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How Do I Text 9-1-1?

What used to be a Millennial observational joke, is now reality. Mono County Sheriff’s Office announced residents may now send a text on emergencies to 9-1-1.

There are times when someone may not be able to speak on the phone, such as; individuals deaf or hard of hearing, or have a speech disability. Or perhaps a medical issue such as having a heart attack. How about speaking out loud when the caller is in danger, such as a home invasion, abduction, domestic violence, or an active shooter.

The Sheriff reminds, “Call when you can, text when you can’t.” And location services on our phones must be turned on.

Now the Millennial joke will be, “What’s the number for 9-1-1?”

Lone Pine Lady Eagles Softball Pushing Forward

Lady Eagles dropped two games last week, winning one in a three-game series.

On Tuesday, May 11, Eagles beat Immanuel Christian 18-4. However May 13th’s game against Rosamond didn’t find victory against the Roadrunners – Losing 14-9.  On May14, the Eagles dropped a game to Desert.  The final score was 10-0 in 5 innings.

Desert’s pitcher had a great game and she threw 5 scoreless innings. The Lady Eagles did manage to get two hits. Brisa Gutierrez had a nice opposite field single but was left on base. Overall, the game was all Desert.

The Lone Pine High School Lady Eagles are going to try to bounce back this week. They have three games in three days –  Wednesday is against Coleville, in Bishop. Thursday is a home game against Trona. Friday the Lady Eagles are traveling to Ridgecrest to play Immanuel Christian.
(Photo by Coach Kinberg. Ed. Note: Heal well my friend.  No more skateboarding.)

California’s High School Rodeo Queen Visits Bishop

Maycee Knight, the reining Queen of the California High School Rodeo Association visited Bishop yesterday, in preparation of the annual High School Rodeo Championships, taking place at the Tri-County Fairgrounds June 7 – 12.

Knight served in a COVID-restricted year, where her ability to travel and meet other District Queens, and rodeo participants around the state was curtailed.

After graduation, she plans on attending community college in Texas, seeking a degree in Agricultural Marketing.

Knight is a true cowgirl, also competing in the high school rodeo meets in  several events.

A senior from Bakersfield, she will crown the new Queen during the Bishop Championships. The winner will go on to compete, representing California in the North American High School Rodeo Queen Pageant in Oklahoma later this year. Contestant are judged on communication skills, and ability to ride, and knowledge of rodeo competitions.

Tickets for the Rodeo are available at the Bishop Chamber of Commerce.

(PHOTO: KIBS Morning Personality Gary Young, State Rodeo Queen Maycee Knight, & KIBS?KBOV News Director Ken Harrison)

Help Find This Missing Person

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, and the family of Robert Alan Wildoner, are actively seeking information to find the missing 76-year-old from Apple Valley, CA.

Wildoner was to have been in the Saline Valley/Warm Springs area of Death valley National Park on May 4th, to repair a previously left vehicle.

Robert Alan Wildoner

Described as a white male, fully bald, blue eyes, 5′ 6″, 160 pounds with a slender build, his daughter’s stopped by KIBS/KBOV asking for our help.

Please report any information or sightings to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.

Happy Twilight Zone Day – Two Episodes Filmed Locally

Each year, on May 11,  is National Twilight Zone Day; a day dedicated to remembering and viewing the iconic series that aired on CBS for five seasons – 1959 to 1964.

But did you know that two episodes were filmed right here in the Owens Valley?  Season 2 – Episodes 23 & 24.

A Hundreds Yards Over the Rim aired on April 7, 1961, starring Cliff Robertson, Edward Platte (Get Smart), and John Astin (The Addams Family).

Christian Horn (Robertson) is member of an 1847 wagon train headed west. They are 1500 miles from St. Louis and are now in the desert. Many in the wagon train are ready to turn back but Chris wants everyone to persevere. His son has had a fever for days and Chris goes off looking for water, only 100 yards or so from the others and suddenly finds himself in the present day 1961 at  Roy’s Airflite Cafe (the actual name of the location used). He can’t quite bring himself to believe what he sees or where he is but those he meets believe he’s a man from the past. The trip in time does have one positive outcome.

The Twilight Zone filming location, as it stands today.

Filmed in Olancha on Highway 395, the old vacant building still stands today, across the street from an abandon  76 gas station, near the recently shuttered Ranch Motel and Cabins. Reportedly the interior Cafe shots are the actual former Cafe, not on a Hollywood set. I’d love to see the inside of the building to confirm. (Hint Hint to owner Chris)

In The Rip Van Winkle Caper, which aired on April 21, 1961, four thieves steal $1 million in gold bullion in a train robbery and hide the money in a mountainside cave (in the rocks of the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine). The four plan to go into suspended animation for approximately 100 years when they hope to awaken as extremely rich men with their heist long forgotten. When they awaken,  one of them, has his eye on getting as much of the gold for himself as he possibly can. The world they have awakened in isn’t exactly what they had hoped for.

Both episodes, filmed back to back, on  location in the Owens Valley (same crew – different directors and cast) centered on the protagonist encountering people from his future.

Historical Footnote: This area in Olancha was to be known as the town of Grant. The owner of the Ranch Motel, an air strip  stop over retreat for the Hollywood outdoorsmen, tried unsuccessfully to name his patch of high desert as Grant. He got a highway sign (still placed), but not the important a post office designation.





Snake, Rattle, and Roll: Rattle Season Is Here

Spring is here and with it brings warm weather and hot, dry conditions in many areas of the Eastern Sierra. California. Encounters with snakes are more likely as these elusive animals become more active this time of year.

Rattlesnakes may be found in diverse habitats, They can be attracted to areas around homes with heavy brush or vegetation, under wood piles where rodents may hide, as well as well-manicured landscapes to bask in the sun.

Rattlesnakes are not generally aggressive, unless provoked or threatened, and will likely retreat if given space.

Some good pints provided by California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife;

  • Most bites occur when a rattlesnake is handled or accidentally brushed against by someone walking or climbing.
  • Most bites occur between the months of April and October when snakes and humans are most active outdoors.
  • On occasion, rattlesnake bites have caused severe injury – even death.

The California Poison Control System notes that the chances of being bitten are small compared to the risk of other environmental injuries. The potential of encountering a rattlesnake should not deter anyone from venturing outdoors.

(Photo Courtesy of CDFW)

Bronco Dad Shares Challenges and Successes of QB1 Son Clay Omohundro

KBOV AM1230 carried the Friday Night Lights game live from Orosi High School, with commentators Ken Harrison & Sonya Hernandez, and play-by-play announcer Adam Gonzalez.

KBOV’s Sonya Hernandez interviews Coach Palu and OB1 Clay Omohundro after the 47-21 victory

Adam Gonzalez had the pleasure of talking to Steve Omohundro before his son Clay Omohundro took the field for the final time – a proud father and Bronco Baseball Coach:

“All of our family is proud of Clay and has always enjoyed watching him perform on the field and the court. This Senior year has been tough, but so is Clay. A lot of times we cannot control what happens, we can only control how we react. Clay is a true example of this.”

“As some people may or may not know, when Clay was 6 years old playing football for BYFL (Bishop youth football league) he came down ill and was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. In the moment, the world stopped for our family. We were forced to regroup and refocus on how we would move forward with his condition. We were able to rely on the Native American culture and the ceremonies that we were able to be a part of. These prayers brought great strength and understanding to Clay and our family.”

“This strength and courage still walks with him to this day, we are forever thankful for that. Clay is a true leader and loves getting his teammates involved in whatever sport he plays.”

“Our family is thankful for the coach’s efforts in making sure these boys have had the opportunity to be on the field practicing all year. My proudest moment is hearing all the great things his coach’s say about his work ethic. There is no doubt in my mind that Clay will continue on and strive to make those around him better people. We love him and are thankful for everyday that we get to watch him play”

  • Adam Gonzalez thanks Mr. Steve Omohundro for taking time out of his busy schedule.
  • Sport Director Ken Harrison adds, ” Thank you to the Orosi High staff, coaches, and fans for making us feel so welcomed. Broadcasting the game from your incredible field and radio brought us a return to a sense of normalcy.”

    Ken Harrison & Adam Gonzalez

Bronco Baseball is Back!

The Bronco Baseball team rolls on with a victory over the Rosamond Roadrunners today by a final score of 12-2 in 6 innings.

With Rock Baker and Ken Harrison calling the game on 1230 KBOV and Gary Young getting the pictures, we had all the base’s covered.

Bronco hitting was a little slow in the first three innings but the afterburners kicked in after that.

Hitting stats for the Bronco’s

1-3,double , 2 runs scored

3-4, 2 singles/1 double , 3run scored

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-2, triple and single , 3 run scored, 1 stolen base

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-3, double and triple 1 RBI, 1 runs scored, 2 stolen bases

2-3, single, 1 sac fly, 3RBIs


1-2 single

1-3; single 1  runs scored

And Pitching for your Bishop Bronco’s

Landon Kruse pitched 4 innings with 8Ks, 2 walks

Ace Seltzer final 2 innings , faced only 7 batters in 2 innings. 2Ks, I walk.

A GREAT team effort !!! Go BRONCOS!!!

The upcoming game against the Desert Scorpions has been cancelled, so the next game for the Bishop Bronco Varsity Baseball team will be Thursday, May 6th at Boron.