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City of Bishop Solar Project

Bishop Solar Construction Starts Soon

Construction of the City of Bishop’s solar project is expected to start this week with the first material arriving at the project’s three work
sites. The $600,000 project will add solar arrays at two city well sites and at the city sewage treatment plant. These arrays
will provide most of the power used by the wells and sewage plant, will save the city about $60,000 per year in electricity costs, and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 470,000 pounds per year.
One 5,000 square foot solar array will be constructed at the city’s Well 2 site near the Tri-county Fairgrounds, one 11,000 square foot solar array will be constructed at the city’s Well 4 site on West Line Street near Mumy Lane, and two arrays with a combined area of about 12,500 square feet will be constructed at the sewage treatment plant about 1/2 mile east of the Bishop Creek Canal.
Construction is expected to start this week and continue into January. At the waste-water treatment plant east of Bishop and at
Well 2 near the fairgrounds, construction will include driving posts into the ground to mount the solar panels. Sound from driving the
posts will probably be heard outside of these sites and is expected between 7 am and 7 pm workdays. Post driving is expected to last 1 or 2 weeks.
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Downtown Bishop Parking Discussion

Improving Downtown Bishop Parking

The City of Bishop is looking for your input on how to improve downtown parking.  Now is the time to speak up.  Have an creative idea or concern?  Be sure to share your perspective.
city of bishop statement:
The City of Bishop will hold an open house from 3 to 7 pm on August 27th to discuss how to improve parking in downtown. The open house will be in the conference room in City Hall, 377 West Line Street. Community members are invited to drop in anytime during these hours to learn about and provide ideas on how to make downtown parking better. Anyone concerned about downtown Bishop should attend.
The open house will have maps that show the current parking situation and other maps and sheets for input on how the parking situation could be changed. Ways that parking could be changed include changing the hours that parking is allowed and changing parking configurations, among other things.
The main focus of the open house will be the downtown core, essentially one block either side of Main Street from Clarke and Lagoon Streets in the south to Academy Avenue and May Street in the north. Other parts of downtown can be discussed as well.
Parking in downtown Bishop must balance the needs of businesses, residents, visitors, and employees while meeting all legal and municipal requirements. Because of this, it will be especially helpful to hear from all of these groups during the open house. Public participation is important to make the most of this process and the open house on August 27th in City Hall will be one of the best chances to have your voice heard in the process. If you can’t make it to the open house, come by City Hall to see the maps and provide input.  Input is welcome by phone and email as well. The open house will be followed by at least one workshop with City Council before changes are implemented.
Contact the City of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information about parking in downtown Bishop and the open house August 27th.
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Bishop officials choose sidewalks

Bishop Proposes Sidewalk in Back of Park

The City of Bishop public works department held meetings this month to prioritize improvement projects.  City officials are looking specificly at funding opportunities that target “active transportation”.  Public works at the city of Bishop issued the following statement:
This month the City of Bishop will propose a sidewalk and bike lane project in the back of the City Park for state Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding. The $1 million project, called the Spruce, Hanby, Yaney Sidewalks project, would construct sidewalks and bike lanes on portions of Spruce Street, East Yaney Street, and Hanby Avenue in and near the east portion of the Bishop City Park, near the Bishop Senior Center. This sidewalk and bike lane project is proposed for funding even though it was not the most popular project at a recent series of public meetings held by the city. The most popular projects at these meetings were bike path and residential sidewalk projects. Because of difficulties with the most popular bike path and residential sidewalk projects, the relative ease, and substantial benefits of the Spruce, Hanby, Yaney Sidewalks
project, this project in the back of the park will be proposed for the current ATP funding opportunity. The more popular projects face difficulties in the form of resistance from the City of Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power (DWP, the landowner) in the case
of the bike path projects, and from residents and citizens concerned about sidewalk construction and tree removal in the case of the sidewalk projects. The city looks forward to working with DWP and with residents on future funding opportunities for the popular bike path and residential sidewalk projects.
The state’s ATP is intended to promote public health and safety by encouraging active forms of transportation such as walking, biking, and skateboarding to get to school, work, or every day activities.
The City of Bishop appreciates the public’s involvement identifying the best projects for ATP funding. For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at publicworks@ca-bishop.us  or 760-873-8458.
cover photo by Arnie Palu, sidewalk work on Warren St.
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