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Kingston looking to Downsize, Relocate Bishop Nursery

Bishop Nursery will stay open through this season

By Arnie Palu

Bob Kingston is moving forward with a housing subdivision on the property that currently houses Bishop Nursery while also actively looking for a space to relocate the business.  Kingston has owned the Bishop Nursery since the late 1990’s and says he is looking for a win/win situation for the community by providing much needed housing and keeping the popular Bishop Nursery in business.

The 15 lot Kingston Subdivision is working its way through the City of Bishop permitting process.  Kingston says the plan is to begin building shortly after the tentative tract map is approved, stressing that splitting the 2.75 acre parcel into 15 lots makes financial sense.  Local Realtor Jake Rasmuson says that as currently designed the Kingston Subdivision is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods densities.  Kingston says the aim is to build a “small, well built, well designed community”.

Developing the subdivision on Home Street requires the demolition of the existing Bishop Nursery Building.  On Tuesday Kingston stressed his commitment to keeping the Bishop Nursery open at its current location through this season.   Kingston indicated he is currently looking for a space to relocate the nursery business that supports approximately 30 employees during their peak season.

Bob Kingston and Liz Merrill. photo by Arnie Palu
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Home Street Subdivision in the spotlight

Bishop City Council holding public hearing tonight

The Bishop City Council meets tonight (Monday, August 10th) with a public hearing set for the environmental review of the Kingston Subdivision.  Tonight’s hearing will focus on the environmental review for the tentative tract map for the proposed subdivision of the 2.75 acre parcel at 785 Home Street.  The site is currently home to the Bishop Nursery.  Under the proposal,  the lot would be subdivided into 15 residential parcels.  Tonight’s Bishop City Council meeting begins at 5pm for a closed session featuring a conference with labor negotiators and a performance evaluation of the public works director.

Tonight’s Open session is set to begin at 6pm at Bishop City Council chambers.  In addition to the public hearing on the Kingston Subdivision, the meeting will also include an Inyo County update from 2nd district supervisor Jeff Griffiths, department head reports, and the potential ratification of a memorandum of understanding with the Bishop Police Officers Association.

Cover Photo By Gary Young

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Bishop City Council

Agenda includes a public hearing for a Proposed Development on Home Street

Monday’s Bishop City County meeting will include a public hearing for the environmental review of the Kingston Subdivision. The proposed project is located on a 2.75 acre parcel that is currently home to the Bishop Nursery. As proposed the parcel at 785 Home Street would be subdivided into 15 residential parcels ranging in size between 5,104 and 8,232 square feet. Each parcels individual building pad would cover roughly sixty to sixty-five percent of the parcel area. The project would include the removal of the existing Bishop Nursery. Project proponent Bob Kingston stresses that the Bishop Nursery will stay open as the proposed development moves forward.

The Environmental Initial Study may be reviewed at the City of Bishop’s web site, www.ca-bishop.us. Comments made at Mondays meeting will be reviewed by staff and incorporated into the Initial Study. Final determination of the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration is tentatively scheduled for the July 27th city council meeting.

Kingston Subdivision information, http://bishop-ca.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=1&event_id=131&meta_id=9709

Mondays city council meeting will also include a Inyo County update from 2nd district supervisor Jeff Griffiths, a Northern Inyo Hospital quarterly update from CEO Victoria Alexander-Lane, and the city council will be asked to take action to approve the purchase of a radar trailer for the Police Department.

The Monday, July 13th meeting of the Bishop City Council will begin at 5pm with a closed session and the open portion of the meeting beginning at 6pm.  

Cover photo by Gary Young.

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