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City Manager Ron Phillips Released

At 11:30 AM today (Jan. 19) after a half-hour closed-door session, the Bishop City Council is releasing City Manager Ron Phillips from his employment contract in a “seperation agreement, ” effective on January 26th.

The city’s attorney stated no other information will be released at this time, and there was no reason given as to why Phillips was put on a personal Administrative Leave of Absence last week,

The attorney said Mr. Phillips  will be entitled to a severence package based on his employment contract.

Nomination Papers Pulled for Supervisor, Sheriff, & County Candidates

The hats are coming off and being tossed into the ring of the 2022 Election Season.

Inyo County Registrar of Voters Danielle Sexton reports to KIBS/KBOV News that four candidates have pulled nomination papers for the two, soon-to-be-vacant Supervisorial seats.

Trina Orill and Carl Hoelsther have pulled papers to run for the 1st Supervisorial District. Current Supervisor Dan  Totheroh is not eligible for re-election due to district boundaries changing.

Former Deputy Sheriff Josh Nicholson seeking to get back into politics

Former 2018 candidate for Sheriff Josh Nicholson, along with Todd Vogel, have pulled to run for the 3rd District, being vacated by retiring three-term Supervisor Rick Pucci.

While the Board of Supervisors are meeting today (Jan. 19) to start interviewing who will be appointed and serve as temporary Sheriff until the November election,  four have taken out papers to run – Undersheriff Eric Prichard, Kelvin Johnson, Stephanie Renie, and Joe Vedder.

Of the nine elected Inyo County offices up for reelection, Superintendent of Schools (Barry Simpson), Assessor (Dave Stottlemeyer), Auditor (Amy Shepard), Clerk-Recorder (Danielle Sexton), Coroner (Jason Molinar), District Attorney (Tom Hardy), Public Administrator (Patricia Barton), Sheriff,   Treasurer/Tax Collector (Alisha McMurtrie), all incumbents have pulled papers stating they will be up for re-election.

The “pulling of papers” does not mean one will actually file to appear on the June 7 California primary ballot. The deadline to file nomination signatures,  and formally declare as a candidate, is March 11.

KIBS/KBOV News will update candidate information from the Registrar of Voters every Tuesday on our hourlong newscasts heard at 7 AM, 12 Noon, and 5 PM.

Counties Experience Flaws In New Buildings

Both Inyo and Mono Counties were able to complete new Civic Center buildings in the past year, succeeding in their attempts to consolidate county departments into one location close to population centers. And both were able to do so while saving money on the back end and staying on schedule for the most part.

According to Inyo County Administrative (CAO) Officer Leslie Chapman, the blocks Civic Center in Bishop weren’t sealed well enough to keep rain from coming in during recent storms, in addition to unspecified issues with the building’s roof and mechanical systems. “The first thing is watching it and doing damage control,” Chapman said of the leaking, “We had one of the companies that do [flood] clean up on call, and we didn’t have to call them out. The builder is going to be in town in a couple of weeks, we’ll walk through with him and figure out what needs to be done to correct [the issues].”

Inyo County currently leases the building from a separate owner who was responsible for its construction. “Actually it’s kind of good,” Chapman said, “We found out that there’s a problem and we can fix it … If we found out five years down the road, that would be a different issue.”

Mono County’s Civic Center issues stem, in some part, from design oversights. The recent storms exposed a number of those problems. County Facilities Manager Joe Blanchard gave a rundown of the storm impacts on the building. “It was a challenge.”

“We were not able to keep up with [the snow],” Blanchard said. Blanchard listed the mechanical yard roof, generators and back entrances as “impacted” while staff worked to clear those areas. A number of county vehicles were relocated back to Bridgeport.

(Condensed from a report by Owen Page in the January 15 edition of The Sheet newspaper. Thank you to our media compadres at The Sheet for having the pulse of our communities on their front pages.)

Big Pine School Board Addresses Superintendent’s Surprise Resignation

22 people – teachers, staff, and parents – showed up last night (Jan. 18) to the Big Pine Unified School’s Board of Trustees meeting to challenge the surprise resignation of the school principal and district superintendent Ed Dardenne-Ankringa. The superintendent surprised all when he unexpectedly resigned at the previous board meeting. Dardenne-Ankringa will finish out the school year. Referred to often as “Mr. D.A.” he has served the school for seven years.

Both unions, representing the Teachers and School employees, read a statement that shared their disappointment and concerns of letting the superintendent resigned. His accolades were praised by the unions and several individuals.

We have the best-qualified candidate here now,” read Alison Amberg, President of the Big Pine Educators Association, referring to Mr. D.A. “We were all alarmed when Mr. D.A. resigned. It did not shock me one bit that the staff would show up en masse to support his retention,” said Amberg after the meeting.

The audience requested numerous times, for the board to work with the principal/superintendent to try to bring him back; to have him returned to his position. Most speakers pointed out his service to the school and students, families, and staff, beyond his assigned duties. Knowing every child’s name, keeping up with parents and teachers as to needs, looking for solutions to the declining enrollment, and the Mammoth resident being involved in the Bog Pine community were mentioned numerous times.

5th Grade teacher Christy Jennings stated to the board, ‘You won’t find anyone to replace him.” Others pointed out the lack of qualified applicants in many industries including education. “We have seven unfilled positions right now,” added Board President Paul Huette.

This is the first time I can remember the teachers and staff have been in agreement about anything,” stated one long-time employee. Another parent shared of her trouble-with-school son now doing very well in Big Pine schools because of the superintendent’s personal involvement.

After the public comment period, Board President Paul Huette spoke at length, positively, about Mr. D.A., and what may have led up to his resignation and thus, the need for the special meeting. He suggested he meet personally with the superintendent to see if he is open to returning and possible contract renegotiation. “I’ll see if I can change his mind,” said Huette.

Board Member Marilyn Mann said that while she would support Huette’s attempts to retain the superintendent, the board needs to also not wait in looking to the future in a recruiting process. She offered numerous suggestions of possible agencies and means of recruiting a new superintendent. In her last term as an 18-year member of the school board, she has been down this recruiting road numerous times before.

Board member Carol Hambleton assured the audience that no one on the board asked for the superintendent’s resignation. Board member Sandy Lund stated the superintendent was looking to buy a home in Big Pine to be closer to the school and the community.

Board member Shelly Snoderly stated that while she supports the idea of a meeting between Huette and the superintendent if the superintendent were to return, “there are issues that need to be addressed,” she said. She reported she’s heard from several parents sharing perhaps a different perspective of him. “There will need to be some changes,” she said.

Two attendees I talked with stated certain members of the Board created a hostile work environment for the superintendent. While requesting anonymity, they also didn’t want to name the one or two board members in question.

The discord arrived when certain members started pushing their personal agendas and did not show support for our superintendent/principal and his leadership, said Amberg, after the meeting. She added, “If they are in fact ready to push their feelings aside and do what is best for all students at Big Pine, we are ready to work with them [the board members in question.].” 

The motion to authorize Board President Huette to meet with the superintendent passed anonymously 5 – 0. The issue of beginning the recruiting process will be discussed at a future meeting.

Bishop Bronco Ski Team Off To A Shredding Start

The Bishop Bronco High School Ski Team competed last week in a series of races against the Mammoth Huskies and the Rim of the World Fighting Scot’s (Lake Arrowhead. )

Bishop’s Coach Bill Egan was incredibly proud of how the students performed. For several team members, this was the first time racing and they all did very well.

In the first Giant Slalom race, junior Wyatt Schober (main photo) placed second and senior Jack McKinzey placed third.

All of the Bishop men placed in the top 11 in a field of 24.  Senior Marion Beadle was the only woman able to compete for BUHS and had an excellent outing.

Marion Beadle

BUHS Women’s Results





Marion Beadle


BUHS Men’s Results


Wyatt Schober



Jack McKinzey



Cashus Puhvel



Jacob Gilbert



Maximo Elia



Tyler Gilbert



Finn Zeugswetter


The next races are scheduled for February 10th and 11th at Mammoth Mountain. The California High School Ski and Snowboard State Championships will be held at Mammoth Mountain March 6 -11.

(Photos Courtesy of BUHS)

3rd District Supervisor Rick Pucci Not Running For Re-election

(STORY UPDATE 1-18 @ 2:00 PM)  Inyo County 1st District Supervisor Dan Totheroh will also not be running for re-election due to redistricting (residency requirement).


Inyo County 3rd District Supervisor Rick Pucci will not be running for re-election this year.  In an announcement to supporters and friends, Pucci said he announced early so that interested constituents and potential candidates could file for the upcoming June primary.

Pucci has served three terms as Supervisor.

Potential candidates may now pull nomination papers for state, county, and local offices in the June 7 primary,  from the County Registrar of Voters in Independence. The office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A complete candidate guide is also available online.

Deadline for declaring oneself self as a candidate is March 11. Use of a Nomination Signature Petition, instead of paying filing fees, is due by  February 9.


CHP High Speed Chase – Gardnerville to Lee Vining

From Bridgeport CHP . . .

On January 11, 2022, at approximately 2:00 am, CHP Bridgeport was advised by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada of a vehicle failing to yield southbound US 395 south of Gardnerville, NV. CHP was advised the subject was throwing drugs out of the window.

At approximately 2:13 am the suspect vehicle crossed the California/Nevada state line on US 395 near Topaz, CA. A CHP unit attempted to stop the suspect vehicle by deploying a spike strip on southbound US 395 just north of SR 108 but was unsuccessful.

Douglas County Sheriff units and the CHP unit continued pursuing the suspect vehicle southbound US 395 through the town of Bridgeport and south towards Lee Vining. Speeds in the pursuit varied from 60-80 MPH.

Mono County Sheriff Deputies assisted in the pursuit south of Bridgeport and became the assisting units in the pursuit as Douglas County Deputies discontinued the pursuit.

At approximately 3:07 am, CHP successfully deployed the spike strip at US 395 and the Mono Inn (north of Lee Vining). The suspect vehicle continued for a short distance until its tires went flat.

Once the suspect’s vehicle came to a stop, the suspect (driver) jumped out of the vehicle and ran down an embankment towards Mono Lake. Mono County Deputies took foot chase after the suspect, where after a brief foot pursuit the Deputies were able to handcuff the suspect.

The suspect, 39-year-old Charles Evanson out of Vancouver, WA, was booked into Mono County Jail for: Felony evading, Delaying a peace officer, and a DUI of drugs.

Inyo & Mono County’s State Senator Not Running For Re-election

Inyo and Mono County’s State Senator for the 8th District, Andreas Borgeas, (R Fresno) has announced he will not run for re-election in this June’s statewide primary election.

The former Fresno City Councilman and Member of the Fresno County Board of  Supervisors was elected to the State Senate in 2018.

“It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve the nearly one million residents in the eleven counties of the 8th Senate District. Our team is beyond proud of what we have been able to achieve legislative and politically in Sacramento,” stated Borgeas.

“Anna and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to our family, friends, and everyone who has supported my tenure in public service. I look forward to remaining politically engaged and keeping up the good fight for our community in a future capacity,” He added.

After incumbent Congressman Devin Nunes announced that he would resign from California’s 8th congressional district to become CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group, Borgeas formed an exploratory committee to consider a campaign for the seat. On January 6, 2022, Borgeas announced that he was suspending his campaign for Congress.

Borgeas is known to be heavily involved in Fresno’s Greek and Armenian communities.

Due to redistricting, after the June and November election, Inyo and Mono Counties will now be in the 4th State Senate District, currently represented by long-term Senator Jim Nielson (R- Red Bluff). It is undisclosed if Senator Nielson will run for re-election.

Stay tuned to KIBS/KBOV News for the latest up-to-date on who’s running – who’s not in the 2022 Election Season.

Mammoth Snowboarder Makes U.S. Olympic Team

Congratulations to Mammoth-based snowboarder Dusty Henrickson for making Team USA on the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle and Big Air Teams.

Announced at the conclusion of last weekend’s Toyota U.S. Grand Prix held in Mammoth, Henrickson will join 2018 Olympian Chris Corning and reigning Gold Medalist Red Gerard on the specialized team.

More team placements for skiing and snowboarding will be announced by the end of January, stated Team USA officials at the end of the Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, fan-favorite and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn White, did not make the 2022 team. He pulled out of the competition due to an injury during a training session.  White had indicated previously this would be his last Olympic participation, should he have made the team.




Red-Tailed Hawk Shot With Arrow

About a month ago, Wildcare Eastern Sierra staff received an urgent emergency call. Dave, an Edison workman, reported a hawk in the field west of the Bishop Golf Course. The large bird of prey had a long black arrow penetrating the lower part of its body.

About 15 minutes later, staff arrived at the caller’s location. Several concerned people had congregated. 

The Red-tailed Hawk was spotted first in the field close to Sunland Road, then flutter-flew across the cropped alfalfa and over a shallow ditch into a thick cluster of trees. Wildcare assessed the situation: the bird was tangled in lower tree limbs by the protruding arrow ends; the ditch was a foot or more deep in water; the far bank was steep and muddy.

The bird’s location was blocked by barbed wire. Dave cut the wire along the road and Danielle pushed through the branches to the bird. Using a special cutting tool, Dave shortened the arrow ends so she was able to get through the tangle and fit the patient into a cage.

At the Center, the highly-stressed hawk was given time to relax; then the exam began.

Luckily, the arrow point was for shooting, not hunting. It first penetrated the hawk’s thigh muscle from the outside, passing through the skin, then muscle and exiting the skin on the other side of the thigh. The impact fractured the femur. 

Staff didn’t know whether blood might spurt or heart or lungs might fail. Thankfully, no such symptoms appeared. 

In the morning he was standing and alert! Hydration, pain control, thigh fracture immobilization were next. In the next day or so, it became apparent that his digestive and urogenital systems were functioning normally and soft foods were added to his treatment.

Almost fully recovered, the Red-tail will soon be able to be released back into the wild. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife took possession of the arrow and have opened an investigation into its origin. 

Please join KIBS/KBOV in turning your CA CRV cans and bottles in the recycling redemption center at Manor Market, earmarked for Wildcare Eastern Sierra. 

Dispersed Camping Collaborative Recognized

Perhaps it was the slogan “Poo Like A Pro” that garnered the attention of the U.S. Forest Service in their recent award to the Eastern Sierra Dispersed Camping Collaborative.
The effort to reduce trash,  environmental damage, and sustainability to be caused by an expected invasion of visitors from the city and suburban areas – folks wanting to escape COVID restrictions and shutdowns, created the Eastern Sierra Dispersed Camping Collaboration.
A multi-platform campaign of County, Forest Service, and LADWP, officials,  entitled  Camp Like A Pro, was recognized by the Regional Forester and Research Station 2021 Director Honor Awards.
The program was nominated for the Collaborative addressing sustainability issues of widespread dispersed camping over the summer and early fall..  The initiative focused on education, implementation, stewardship, and infrastructure.
A map tool was developed showing where it is legal to disperse camp, along with the public information on the do’s and dont’s of dispersed camping. And . . . of course, the reminder to learn how to “Poo Like A Pro.”