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Bishop Youth Football @ Kern Valley

Bishop Youth Football

Bishop Youth Football starts the 2015 season winning 2 of 3 games at rival Kern Valley. Bishop Youth football’s three teams traveled to Kern Valley this past Saturday bringing home two wins and a heart breaking loss.

Division 1
Coach Jim Reynolds reports the youngest team won 25-7. Elijah Reynolds leads the charge with a two touchdown game and Vinny Begay and Damon Terrasas also scored touchdowns.

Division 2
Coach Will Lyons reports a hard fought 6-0 Bronco win. The difference in the game a 4-yard touchdown run by Cheveyo Marquez. Coach Lyons notes the outstanding play of Colt Matteson and Cheveyo Marquez, along with a great effort on defense by Jared Lomaintewa, Cain Omohundro, and Albert Cano.

Division 3
Coach Nate Morgenstein indicates that Kern Valley completed a touchdown pass in the final seconds of the game winning 6-0. KV broke the 0-0 tie with the game winner as time expired. Coach praised the play of leading tackler Wes Pettet and the overall play of Jayden Braithwaite.

Bishop Youth Football has a bye this week and will return to play on September 12th with home games with Trona.

cover photo,  Division 1 @ Kern Valley.  Photo by Nate Morganstein.

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