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Mt Pass update

Tioga pass opening to the park gate today (4/15)

Provided by Mono County Sheriffs Department.

We have had some inquiries on the opening dates of our local mountain passes.

The lower section of Tioga Pass, Hwy 120 West, will open from Lee Vining to park entrance gate today (4/15) by 5:00pm. Tioga Pass from the park entrance gate into Yosemite National Park remains closed as plowing and winter debris removal continues. As soon as we get updates on the full opening, we will ensure to pass the information along.

Sonora Pass, Hwy 108, is scheduled to tentatively open on Friday, 4/17. This opening is weather permitting.

Weather conditions can change at an instant throughout the Eastern Sierra. Please remember to check our local road conditions before heading out on your traveling journey! Happy and Safe Travels! – Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer

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Mono County Search and Rescue

Extensive effort rescues climber in Mono

submitted by the Mono County Sheriffs department

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, in Hawthorne, NV, received a 911 call regarding a hiker who had broken their leg in a fall near Matterhorn Peak, approximately 15 miles southwest of Bridgeport in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.

The 911 call was transferred to Mono County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch but was terminated due to the hiker’s poor cell phone reception. Attempts to re-establish contact with the hiker was unsuccessful so the exact whereabouts of the hiker were unknown. At approximately 3:40pm, Mono County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Mono Village at Twin Lakes where the hiker’s vehicle was located at the trailhead used for access to the Matterhorn Peak area.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team, and a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter out of Auburn, CA, was dispatched to aid in the location search and rescue of the injured hiker. Due to high winds, the CHP helicopter had limited capability of searching the peaks and valleys above 12,000 feet, so a larger helicopter was requested. Just prior to dark, a rescue helicopter from Fallon Naval Air Station reached the search area and located the hiker at approximately the 10,000 foot level on a steep slope just below the crest of a ridgeline known as “The Cleaver,” two miles north of Matterhorn Peak. The Navy helicopter tried numerous times to lower a medic to the hiker but was unsuccessful due to high winds, the steep slope angle and darkness.

That evening, Mono SAR personnel began hiking to the injured hiker’s location. A larger helicopter, and assistance from the Inyo County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, was requested for Sunday morning, March 22. While SAR personnel were climbing to the hiker’s location, a California National Guard CH-47-F Chinook helicopter from Stockton, CA, was able to lower a crewman to the hiker’s location and hoist them into the helicopter. The hiker was flown to Bryant Airfield in Bridgeport and transferred to Mono County Paramedics. The medics then transferred the hiker to Careflight for transport to Renown Medical Center in Reno for further treatment of their injuries.

The CH-47-F helicopter was one of ten delivered to the National Guard in December. This rescue was the first one for this model. New equipment on this model was a critical component in the helicopter being able to rescue the hiker in high altitude, windy conditions and a steep slope location. The helicopter pilot was able to use new ‘hover hold’ features to maintain a precise position near the cliff face during the extraction operation.

Other agencies providing valuable assistance in obtaining and coordinating military resources used in this rescue were the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center in Langley, Virginia.


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Round Fire Tuesday Update

Round Fire Update, Residents allowed in

From Cal Fire:

Acres: 7,000
Containment: 95% (full containment expected today)
Structures Destroyed: 40 (39 in swall meadows, 1 in paradise)
Structures Damaged: 5
Injuries: 4 firefighters
Cause: Under Investigation
Personnel assigned: 100+
Evacuations: Lifted

From The Mono County Sheriffs department:

Current Situation: Re-population for the residents of Paradise and Swall Meadows began Monday at 4:00pm. For all residents that still need to re-enter, you will need a pass to get in. Please visit the Command Post located at the entry point of Pine Creek Road and Lower Rock Creek Road. Mono County Sheriff’s Office personnel will issue you the entry pass. Please have proper identification with you. Residents can come and go from the communities. Remember to take your pass with you so you may gain re-entry. Residents are allowed up to two additional people to help with re-population. Please ensure these individuals are with you. Please remember to drive slowly and with caution in the escort lines into the communities. Be attention to work crews and personnel on scene.

Residents will need to use extreme caution in and around damaged and destroyed homes. Structural instability, hot ash pockets, and fire weakened chimneys pose a risk for injury. Please use the the utmost caution.

Red Cross: The American Red Cross is now stationed in two locations. They are directly on scene with a mobile unit at Wheeler Crest Fire Department in Swall Meadows. If any residents need immediate assistance, please visit the mobile unit. They are also stationed at the Crowley Lake Community Center.

Donations: There has been a phenomenal response to those willing to give to this devastating incident. Please visit https://gis.mono.ca.gov/roundfire for the most up-to-date donation sites.

Utilities: Verizon cell service went back online Monday evening. All phone services are up and running. Please note that interruption in service may happen as continued work is done. Please be patient as crews continue to work. Thank you to SCE for their 24/7 response to fixing all the burned power poles and restoring the power to the communities.

Cooperating agencies: Cal Fire, Inyo National Forest (USFS), BLM, Wheeler Crest Fire Department, Paradise Fire Department, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, Mono County Sheriff’s Office, CHP, Caltrans, CalOES

The assistance center in Bishop located at the Patio building at the fairgrounds, organized by the Salvation Army, Tri county fair and Bishop Chamber of commerce is open from 10-3 daily.  They have received a large amount of donations and those who need supplies are encouraged to stop by for assistance.

Photo by Gary Young Photography

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Graffiti in Chalfant

Vandalism reported in Chalfant

On Monday, December 8th, 2014, Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch received calls from citizens of Chalfant regarding several buildings throughout the community that had been vandalized.

Mono County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to several locations throughout the Chalfant community to find walls, buildings and equipment vandalized by graffiti. Graffiti was found: on the Chalfant Community Center on the largest wall facing Valley Road; on the men’s room door at the community park; at the Chalfant Fire Department on vehicles used for training; and on a large box trailer parked on Hunter Ave.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s assistance to identify the individual (s) responsible for the graffiti. If you have any information, please contact the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at (760) 932-7549 ext. 7.

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SAR Aids Injured Hiker at Arrowhead Lake, Mammoth

Search and Rescue Team Responds to Injured hiker at Arrowhead Lake

To:                          All Media Partners
From:                    Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer
Date:                     August 15, 2014
RE:                          Search and Rescue Team Operation: Aid to an injured hiker at Arrowhead Lake
On the afternoon of Thursday, August 14th, 2014, at approximately 2:00pm, Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a call regarding an injured hiker at Arrowhead Lake.
SAR Operation at Arrowhead Lake, Mammoth
SAR Operation at Arrowhead Lake, Mammoth
A 32-year old female hiked to Arrowhead Lake were she sustained a leg fracture by striking a tree while swinging from a rope over the lake. Due to her leg fracture, she was unable to hike out. The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) team was called to aid the injured hiker.
Members from the SAR team, and personnel from Mono County Paramedics and the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department, hiked to her location, stabilized the fracture and transported her one and a half miles, using a wheeled litter, to the ambulance at the trailhead. The rescuers were also assisted in the carryout by a group of cross-country runners from California State University San Marcos. The injured hiker was transported via ambulance to Mammoth Hospital for further treatment.

Search and Rescue Team Responds to Injured hiker at Arrowhead Lake

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SAR Team Aids Lost Hikers Near Red’s Meadow

Search & Rescue Team Operation: Aid to Lost Hikers Near Red’s Meadow

To:                          All Media Partners
From:                    Jennifer M. Hansen, Public Information Officer
Date:                     August 13, 2014
RE:                          Search and Rescue Team Operation: Aid to lost hikers near Red’s Meadow
On the evening of Tuesday, August 12th, 2014, at approximately 5:30pm, Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a 911 call regarding two lost hikers out of Red’s Meadow.
Two hikers were on a day hike from Red’s Meadow to Rainbow Falls. On the return trip from Rainbow Falls to Red’s Meadow, the hikers took the wrong trail and became lost. One of the hikers was diabetic and did not bring any medication on the day hike.  The hiker was beginning to feel chilled and other negative effects of the diabetes, and since they were lost, wasn’t sure how far they could continue hiking. The other hiker had cell phone reception and was able to call 911 and give their location near Pond Lily Lake, about 5 miles south of Red’s Meadow.
The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) team was called to aid the lost hikers. Six SAR team members staged at Minaret Vista. Due to the medical circumstance, and the hikers remote location, attempts were made to get air support for the rescue. A 551 helicopter from Yosemite National Park was available to assist the SAR team. The helicopter crew was able to fly to the hikers location, land and transport them to the SAR base at Minaret Vista. The diabetic hiker was assessed by Mono County Paramedics and required no further medical treatment. The hikers were taken to their vehicle parked near Mammoth Mountain.
The Mono County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) team reminds anyone traveling in the backcountry, even if just for a day hike, to always be prepared and carry adequate supplies, including any medications. It is important to be aware that is might take search and rescue teams time to come to your aid if you are lost, injured or ill.

Search & Rescue Team Operation: Aid to Lost Hikers Near Red’s Meadow

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