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Water Conservation Incentives from the City of Bishop


377 West Line Street – Bishop, California 93514
Post Office Box 1236 – Bishop, California 93515
760-873-8458 publicworks@ca-bishop.us
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Public Works News Release

Water Conservation Incentives from the City of Bishop

The City of Bishop offers a water conservation incentive program to help its water customers save water. The program can provide some water saving items free like hose nozzles and can provide rebates on other water saving items like new sprinkler systems.

Free items include automatic hose shutoff nozzles, hose timers, and
irrigation timers.

$100 rebates are available for water wasting toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers that are replaced with water saving models. A $250 rebate is available for new sprinkler systems.

Specific requirements are available at the city website or by contacting Bishop Public Works.

For most free items you just need to stop by the Bishop Public Works
office, fill out a short form, and pick them up. The incentives are available only to water customers of the City of Bishop and are limited to one per customer account.

Saving water saves money, reduces water rates, protects groundwater, is the right thing to do, and is now required by the state.

Contact the City of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information on water conservation, the water conservation incentive program, and the City’s water system.


Water Conservation Incentives from the City of Bishop


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