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Highway 395 Invitational

BUHS Cross Country tops Mammoth

The Bishop Union High School Cross Country team made the short trip to Mammoth Thursday opening their season.  Both the Bronco Boys and Girls teams excelled.  Mammoth High School hosted Thursday’s dual (the Highway 395 invitational) at Shady Rest Park.  Heidi Eldridge is the head coach at Bishop Union and she reports that the team has nearly 30 members this year and “commitment and enthusiasm are second to none!”

Next week the Broncos travel to High Desert League power Rosamond for the Rosamond Invitational.  The road trip next week is set for Wednesday, September 30th.

Results from the Highway 395 invitational

1.Isaura Herrera (Mammoth)
2.Arriana Pope (Bishop)
3.Emma Place (Bishop)
4.Alexia Craven (Mammoth)
5.Jamie Shultz (Bishop)
6.Chloe Almeida (Bishop)
7.Kristin Lamb (Bishop)
8.Berlin Del Aguila (Mammoth)
9.Caelen Mcquilken (Mammoth)
10.Lynn Regelbrugge (Mammoth)
1.Carson Reid (Bishop)
2.Duncan Reid (Bishop)
3.Joel Talamantes (Bishop)
4.Perry Moyer (Mammoth)
5.Jordan Kost (Bishop)
6.Guy LaBorde (Mammoth)
7.Dylan Fitt (Bishop)
8.Nathan Gardea (Bishop)
9.Jeremy Laguna (Mammoth)
10.Jared Mahler (Mammoth)

Cover Photo Provided by Coach Heidi Eldridge

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Monitoring Wells going in

Monitoring Wells to be Drilled near Mammoth Lakes

BISHOP, Calif. – The Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office, in coordination with the Inyo National Forest Mammoth Lakes Ranger District, has approved construction of three groundwater monitoring wells near the town of Mammoth Lakes.

The wells will be used to monitor groundwater conditions to provide increased assurance that geothermal resource development in Upper Basalt Canyon will not adversely affect the town’s groundwater supply.

Monitoring well data will be incorporated into a shallow groundwater monitoring plan required by the BLM as a condition of approval for the Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project.

Two of the three monitoring wells will be constructed by the U.S. Geological Survey Research Drilling Unit.  Drilling is expected to begin Saturday, Aug. 1, and continue through August at locations near Shady Rest Park.

The first site is a quarter-mile northwest of Shady Rest Park.  The second is two-tenths of a mile south of Shady Rest Park.  There will be an increase in construction vehicle traffic near Shady Rest Park, but recreational trails are expected to remain open.

For more information contact Collin Reinhardt, geologist for the BLM Bishop Field Office, (760) 872-5024.

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