popular east-west crossing of the Sierra Nevada.
Visitors are urged to drive with caution while on the Tioga Road, as there will be rehabilitation work occurring on portions of the roadway.  Visitors will experience portions of the road that are unpaved and should be aware that delays are in place.  For more information about the construction work and traffic delays on the Tioga Road, please visit:


photo by Gary Young.

Snow and icy conditions may still exist on hiking trails at the higher elevations.  Visitors are urged to be prepared for snowy conditions and possible treacherous stream crossings while hiking the backcountry in the early season.  Vault toilets are available in several locations along the road.  Limited visitor services will be available over the next several weeks.  Additionally, late spring storms may change the status of the road and cause temporary closures.  For updated, 24-hour road conditions, please call 209-372-0200.
All campgrounds along the Tioga Road are closed.  All commercial services, including the gas station, store, and village grill, are also closed.  There are no anticipated opening dates for any of these facilities at this time.

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Mt Pass update

Tioga pass opening to the park gate today (4/15)

Provided by Mono County Sheriffs Department.

We have had some inquiries on the opening dates of our local mountain passes.

The lower section of Tioga Pass, Hwy 120 West, will open from Lee Vining to park entrance gate today (4/15) by 5:00pm. Tioga Pass from the park entrance gate into Yosemite National Park remains closed as plowing and winter debris removal continues. As soon as we get updates on the full opening, we will ensure to pass the information along.

Sonora Pass, Hwy 108, is scheduled to tentatively open on Friday, 4/17. This opening is weather permitting.

Weather conditions can change at an instant throughout the Eastern Sierra. Please remember to check our local road conditions before heading out on your traveling journey! Happy and Safe Travels! – Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer

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