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3.0 Quake Rattles Wilkerson

USGS confirms a 3.0 quake Tuesday

A recent swarm of minor earthquakes in the Reno area has jolted our news departments memory of one of our favorite stories of 2015.  Back on February 3rd the greater Wilkerson metroplex  was buzzing after a minor quake.  The always level headed “Mayor” of Wilkerson calmed everyone by proclaiming, “We will rebuild”.  That became the battle cry for the next 10 to 15 minutes as the trash cans and chairs were restored to their former glory.

By Arnie Palu

The US Geological Survey is confirming a 3.0 quake struck just minutes after 8am Tuesday.  The magnitude 3.0 quake struck at precisely 8:13am Tuesday and was located 6 miles south of Bishop.  Several residents in the Wilkerson neighborhood reported feeling the minor quake.  Residents reported feeling and hearing “one solid jolt” just after 8am.  Wilkerson resident and unofficial “mayor” of Wilkerson Todd Lembke was not at home during the tremor but did confirm that neighbors reported feeling the minor earthquake.  No damage has been reported.

“Mayor” Lembke
Wilkerson "quake damage"
Wilkerson “quake damage”
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