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Revenue Shortfall Pushes NIHD Reorganization

Northern Inyo Healthcare District is undergoing staff reorganization as the direct result of a shortfall against projected revenues in its 2018-2019 budget. The three-phase restructuring began Friday, Jan. 18.

District leadership, faced with a $1.2 million shortfall against its projected revenues, felt it was necessary to make milder adjustments now rather than be faced with more drastic changes in next year’s budget.

Chief Executive Officer Kevin S. Flanigan, MD MBA, stressed the District is early enough in its projections that small changes can have a big long-term impact. “If the District waits until the next budget year, the District will have to both make up for this year’s deficit and cut to prevent another deficit year,” he said.

Dr. Flanigan also stressed that deficit is against budget projections and is not currently a situation in which current expenses are exceeding current revenue. He noted, however, that if something is not done now, this could very quickly become a matter where revenue does not cover costs.

The reorganization calls for a hiring freeze for all non-clinical positions, a re-alignment of responsibilities among these departments, a reduction in non-clinical workforce, and the potential for an offer of early retirement where possible. These changes, to be clear, do not affect any health care providers or clinical staff. These changes affect support staff in administrative areas.

This move does not mean the District is in financial trouble from a cash-on-hand basis,” Dr. Flanigan said. “We currently can pay our bills, and our expenses are matching what we budgeted. However, we are experiencing fewer surgeries and fewer hospitalizations than we projected.”

A reduction in hospitalizations was anticipated, just not to the degree NIHD experienced in the first six months of its fiscal year.

As people will recall, the District was moving toward a care model that emphasized improved health rather than critical illness,” Dr. Flanigan said. “We’ve seen an increase in our outpatient clinic visits. Our Emergency Department visits are consistent with budgeted numbers even with the addition of our Same Day Care services. Our transfers out of the area are only up slightly while our surgeries and hospital stays are down markedly. This means that the improved outpatient access and our focus on improved service have kept people healthier; thus less likely to need surgery and less likely to have to stay overnight in the hospital. However, this also means that the District is receiving less revenue.”

Dr. Flanigan said District leadership has met with staff members during the past few days outlining in detail the current situation, including plans for moving forward. As always, Dr. Flanigan maintains an open-door to those staff who may wish to meet with him privately.


Board of directors gives ok to expand local offices.

By Seth Conners

According to Barbara Laughon at NIHD, Northern Inyo Healthcare Districts board of directors unanimously approved additional support staff for the Rural Health an Pediatrics Clinics during its November 16th board meeting.  This expansion will improve efficiency at the clinics and allows NIHD to keep pace with recent growth at the clinics.

Dr. Kevin Flanigan, the districts CEO, said the move is an additional investment to improving patient access to health care.

Within the next six months, NIHD will hire up to four medical assistants, two registered nurses, plus a front office coordinator for the rural health clinic and an office/clinical coordinator for the Northern Inyo Associates Pediatrics Clinic.

Presently the two clinics, with a total of 13 providers, have between 20 to 24 support staff members at any given time, placing the clinics at roughly 60 percent of needed staffing.

Dr. Flanigan said not every position will be filled immediately, but the medical assistants roles are a priority.

The unbudgeted annual cost for the new is estimated to be between $390,000 and $550,00, depending on experience of the new hires.  The move coincides with NIHD’s strategic plan, which calls for a focus on improving both patient and employee experience.



California Health Care Foundation list Northern Inyo as a high performing hospital.

July 5th
by Seth Conners

The California Health Care Foundation recently notified the hospital leadership and staff at Northern Inyo Hospital of their recognition by the State of California as a “High Performing Hospital” based on maternity measures.
The recent recognition of NIH as one of the best 33 hospitals in the state is the result of an evaluation based on low cesarean section and episiotomy rates, and a high rate of exclusively breastfeeding mothers.
After hearing the news, Hospital CEO Dr. Kevin Flanigan was proud to know that out of 260 hospitals in California (some of them thought to be among the best in the world), NIH was in the top 33.  He notes that “it’s gratifying to see that NIH is therefore listed among the best anywhere”.
Acting Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Aspel praised the Obstetrical Team, including both physicians and nurses, for achieving this status.

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 Safer lobby hours at NIH go into effect July 10th.

by Seth Conners

As a continued effort to provide safety for hospital staff and members of the public, Northern Inyo Hospital has announced it’s new lobby hours to become effective on Sunday July 10th.
The new schedule will see the hospitals lobby open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends and holidays.  People who require lab services during the week  are advised to arrive no later than 5:30 p.m., with the weekend lab hours remaining at 7:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
Visitors after 6 p.m. will now be asked to enter through the Emergency Department entrance at the rear of the hospital where security will be posted.
These changes will reduce Main Lobby hours but will improve security by limiting access points to the healthcare facility during overnight hours.

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Mary Mae Saves the Day

Mary Mae Kilpatrick fills vacancy on
Northern Inyo Healthcare District Board of Directors

Kilpatrick steps up to fill a vacancy on NIH board.

Submitted By Northern Inyo Hospital.

West Bishop resident Mary Mae Kilpatrick was named to the Northern Inyo Healthcare District (NIHD) Board of Directors during the board’s regular monthly meeting Wednesday evening. She will be formally sworn into office Tuesday, Jan. 19.
Mrs. Kilpatrick, the retired Superintendent of the Round Valley Elementary School District, was the only applicant to file for the recent Zone 4 vacancy. An Ad Hoc Committee of current board directors Denise Hayden and Pete Watercott interviewed Mrs. Kilpatrick before recommending her appointment to remaining board members MC Hubbard and John Ungersma, MD. The appointment was approved 4-0.
Mrs. Kilpatrick will complete the term vacated last month by long-time director D. Scott Clark, MD. Dr. Clark stepped down from the board following his retirement so that he could pursue other interests. Mrs. Kilpatrick will serve just shy of one year before determining if she will run for formal election to the Board in November 2016.
A Bishop resident for the past 58 years, Mrs. Kilpatrick is best known for her 38-year career as first an elementary school teacher and then the Superintendent of Round Valley Elementary School District. Among the highlights of her career, she was named Outstanding Elementary Teacher of America, and was the first mentor teacher approved by the State of California.
Many local organizations have benefitted from Mrs. Kilpatrick’s volunteer leadership, including Playhouse 395, the High Sierra Chapter of Sweet Adelines, the Bishop Community Concert Association, the Bishop Friendship Center and the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 118. She also serves on the Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.
“Since accepting a position on the Northern Inyo Hospital Foundation Board, I have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the services of our hospital,” Mrs. Kilpatrick said Thursday. “I would like to learn more about its rules and procedures by contributing my time and energy assisting the Board in their leadership, and promoting the growth and good will of Northern Inyo Hospital.”

Zone 3 Director and fellow NIH Foundation member Pete Watercott said Mrs. Kilpatrick’s inquisitive and engaging manner will serve the board well. “I can tell you why she is such a great educator,” he began. “It’s because she’s such a great student. Mary Mae asks a lot of questions and she always seeks out the information behind the issues.”
Kevin S. Flanigan, MD MBA, Interim CEO for NIHD, excitedly described “the positive energy Mrs. Kilpatrick has brought to the NIH Foundation Board meetings.” He said he looks forward to “that same energy, depth of experience, community commitment and new ideas that she brings to NIHD as we focus on our mission- improving our communities, one life at a time. One Team. One Goal. Your Health.”
She is married to Charles J. “Chuck” Kilpatrick, a retired insurance agent and long-time community volunteer. The couple has one daughter, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Mrs. Kilpatrick will represent Northern Inyo Healthcare District residents living in the following service boundaries:
Precinct 30: City of Bishop, West Line Street to south end of City, west of Main Street
Precinct 44: Highland, Sunset, Watterson
Precinct 45: North of Sierra Vista Way, Irene Way
Precinct 46: South of Sierra Vista Way, Underwood
Precinct 47: Reservation, west of Barlow, north of West Line Street
Precinct 48: Reservation, east of Barlow, north of West Line Street
Precinct 50: South of West Line Street, Barlow to Main Street

Mrs. Kilpatrick will be sworn into office during the next NIHD Board of Directors meeting, set for Tuesday, Jan. 19, 5:30 p.m. The meeting date was moved back one day from the normal monthly schedule to allow the board members to attend a leadership training session with the Association of California Hospital Districts.


About Northern Inyo Healthcare District: Founded in 1946, Northern Inyo Healthcare District features a 25-bed critical access hospital, a 24-hour emergency department, a primary care rural health clinic, a diagnostic imaging center, and clinics specializing in women’s health, orthopedics and neurology, pediatrics and allergies and general surgery. Continually striving to improve the health outcomes of those who rely on its services, Northern Inyo Healthcare District aims to improve our communities one life at a time. One team, one goal, your health.

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Northern Inyo Hospital Lifestyle Talk

NIHD Healthy Lifestyle Talk centers on bone health

submitted by Northern Inyo Hospital:

December’s Healthy Lifestyle Talk by Northern Inyo Healthcare District (NIHD) will feature Dr. Stacey Brown of the NIHD Rural Health Clinic on Thursday, Dec. 17, 6:30 p.m. at the NIH Birch Street Annex, 2957 Birch Street, Bishop.

Dr. Brown will focus on the health of our skeleton, including normal bone metabolism and bone disorders, osteoporosis, bone density screening and bone metabolism.

Dr. Brown is a local board-certified family physician, specializing in all aspects of primary care.

About Northern Inyo Healthcare District: Founded in 1946, Northern Inyo Healthcare District features a 25-bed critical access hospital, a 24-hour emergency department, a primary care rural health clinic, a diagnostic imaging center, and clinics specializing in women’s health, orthopedics and neurology, pediatrics and allergies and general surgery. Continually striving to improve the health outcomes of those who rely on its services, Northern Inyo Healthcare District aims to improve our communities one life at a time. One team, one goal, your health.

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NIH names Flanigan acting CEO

Bishop Hospital Board names Dr. Flanigan CEO

Just days after parting ways with Victoria Alexander-Lane the Northern Inyo Hospital Board named Dr. Kevin Flanigan acting Chief Executive Officer.  Dr. Flanigan had served as Chief Medical, Operations, and Information officer at NIH.  Dr. Flanigan replaces Alexander-Lane who employment ended Monday afternoon with a short statement released by Northern Inyo Hospital.

“Ms. Alexander-Lane’s employment as the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Inyo Healthcare District has ended effective immediately. The Board thanks her for her contributions over the last eighteen months and wishes her well in her future career. The District and Ms. Alexander-Lane have agreed to make no further statement regarding her employment and the ending of her employment.”

Dr. Flanigan recently moved to Bishop from Pittsfield Maine.  Dr. Flanigan began his post at Northern Inyo in late August.

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NIH adds a General Surgeon

Northern Inyo Hospital gains new General Surgeon

Northern Inyo Hospital welcomes General Surgeon Allison J. Robinson to its healthcare team this week. Robinson is double Board certified in General Surgery with specialization in Colon and Rectal Surgery. In Bishop, she will work alongside Dr. Robbin Cromer-Tyler in the Pioneer Medical Building on the Northern Inyo Hospital campus. She will begin seeing patients September 1st.

A graduate of Whittier College, Robinson entered the US Navy in 1990 when she attended the Uniformed Services University F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. She completed her General Surgery residency at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda and did a Colon and Rectal Fellowship at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans, LA.

Stationed at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego for the past 10 years, Robinson served as a Staff Surgeon and was Head of Colon and Rectal Division and Surgical Endscopy Suite. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda.

Among her numerous military honors, she was named Top Surgeon in the Navy, 2007-2009, by a patient satisfaction survey, and most recently received her seventh Most Productive General Surgeon achievement.

“As a surgeon, I truly enjoy meeting with and working with my patients as people … allowing them to return to their lives is a very satisfying part of my job,” Robinson said.

No stranger to the area, Robinson was raised in Big Pine, daughter of Lloyd and Dorothy Wilson, retired teachers from the Big Pine Unified School District. Robinson and her husband, Ron, of 16 years, have two sons, Toby, 13, and Cody, 12. As a family, the Robinsons enjoy outdoor activities including boating, fishing, kayaking and skiing and look forward to being back in the area.

Dr. Allison Robinson
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