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Council Honors Kellie Hallenbeck

Bishop City Council Honors Hallenbeck

Monday evening the Bishop City Council made a presentation to outgoing Park and Recreation commissioner Kellie Hallenbeck.  The council thanked Hallenbeck for her years of service on the commission noting her specific contribution to improvements at the city park and expansion of services.


Hallenbeck pinned a letter to city of Bishop staff.

I am delighted to have been part of the Parks and Recreation Commission and considered it an honor and privilege to have been chairperson the last two years. My favorite accomplishment was being a part of the Tree Committee.  Together we agreed on new street trees for sidewalk improvement projects and with fellow Master Gardener, Alison Collin, we were able to choose every tree for the Warren Street Project.  Best of all having an approved Arboretum in the city park is helping Bishop to be placed on the map of ‘Tree City USA!’   My hometown of Sacramento is considered the ‘City of Trees’  for California so helping the high dessert become a tree city is truly magical for me. I also enjoyed helping fund the tile mural wall at the Inyo County Library and the Bishop Dog Park through yard sale profits and many many meetings.  I am satisfied with the additions of the community garden, the outdoor gym, new fields and improvements throughout the park.  I’m excited to know a shade structure will be in place for the playground and the walking path is scheduled to circle the park and after years of trying I hope to visit one day to see a community building filled with liveliness. I joined the commission because the city lacked activities for kids but now the children of Bishop are certainly blessed with programs to meet all of their needs thanks to the City of Bishop’s Parks and Recreation Department’s awesomeness and volunteer efforts!  Thank you for all you do!May your children and their children forever be and feel safe at Bishop City Park.”

Hellenbeck and her husband Tom, former Caltrans district 9 director, are relocating to Sacramento.

Cover Photo, Dan McElroy, Parks & Recreation Supervisor and Kellie Hallenbeck.

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