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Inyo Register responds to McAteer comments

Inyo Register Responds

Inyo County Superintendent of schools Dr. Terry McAteer conducted an interview with KIBS/KBOV radio Thursday.  The full interview is available through a link on the home page. Dr. McAteer details what he calls, “bullying” behavior by the Inyo Register. The Inyo Register’s Managing Editor Darcy Ellis and Publisher Rena Mlodecki submitted the following response.

The Inyo Register’s official comment regarding Dr. McAteer’s allegations:

“McAteer’s belief that this is small group of people wanting answers is  off base. The real issue here is the superintendent’s and the Board of Education’s refusal to answer simple questions about the use of taxpayer money. What could have and probably would have been an open-and-shut story has ballooned into what we are facing today: elected officials demonizing a news organization because they were offended by its audacity to question them. Had they simply cooperated months ago, the matter probably would be settled by now. Instead, Dr. McAteer and the Board of Education have tried to make this about The Inyo Register, about former employees and about a lack of trust – but it’s not. It’s our job to hold public officials accountable and ask the tough questions – whatever the answers may be. Their refusal to cooperate or answer questions not only demonstrates a clear lack of respect for taxpayers and constituents, but has inflamed the situation.”

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