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City of Bishop asks, “Whats Next?”

City of Bishop wants your input

The City of Bishop invites the public to a series of meetings over the next three weeks to gain public input on the city’s next “active” transportation projects. The meetings will  be at noon and at 5 pm on May13th and on May 20th in the conference room at City Hall.
The state’s Active Transportation Program is intended to promote public health and safety by encouraging active forms of transportation such as walking, biking, and skateboarding to get to school, work, or every day activities. Active Transportation
Program funds can be used for construction projects such as sidewalks and bicycle paths, and for non-construction projects like bicycle education and safety programs.  Projects which have the potential to close “gaps” in the non-motorized route network
and the potential to increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians are of particular importance to the ATP. The City of Bishop has the opportunity to apply for this funding if it can identify good projects and apply by the end of this month. Good Bishop projects
probably include sidewalks and bike paths but public input is needed to know for sure.  The city’s current list of future street projects includes 13 sidewalk and path projects.

The city needs the public’s help to identify more projects and then to figure out which ones are the best to propose for Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds. To get this public help in time for the application due this month, a series of meetings are scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Public input is invited by coming to the meetings or by contacting the City of Bishop Department of Public Works by mail, email, phone, or in person.
The first meetings are scheduled for May 13th and are intended to gather ideas for good ATP projects that might not yet be on the city’s project list. There will be two meetings that day, one at noon and one at 5 pm. Maps showing existing sidewalks and paths,
along with other information, will be available for reference. The two meetings that day will be the same so the public should feel free to come to either or both, whatever is convenient.
The second pair of meetings are scheduled for May 20th and are intended to identify the best projects out of all those identified by that time. Like the previous pair of meetings, there will be two meetings that day, one at noon and one at 5 pm. Maps and projects
lists, will be available for reference at that meeting. The two meetings will be the same so the public should feel free to come to either or both. The City of Bishop appreciates public involvement identifying the best projects to propose for Active Transportation Program funding.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at publicworks@ca-bishop.us or 760-873-8458.

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