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Inyo Man rescued by Nye County

Nye County units rescue Inyo Co. Man

A team of Nye County Nevada personal rescued a Inyo County man last week.  The Nye County Sheriffs Department has released details from the search and rescue, but are not releasing the name of the victim.

Nye County Sheriffs department statement:

On Wednesday, August 12th Nye County Sheriffs Office Dispatch was contacted by Inyo County referencing an individual lost in the desert.  NCSO Dispatch spoke with this man on his cell phone however due to his condition he was extremely difficult to understand and often could not respond.

NCSO Dispatch utilized GPS capabilities on the man’s cell phone and located coordinates of his location.  The coordinates were at the base of the Nopah Mountains and extremely difficult to access.
NCSO Street Crimes Detectives, Patrol  Deputies, and NCSO Administration began search efforts.  Nye County Search and Rescue, Emergency Services and Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Services assisted in efforts.

NCSO Personnel were able to locate the man utilizing all terrain vehicles.  When located he was severely dehydrated and sunburned.  NCSO Under-sheriff Moody began administering fluids via IV to the man and providing medical treatment.
Utilizing all terrain vehicles the man was transported to Pahrump Valley and Fire Rescue services who transported him to Desert View Hospital.

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Arrest in Beatty

Beatty Man Arrested

The Nye County Sheriffs department is confirming the arrest of 55 year old Beatty Nevada resident Frank Montgomery Goodson.  According to Nye County officials, Goodson was arrested this week for allegedly commuting a lewd act on a child under the age of 14.

Arrest details provided by the Nye County Sheriffs department

For approximately the past month the Nye County Sheriffs Office has been investigating a report of lewdness with a child under 14 that occurred in Beatty, NV between October 2014 and January 2015. The victim, a 4 year old female, disclosed that a man she knew as “Monty” had touched her inappropriately.
After a thorough investigation, Detectives eventually identified and interviewed Frank Montgomery Goodson, aka “Monty”. During the interview Goodson confessed to touching the victim for the purpose of sexual gratification on 2-3 occasions. He was arrested and transported to the Nye County Detention Center in Pahrump.
Detectives are following up on several leads. The public is encouraged to contact the Nye County Sheriff’s Office with any information regarding this case at 775-751-7000 or Det. Tippetts at NCSO_Detectives@co.nye.nv.us.

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Friday incident in Beatty ends in arrest

Canadian arrested in Beatty

Lea Meng Che, age 29 of Brampton, Ontario was arrested Friday.  According to the Nye County Sheriffs Department, Che is facing several felony charges.  Che is being held on suspicion of battery with a deadly weapon, possession of stolen property, grand larceny of a motor vehicle, making threats or conveying false information concerning terrorism or weapons of mass destruction.

The Nye County Sheriffs department release the following statement:

June 19th, 2015 at approximately 1200 hours deputies responded from Beatty Nevada to a report of a stolen vehicle that was heading south on US95 toward lathrope wells. The victim, 46 year old Carrie Radomski and local resident of Beatty Nevada, was reporting she had been struck by the vehicle when the suspect stole it from her.
Deputies and local residents of Beatty located the stolen vehicle and the suspect, Lea Meng Che near MM 34 on US95. He was taken into custody without incident.
When Detectives interviewed Mrs. Radomski it was learned that the suspect had flagged her down near Revert’s tire shop in Beatty claiming vehicle problems. Mrs.Radomski offered to give the suspect a short ride to the tire shop as she knows the owner. When she exited her vehicle she left it running and motioned for the suspect to get out and come with her into the shop. She then saw the suspect slide over to the driver seat. She reacted by trying to run back toward the driver side of her truck and the suspect then accelerated and struck her with the truck fleeing the area and heading south out of Beatty where he was later apprehended by NSCO.
The suspect after being arrested allegedly made many spontaneous statements about stealing vehicles in Las Vegas. Deputies later confirmed (through LVMPD) that the vehicle he was allegedly standing next to when he flagged Mrs. Radomski down was stolen from Las Vegas. Deputies and Detectives also confirmed (through LVMPD) that he had allegedly stolen another vehicle before stealing this one he drove to Beatty.  Lea Meng Che allegedly stated that he had luggage still at the airport (Mccarran) that had contents that would “harm a lot of people there”. It is unclear at the time of this press release when he had exactly arrived in Las Vegas but did say he had a boarding pass which was confirmed with that pass still on his person for June 19th 2015 at 1140 hours. Che also had a passport on him listing his address in Canada along with several denominations of canadian currencey on his person.
Due to the alleged statements made by Che and his alleged mutli- jurisdictional felony crime spree he was involved in, the Las Vegas Metro anti terrorist team was notified and responded to assistance with the investigation. Ontario’s Peel Police department was also contacted in regards to Mr. Che as well as interpol for any possible information on Che as he has no criminal history in US until now. This case is on going and further information regarding the validity of possible weapons of mass destruction (WMD) utterences from the suspect will be be released as soon as information becomes available.
Che remains in custody.

cover photo, Lea Meng Che, photo courtesy of the Nye County Sheriffs department.

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Former Nye County Prosecutor Breaks Bad, Allegedly

Former Nye County Prosecutor Arrested

A 28 year old Nevada man who once prosecuted drug offenders, now appears to be on the other side of the law.  Timothy Treffinger was arrested this weekend after the service of a search warrant in Pahrump.  According to the Nye County Sheriffs department Treffinger is a former Deputy Attorney General, who prosecuted criminal cases in Nye, Mineral, and Esmeralda Counties.

Nye County Sheriffs Department Press Release

On 05/30/15, Deputies, Detectives and SWAT officers from the Nye County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at 5841 East Alfano Avenue in Pahrump, Nevada, after a month long investigation indicated that narcotics were being used and sold from this residence.
Two individuals, Timothy Ryan Treffinger, age 28 and Jesse James Lewis, age 36, were located within the residence. The subsequent search of the premises produced Heroin and various types of drug paraphernalia.
Lewis attempted to conceal and destroy heroin he had in his possession upon his arrest. He was also found to be under the influence of several types of narcotics. He was arrested and booked on charges at the Nye County Detention Center and held on bail in the amount of $13,140.  Charges include possession of a controlled substance (heroin), possession of drug paraphernalia, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and destroying or concealing evidence.
Timothy Treffinger was also placed under arrest and booked at NCDC. He is being held on bail in the amount of $15,640.  Charges include possession of a controlled substance (heroin), possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a residence for the sale/use of narcotics.
Treffinger’s fiancee, Jennifer Marsden, was not home at the time and is being sought for questioning in this case.
Treffinger is a former Deputy Attorney General, who prosecuted criminal cases in Nye County, as well as Mineral County and Esmeralda County.
Anyone with information regarding this case is requested to contact the Nye County Sheriff’s Office at 775-751-7000.

Photo by Nye Co. Sheriffs Department.  Timothy Treffinger
Photo by Nye Co. Sheriffs Department. Timothy Treffinger
LEWIS, Jesse
photo by Nye Co Sheriffs Department, Jessie James Lewis
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Suspects arrested in Nye kidnapping

Tonopah couple arrest in alleged Kidnapping

from the Nye County Sheriffs Department.

On May 1st, 2015, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a 14 year old girl who had not returned home after leaving for school earlier during the day and was initially believed to be a runaway. Deputies responded to the girl’s address on Isaac Street in Pahrump where the investigation indicated that she may have actually been abducted by a man and a woman, both of who are known to the girl’s family. The suspects were identified as Jason Klipple, age 34 and Tammy Ehart, age 40, both of Tonopah, NV.
Deputies learned that Klipple had been communicating with the girl through social media before picking her up on the morning of her disappearance and before she was able to arrive at school. Detectives developed several leads to believe the suspects may have been on their way to northern Nevada with the child at that time of the report.
NCSO Detectives and Deputies in Pahrump and Tonopah immediately began an intensely coordinated investigation, involving numerous resources and agencies to locate the suspects and the abducted girl.
Several unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Klipple, but Detectives eventually spoke with Tammy Ehart by phone, who provided false information about her identify and location in order to avoid apprehension and prevent the recovery of the child.
The coordinated investigation eventually led to information that the suspects had concealed the child in a moving van and were now attempting to return the child to Pahrump once it became clear that the investigation was closing in on them. Detectives and Deputies eventually located the van in Tonopah and located the child within. She was uninjured and turned over to her family.
Klipple and Ehart were taken into custody. Both were transported to Pahrump and booked at NCDC (Klipple, Kidnapping in the first degree, Conspiracy kidnapping in the first degree, Obstruct Police Officer) (Ehart, Kidnapping in the first degree, Conspiracy kidnapping in the first degree, Obstruct Police Officer, Use I.D. of another to avoid prosecution). Bail in the respective amounts of $225,640.00 and $230,640.00.
The motive for this abduction remains under investigation however it appears Klipple was falsely attempting to convince the child that he was her biological father.
Detectives are following up on several leads. Although the suspects are familiar to the child and her parents, Detectives are nevertheless advising parents to always be vigilant regarding the activities of their children on social media websites and with who they are communicating online.
The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information pertaining to this case is urged to contact the Nye County Sheriff’s Office at (775)751-7000 or by e-mailing ncso_detectives@co.nye.nv.us, attention Detective Cory Fowles.

Tammy Denise Ehart, AGE: 40, of Tonopah Nevada
Tammy Denise Ehart, AGE: 40, of Tonopah Nevada
Jason Allen Klipple, AGE:  34, of Tonopah Nevada
Jason Allen Klipple, AGE: 34, of Tonopah Nevada
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Texas Felon arrested in Tonopah

Tonopah Traffic stop leads to arrest

A traffic stop in Tonopah Nevada leads to a foot pursuit and eventual arrest of a man wanted out of Texas.  The Nye County Sheriffs department issued the following statement.

On 4-4-15 at approximately 1:55 am, a white Infiniti G35 was seen traveling northbound on US 95 approaching Howerton Hill St. in Tonopah, NV. The vehicle was stopped, and the driver was identified as Jeremy Lee Puebla with a TX identification card.

A driver’s license and warrants check was conducted on Puebla as a result of the traffic stop. A felony warrant out of San Antonio Texas was discovered for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. Nye County dispatch contacted the TX agency, and the warrant was confirmed.

Puebla was being directed out of the vehicle to be taken into custody for the outstanding warrant of arrest. Just after exiting the vehicle, Puebla ran on foot in an attempt to elude capture. A foot pursuit ensued for approximately 2 blocks. Puebla was attempting to climb over a 6 foot chain link fence when the gate opened causing him to fall. Nye County Sheriffs deputy was then able to reach Puebla and apply one handcuff. After placing one hand into restraints, Puebla became combative and resisted arrest. After approximately 3 minutes of active resistance, Puebla was taken into custody.

Puebla was then transported to the Tonopah Detention facility. It was then determined that Puebla had some injuries due to the fall from the fence. Puebla was transported to Nye Regional Medical Center where he was treated for a laceration to his right arm, receiving 7 stitches.

Puebla was then returned to the detention facility where he was booked on local charges (speeding, resisting or obstructing an officer, and attempting to elude officers) and the outstanding warrant without incident.


photo by the Nye county sheriffs department

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Tonopah Arrest

Man Wanted for distribution of Child Pornography Arrested Monday

Submitted by the Nye County Sheriffs Department

In May of 2014, NCSO deputies were made aware of a vehicle parked in the Hot Creek ranch area. The report was that the vehicle had been parked there for several days with no activity. Deputies responded to the area and located the vehicle. It appeared that the vehicle had been parked as the occupant was out camping. There was a note found inside the vehicle that said “Out camping, will be back soon.” The vehicle was registered to David Erdman out of Florida.
Nye County Search and Rescue, along with NCSO Deputies, conducted an exhaustive search of the area.  Approximately 14 days of searching the surrounding area was completed with no results for the individual.  As part of the process of searching for the occupant of the vehicle, NCSO Deputies contacted authorities in Florida. It was discovered that David Erdman was the subject of a federal investigation for the possession and distribution of child pornography.  Federal agents explained that there would be a warrant of arrest completed within the next couple of weeks for Erdman.
After several weeks of searching with no results, the search for Erdman was called off in the Hot Creek Ranch area.  His vehicle was towed to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office where it was processed further, with no pertinent information located.  NCSO deputies concluded that Erdman was either lost in the area, or he had staged the scene to effect his disappearance.
Federal Agents did confirm an extraditable warrant was issued for the arrest of David Erdman in June of 2014.
This past Sunday, March 29th, a confidential informant contacted Sgt. Puckett with information on David Erdman. The informant explained that David Erdman was actually living at the Economy Inn in Tonopah and working as a maintenance person. The informant explained that Erdman was not at the motel at the time, but would be returning on Monday, March 30th to report for work at approximately 8:45 am. The NCSO then set up a surveillance sting for the capture of Erdman.
On Monday, March 30th at approximately 8:50 am, David Erdman was located in the parking lot of the Economy Inn motel. NCSO Deputies made contact and arrested of David Erdman without incident. He is currently being held at the Tonopah Detention Facility awaiting extradition to Florida.  Erdman is being held on a felony arrest warrant for possession and distribution of child pornography.


Suspect David Erdman, booking photo by Nye County

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Tonopah Murder

1 Dead, 1 in custody in Tonopah

The Nye County Sheriffs department is reporting a fatal encounter Friday at a Tonopah Motel.  The incident left Penny Sue Silas dead and suspect Maureen Kinnamon arrested and charged with 1st degree murder.  According to the Nye County Sheriffs department, on Friday, March 27th,  at approximately 10:25 pm, NCSO deputies were dispatched to the National 9 Motel in Tonopah on a report of a female having been stabbed.

NCSO Deputies arrived and located Penny Sue Silas unresponsive laying on the 2nd story balcony of the motel, with Maureen Kinnamon sitting over her crying for help.   According to the Nye County Sheriffs department report, “As deputies were attempting to assist the victim, Maureen Kinnamon was making statements that she didn’t mean to hurt her like this.”

NCSO Deputies were able to get Penny Sue Silas loaded into the ambulance, and then began the process of securing the crime scene. According to the Nye County Sheriffs department, “Maureen Kinnamon was taken into custody when she made statements that she had done this to Silas.”

Nye Regional Medical Center advised deputies that Penny Silas succumbed to her injuries at 11:05 pm.

NCSO Detective Perry then began processing the crime scene. Through the course of the night and morning, multiple items of evidence were located in and around the motel room that was shared by Maureen Kinnamon and Penny Silas, to include the weapon used kill Penny Silas.

Kinnamon was booked into the Nye County Detention Center on a charge of 1st degree murder.

Maureen R. Kinnamon
Maureen R. Kinnamon
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Tonopah Man Arrested

Nye Sheriff arrests Kenneth Cardenas

According to officials in the Nye County Sheriffs department, 39 year old Kenneth Cardenas has been arrested on a charge of Sexual Assault.  The arrest was made after a lengthy investigation.  A statement from the Nye County Sheriffs department indicates that during the first week of March 2015 Nye County Sheriff’s Office received information from an outside agency pertaining to a female juvenile being sexually assaulted by Kenneth Cardenas, between the years of 2011 and 2012 at a location in Tonopah, NV.
The information was reviewed by Detective Perry, and found to be a credible disclosure of alleged sexual assault. The female juvenile who was 3 years old at the time, disclosed Kenneth Cardenas had allegedly been sexually active with her.  According to the Nye county sheriffs department, Detective Perry conducted an extensive interview with Cardenas.   The arrest report indicates that, “Cardenas made several incriminating statements of his involvement that were consistent with the disclosure from the female juvenile”.  Cardenas was booked on  a charge of sexual assault without incident.

Cardenas, photo by the Nye County Sheriffs department
Cardenas, photo by the Nye County Sheriffs department
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