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Mono Meetings now Streaming Live

Mono County Board of Supervisors
Incorporates Live Video Streaming


At the June 2, 2015 Regular Mono County Board of Supervisors meeting, live video streaming became available through a software program called Granicus. The video feed which appears live during meetings on the internet and is later archived for future viewing has now been in use for approximately two months. The feedback  received in the Board of Supervisor’s office has been positive and the system is working very well. The use of Granicus allows the public and members of Mono County Staff to watch a board meeting in real time and then review details of that same meeting long after it’s over. This saves County Staff time and money as it reduces time away from the office and time spent traveling across the County to attend meetings. It also saves the public time if they are interested in seeing only one or two items as it eliminates the need for
them to attend meetings in person, unless necessary. With the help of the Mono County Information Technology Department working closely with the Granicus team and with input from the Clerk of the Board, this system was set up fairly easily and rather quickly. The Mono County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of the
Granicus System in last year’s budget seeing it as a benefit for the public that would provide flexibility and enhance the experience of “attending” a meeting. The Board of Supervisor’s staff has experienced no difficulty incorporating the use of Granicus into
their work routines and sees a large benefit to having the videotaped meetings archived for future use in creating and enhancing minutes. For those interested in streaming a meeting live or viewing an archived meeting, please go to the following link:

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