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Inmate found dead in her cell on Christmas Eve.

By Seth Conners

According to a press release from Inyo County Sheriffs Office, on Saturday December 24th, at approximately 5 am, Inyo County Jail staff was conducting wakeup at the facility.  While doing so the jail staff attempted to wake up a 46 year old female who was in a cell by herself.  Jail staff found the 46 year old female unresponsive and it was determined that she was deceased.  No foul play is suspected.

The identity of the deceased female has not been released due to notification of next of kin.  Investigators from the Sheriffs Department and the District Attorneys office responded to the death.  As a protocol, the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office is handling the in-custody death investigation.  According to Tom Hardy at the D A’s office, the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office confirms that the Sheriff’s Department has, per standard protocol, requested the office to assume investigation of the December 24th death of the Inyo County Jail inmate.  Again the initial inquiry does not indicate any foul play.  The investigation is in its initial stages, and more information will be released when it is appropriate.

Preliminary Hearing set for Bishop Embezzlement case

“Lola” Marsh set to appear in Inyo County Court

by Arnie Palu

A preliminary hearing is set for Thursday, November 19th for Dolores Kay “Lola” Marsh. According to a spokesperson from the Office of the Attorney General, Marsh is charged with 5 counts of grand theft and 5 counts of falsifying records. The Preliminary hearing is set for 10am in Independence.

The California Attorney Generals Office is handling prosecution of the Marsh case, not the Inyo County District Attorney’s office and current DA Tom Hardy. The case is not being handled locally due to the fact that prior to being appointed as District Attorney, Tom Hardy had represented Marsh during her preliminary investigation.

The Bishop Police Department reported the initial arrest of Marsh in February.  At that time the Bishop Police Department released the following statement:
“On Thursday, February 5th, 2015 after an almost 2 year investigation, the Bishop Police Department arrested Dolores Kay Marsh for a felony warrant. The Bishop Police Department investigated back in April of 2013, a complaint from Inyo Mono Body Shop, where suspected funds had been stolen from the business. The investigation was handled within the police department and turned over to the Office of the Attorney General-State of California for further investigation into the missing funds. As a result of the completed investigation, the Office of the Attorney General determined; Dolores Kay Marsh should be charged with stealing in excess of $300,000.00 from Inyo Mono Body Shop. An arrest warrant was issued by the Office of the Attorney General and Bishop Police Officers acted on the warrant and arrested March early on Thursday morning (February 5th, 2015). Marsh was transported to the Bishop Police Department, where the bail was set at $50,000.00 for the felony warrant. The listed charges within the warrant are: 5 counts of grand theft and 5 counts of forgery: altering entries in books and records. Marsh posted bail and was released with a court date.”

Cover Photo, Inyo County Courthouse. Photo by Gary Young

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Marijuana Grow Located

Large Marijuana Grow cleared

From Mono County District Attorney Tim Kendall.

On June 1, 2015 the Mono County DA’s Office conducted flight operations in accordance with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s marijuana eradication program. The purpose of the program is to locate large scale outdoor marijuana grows on public lands within Mono County. These flight operations resulted in the detection of several marijuana grows in rugged and remote locations in the southern Mono County area. The grow sites were very large in size and ran up to approximately seven miles in length.

As a result the Mono County DA’s Office, with the assistance of the Forest Service, initiated a two month investigation. The investigation was also aided with the assistance of the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office and the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department since some of the marijuana grows crossed over into Inyo County.

During the investigation, it was determined that the largest grow, which was located in Mono County, was typical of grows commonly operated by Mexican Drug Trade Organizations. Along with those characteristics, several Hispanic males were identified and were seen tending to the garden armed with rifles.

On August 11, 2015 Investigators with the Mono District Attorney’s Office, assisted by Inyo County District Attorney’s Office, Forrest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Guard and the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department, conducted a raid operation to arrest and detain any gardeners found in the site.

Due to unknown reasons, it was determined that the persons responsible for tending to the garden had fled, leaving the garden unattended. The heavy late July rains appeared to have damaged the marijuana plants within the garden and therefore that is suspected to be the reason that the garden was abandoned.

During eradication and reclamation efforts approximately 40,000 marijuana plants with a conservative street value of well over $2 million dollars were located and destroyed from this site. During reclamation efforts a total of 4,401 pounds of trash was removed. Some of that consisted of 10.82 miles of irrigation hose and 550 pounds of fertilizer.

Marijuana photo 2

Numerous other illegal and highly toxic pesticides were found being used in the garden and Hazmat crews later responded to recovered and removed those pesticides.
Large scale marijuana gardens on public lands creates a danger to the public and to our recreational users of these lands. Unfortunately, hunters, hikers and others that come across these types of gardens and the individuals who attend these gardens put themselves in great danger. Along with the public danger there are also serious environmental impacts that these marijuana gardens create. If you ever encounter a marijuana garden you should quickly and quietly remove yourself from the area. Do not continue on your path and do not make contact with anyone in the area. Immediately call the Mono County District Attorney or any other law enforcement agency as soon as you possibly can.

photos provided by the Mono County District Attorney

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Comeau Found Guilty in Jury Trial

Inyo Jury Trial ends in Conviction

Bishop Area Resident Erin Comeau Convicted by Inyo County Jury on Charges of Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale and Child Endangerment

The following is a statement released by the Inyo County District Attorney’s office:

Following a three day jury trial held in the Superior Court of California, County of Inyo, Bishop area resident Erin Comeau was convicted of two separate felony counts of possessing methamphetamine for sale, and, in one of those cases, misdemeanor child endangerment. The cases arose from two separate investigations; one by the City of Bishop Police Department in February, 2013, and a second by the Inyo Narcotics Enforcement Team in February, 2014. In the 2014 incident, Ms. Comeau was also convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment. In the second case, Ms. Comeau was accused of storing methamphetamine in an ice cream container in the freezer of her home, easily accessible to her children. The jury also found Ms. Comeau committed both of these offenses while released on bail on other charges, and found her guilty of one count of possessing controlled substance paraphernalia. Sentencing has been set for April 15, 2015.The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Dee Shepherd with the ongoing assistance of the Bishop Police Department and the Inyo Narcotics Enforcement Team.

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