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Supervisors Thank Board of Ed for Library support

Inyo Supervisor honor the Board of Education

Inyo Supervisors thanked Superintendent Dr. Terry McAteer and the Inyo County Board of Education for their contribution to Inyo’s Libraries. Dr. McAteer, through the Inyo County Office of Education committed $150,000 to upgrade and improve the Bishop and Lone Pine libraries. Inyo County Administrator Kevin Carunchio was thankful for the opportunity to honor Dr. McAteer and the Inyo County Board of Education, “Board action yesterday was long overdue. Dr. McAteer and the entire Inyo County Board of Education have been big supporters of the Inyo County free library system. Patrons of the library in Bishop or Lone Pine have seen the fruits of their labors. Those libraries look fantastic with the infusion of money from the office of eduction and Dr. McAteer. Its been a big collaborative process with library director Nancy Masters. Tuesdays proclamation was a small but sincere gesture from the board.”

In other action from this weeks board meeting, Inyo Supervisors were asked to rule on a request for a salary increase from Treasurer-Tax Collector Alisha McMurtrie. McMurtrie has been elected to the office three times and was asking for her salary to be brought in line with the County Assessor and Auditor-Controller. The board denied the salary adjustment, which would have elevated McMurtie’s monthly pay from $7,807 to $8,934. Carunchio indicates the timing of the request was a big consideration, “The board fully recognized and thanked the treasurer-tax collector for the many, many improvements she has brought to the office, in service to the county, and tax payers. The board indicated that they would like to consider the mater of a pay increase a little later in the year when the county has gotten through the budget process.”

The next meeting for the Inyo County Board of Supervisors is set for July 7th.

Cover photo by Arnie Palu,  left to right, Alden Nash (area 1 board member), David Hefner (area 2 board member), LeeAnn Rasmuson (area 3 board member), Mary Kemp (area 4 board member), Ted Pederson (friends of the mt whitney fish hatchery), Illissa Twomey (Inyo County Office of Education), Chris Langley (area 5 board member). photo taken at the Community Star Awards held May 19th.



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Inyo Register responds to McAteer comments

Inyo Register Responds

Inyo County Superintendent of schools Dr. Terry McAteer conducted an interview with KIBS/KBOV radio Thursday.  The full interview is available through a link on the home page. Dr. McAteer details what he calls, “bullying” behavior by the Inyo Register. The Inyo Register’s Managing Editor Darcy Ellis and Publisher Rena Mlodecki submitted the following response.

The Inyo Register’s official comment regarding Dr. McAteer’s allegations:

“McAteer’s belief that this is small group of people wanting answers is  off base. The real issue here is the superintendent’s and the Board of Education’s refusal to answer simple questions about the use of taxpayer money. What could have and probably would have been an open-and-shut story has ballooned into what we are facing today: elected officials demonizing a news organization because they were offended by its audacity to question them. Had they simply cooperated months ago, the matter probably would be settled by now. Instead, Dr. McAteer and the Board of Education have tried to make this about The Inyo Register, about former employees and about a lack of trust – but it’s not. It’s our job to hold public officials accountable and ask the tough questions – whatever the answers may be. Their refusal to cooperate or answer questions not only demonstrates a clear lack of respect for taxpayers and constituents, but has inflamed the situation.”

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Water Awareness for Inyo Students

Inyo County Schools on the Forefront of Drought Education with New Water Awareness Campaign

submitted by Annie Blakey, Educational Services, Inyo County Superintendent of schools.

When Governor Jerry Brown issued California’s first-ever, statewide, mandatory restriction on water use on April 1, 2015 calling for a 25% reduction in potable water use, Inyo Schools realized that they needed to help educate their 2500 students with a drought education program for all students Pre-kindergarten thru high school.
“We have an obligation to assist in this drought and the most important aspect is educating our youth to become better stewards of our water and help educate their family into conservation,” said County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Terry McAteer
The campaign, targeting all Inyo County students from kindergarten through twelfth grades, consists of two programs: a Water Detective awareness program for K-4 and a science curriculum for grades 5-12.
Middle and high school students start with a quiz to assess what they already know about local and statewide water use. They will also be encouraged to use figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and the 2013 Bishop Water Rate Study to calculate how much water would be saved each day in Inyo County if we were to match Governor Brown’s call for 25% reductions in water use. Students will then generate and share lists of ways they can personally conserve water.
Countywide Science Coordinator Kerry Lozito developed the curriculum for grades 5-12 in cooperation with local science teachers and agency specialists including Bob Harrington, Director of the Inyo County Water Department; Dave Grah, Director of the City of Bishop Public Works; Dustin Blakey, Director of Inyo-Mono U.C. Cooperative Extension; and Mark Drew, Sierra Headwaters Regional Director for California Trout and the Director of Inyo-Mono Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.
“The main goal of the curriculum is to motivate and empower young people to take action in the face of California’s current water crisis,” said Superintendent McAteer.
The Pre-K through 4th grade Water Detective program has the same goal, but has tailored the message to the younger group with a fun visit from “Water Detective Chief” Mitzi Eilts, who teaches the children why water is important and the role they play in saving it.
After the children participate in the presentation, they are given kits—that include an assortment of items ranging from fun, Water Detective I.D. cards, badges and magnifying glasses to more educational activity books—and a simple, yet powerful, mission: detect ways to save water and encourage others to do the same.
McAteer wished to congratulate his staff in meeting tight timelines to get this program into every classroom before the end of the school year. He commended staff member Annie Blakey for coordinating the entire project.

cover photo by Gary Young Photography.

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Get a Teaching Credential without leaving the Eastern Sierra

Inyo and Mono Sups offering credentialing program

Inyo County Superintendent of schools Dr. Terry McAteer and Mono County Superintendent of schools Dr. Stacey Adler have signed an agreement with National University to offer a local teaching credential program.  Dr. McAteer says the effort is in response to a “severe shortage of teachers”.  The collaboration with National University is described as a one-time opportunity to grow the next crop of teachers from within local communities.  National University, the largest teacher credential institution in the state, will offer a Multiple Subject (K-8th grade) and Single Subject (9-12th grade) Credential Program.  The tuition-based program, starting this September, is ten months in length and classes would be a mixture of classroom-based along with on-line instruction.  The local college classes will be offered in the evenings and will alternate between Bishop and Mammoth.  Two informational meetings have been set.

Wednesday, May 27th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Mammoth Lakes Library, 400 Sierra Park road.

Thursday, May 28th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Jill Kinmont-Boothe School, 166 grandview drive, Bishop.

Chris Langley, Liz and Terry McAteer, Kim Cash Miller
Chris Langley, Liz and Terry McAteer, Kim Cash Miller
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Stars of Education

Inyo County School Board honor Stars

The Inyo County Board of Education presented their Community Star Awards Tuesday at the Bishop Campus of Cerro Coso Community College.  The College a fitting setting to honor the individuals and organizations who contribute time and energy to local youth.  Each award winner will have a scholarship giving in their name to a student at Cerro Coso College.

The Community Star awards ceremony opened with Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Terry McAteer introducing Deanna Campbell, director of the Eastern Sierra College Center.  Campbell praised the county board of education and Superintendent McAteer for their efforts to increase educational opportunities for Inyo County students noting the success of the Inyo Promise program.   The program offering students an affordable option to attend the University of Nevada, Reno.

Deanna Campbell
Deanna Campbell

Board members Alden Nash, David Hefner, LeeAnn Rasmuson, Mary Kemp and Chris Langely introduced presenters from their respective districts.  A total of 10 awards were presented.

1. The Alice Piper Memorial Team.  Sage and Shannon Romero, Alicia Peterson, and Pamela Jones were recognized for their efforts to tell the story of Alice Piper.   Their efforts included raising funds for the purchase of a life size statue of Piper.  The statue is placed in front of the Big Pine High School telling the story of Piper and her fight for equal education.

Alice Piper Team. Shannon Romero, Sage Romero, Alicia Peterson, Pamela Jones
Alice Piper Team. Shannon Romero, Sage Romero, Alicia Peterson, Pamela Jones

2. Sharron and Larry Clark were honored by Owens Valley Unified School district Superintendent Dan Moore and Rose Todd for their years of volunteer work, specifically for their efforts with music and theater.

Larry and Sharon Clark, Dan Moore, Rose Todd
Larry and Sharon Clark, Dan Moore, Rose Todd

3. Home Street Middle School Principal Patrick Twomey presented a Star Award to the Bishop Paiute Tribe.  Merv Hess represented the Tribe in accepting the award.  Twomey thanked the Tribe for their contributions to local education.

Merv Hess, Pat Twomey, David Hefner
Merv Hess, Pat Twomey, David Hefner

4. Betsy McDonald of Palisade Glacier high school recognized the efforts of volunteer David French.  McDonald praised French for his efforts in helping students at Palisade pass the math portion of the California High School Exit Examination, know as the CAHSEE.  (French was unable to attend)

5. Round Valley Joint Elementary School superintendent Karen Marshall presented a Star award to Alisa Ellsworth.  Marshall thanked Ellsworth for her efforts with the Round Valley PTO.

Alisa Ellsworth, Karen Marshall
Alisa Ellsworth, Karen Marshall

6. Bishop Union high school principal Randy Cook recognized the volunteer efforts of Dan Totheroh.  Cook noted that Totheroh has logged over 10,000 volunteer hours improving the sound and lighting at Bishop Union High Schools auditorium. (Totheroh was unable to attend)

7. Inyo County School Board President Chris Langley was surprised by Lo-Inyo School Principal Heidi Torix with a Star Award.  Torix spoke of Langley and his late wife Sandy’s commitment to students at Lo-Inyo School, specifically the library.

Langley, Heidi Torix, LeeAnn Rasumson
Langley, Heidi Torix, LeeAnn Rasumson

8. Illissa Twomey presented a Star award to Ted Pederson of the Friends of the Mt. Whitey Fish hatchery.  The friends group has been instrumental in the success of the Trout in the classroom program.  The educational program places trout in 23 classrooms throughout Inyo County.

Pederson, Twomey, Langley
Pederson, Twomey, Langley

9 and 10.  Board President Chris Langley presented the final two Star awards to the Rotary Clubs of Bishop.  The Sunrise Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Bishop where honored for their generous and long time commitment to enhancing education.

Chris Langley and the Rotary Clubs
Chris Langley and the Rotary Clubs

The awards event Tuesday concluded with a surprise presentation to County Superintendent Dr. Terry McAteer and his wife Liz.  Chris Langley and Kim Cash-Miller (assistant to the superintendent) presented plaques to the McAteers thanking them for “raising the bar” for Inyo County students.

Chris Langley, Liz and Terry McAteer, Kim Cash Miller
Chris Langley, Liz and Terry McAteer, Kim Cash Miller

The Inyo County Board of Education will next meet on June 16th, 1pm in the Inyo County Superintendent of Schools office Independence.  The regular meeting will include the expected passage of the annual budget.

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Bishop Main Street Wifi

Free Wifi on Main Street Bishop

The Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated I-Main Street project is now up and running!
I-Main is the system that provides free Wi-Fi access to people passing along Main Street and visiting the Bishop City Park.
The I-Main Street concept was first discussed at a Chamber Strategic Planning Meeting in August of 2012. At that time,
Angie Aukee and Julie Faber led the discussion and all Chamber Board Members thought it sounded like a great idea.
“We began investigating logistics, budget and possible funding sources,”  explains Tawni Thomson.
When Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Terry McAteer
learned of the I-Main idea, he expressed interest in collaborating with the Bishop Chamber.
“The I-Main Street project fits perfectly
with ICSOS’s desire to improve technology and internet access for local students and families,”  notes Julie Faber, current Chamber President.
Throughout 2013 and into 2014, Chamber representatives met with ICSOS, City of Bishop staff and several technical experts to develop system specifications and an RFP for the project. The group received bids from several providers and Schat.net was selected as the contractor for the project.  I-Main now provides free Wi-Fi in public spaces along Main Street from Lagoon Street to MacIver Street
and into the Bishop City Park. I-Main is not intended to replace a business’ regular internet service; the system is simply not
designed for one user to have all day, every day access to large
amounts of broadband. I-Main is for the benefit of students that need to access the internet for homework & school projects, as well as visitors that may need to check social media, get directions or answer emails.  I-Main users will be greeted with a “splash page” hosted at www.bishop.community. The splash page has basic information about the program and links to lodging, restaurants and activities on the Chamber’s main website. Soon, the Chamber plans to offer advertising for sale on the splash page.  Advertising revenues will offset the Chamber’s ongoing purchase and  distribution of the broadband.
“We’re so proud of this project and so grateful to Inyo County Superintendent of Schools and the City of Bishop for working with us to bring I-Main Street to our community,”  states Bishop Chamber
President Julie Faber
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Inyo County Crowns top Speller

Rowan wins Inyo County Spelling Bee

Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer and Assistant Superintendent Pamela Jones are pleased to announce that Lyndsey Rowan from Bishop Elementary School won first place in the Inyo County Spelling Bee, sponsored by Altrusa.

Twenty-two students from six local elementary and middle schools participated in the 2014-15 countywide Spelling Bee last week at Jill Kinmont Boothe School. Sixteen students made it to the final rounds. The winners of the competition were:


1st Place Lyndsey Rowan Bishop Elementary
2nd Place Mahdi Ayman Home Street
3rd Place Aubrey Hart Lo-Inyo

The winning word was: intelligence. The other elementary/middle school contestants included Chris Roberts, Trinity Roberts and Evan Fuller from Big Pine; Brizeida Mora, Graciela Gutierrez, Jessica McGuire and AC Ray of Lone Pine; Naiya Warren, Steven Mather, Danny and Angie Mendoza, and Orion Nash of Owens Valley; Cashus Puhvel, Carter Silva and Jennifer Velazquez from Bishop schools; Rylee Arcularius, Hana Hogan, Tenaya Tordoff, and Braeden McGrale from Round Valley. Several students also joined the preliminary competition as alternates to get practice for next year: Kaitlin Hensley and Jose Dominguez from Lo-Inyo and Nichole Asher from Owens Valley. Congratulations to all the student participants.

The Coaches this year include Cheri Fendon, Lynn Lamb, Shelly Daugherty, Carmen London, Victoria Hamilton, Rory Winzenread, and Lidia Rubio.

The local Altrusa chapter sponsored the competition. Gail Swain and Robin Hastie were on hand to distribute awards to students and judge the competition. Liz McAteer graciously accepted the position as the Pronouncer for this year’s competition. Pamela Jones was the Spell Master for the competition. A special thank you goes to Round Valley Parent Organization for donating $5 to the “last person standing” from each of the nine districts competing.

left to right, Pamela Jones, Aubrey Hart, Mahdi Ayman, Lyndsey Rowan, Gail Swain, Robin Hastie
left to right, Pamela Jones, Aubrey Hart, Mahdi Ayman, Lyndsey Rowan, Gail Swain, Robin Hastie
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Inyo County Swearing in Ceremony

Inyo County Swearing in Ceremony

The Historic Inyo County Courthouse will be the scene for a swearing in ceremony Monday, January 5th. The event will begin at 12:00 noon in the Historic Courtroom located in the top floor of the courthouse in Independence.
Those set to take part include Superior Court Judge Brian Lamb, Superintendent of School Dr. Terrence McAteer, Supervisor 1st District Dan Totheroh, Supervisor 3rd District Rick Pucci, Assessor Dave Stottlemyre, Auditor Amy Shepherd, Coroner Leon Brune, Clerk-Recorder Kammi Foote, District Attorney Thomas Hardy, Public Administrator Patricia Barton, Sheriff Bill Lutze, and Treasurer-Tax Collector Alisha McMurtrie.

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Inyo Associates in Death Valley

Death Valley Inyo Associates Weekend

January 16, 17, 18, 2015 at Furnace Creek. The schedule:
Friday: 6pm – 8pm
Complimentary Social Hour in Marquez Room at Furnace Creek Inn
8am – 3pm
Tour of Southern Inyo County with Representative Paul Cook
Cost: $25 per person.
The tour will leave the lower parking lot of the Furnace Creek Inn at 8am. We will be touring Charleston View, St Theresa Mission, China Ranch Date Farm, Tecopa Hot Springs, Shoshone and, time permitting, Ash Meadows for Lunch. We want to show Representative Cook Inyo County as well as let him get to know some of his constituents. This will be a time for those who want to speak to Representative Cook about any federal issue you might have. Lunch will be served and beverages provided.
The bus is being provided by Inyo County School Superintendent Terry McAteer and the driver is the Superintendent of the Death Valley School District, Jim Copeland.

Make your room reservations by calling Furnace Creek Resort 760-786-2345 and ask for reservations.  Use either booking number 676452 for the Inn or 676201 for the Ranch. To receive the special price you must book by December 16th.


Paul Cook

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