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Recap by Bradford Evans

Photos by Gary Young

After nearly two years of no high school football in Bishop, the Broncos took the field against a familiar foe. The Lindsay Cardinals arrived in the Eastern Sierra looking for revenge after losing 22-16 in the CIF Central Section Division 6 semifinals in 2019.

A few days before the game, sixth year head coach, Arnie Palu reflected back on the semifinal game against the Cardinals saying, “That semifinal game against Lindsay was without a doubt the toughest game we had in 2019. However, we made necessary adjustments after falling down at the half and we were able to come away with a victory.”

However, the Broncos didn’t have much trouble this time around against Lindsay. From the start, Bishop was able to establish the run and scored on their first drive of the season. Senior running back, Zach Mojarro was the star of the night and got his first touchdown after he ran the ball to the outside for a five-yard touchdown.

The Broncos took the lead 6-0 and then missed the point after attempt.


Turnovers were a big problem for both teams on the night, but more so for Lindsay, who gave the ball away seven times on the night. The first turnover came when the snap went over the head of Cardinals quarterback, Samual Reyes. Bishop recovered the ball and picked up where they left off with another Zach Mojarro run to the outside. Bishop led 13-0 after the first quarter.

The Broncos weren’t as dominant in the second quarter, but still were able to score another touchdown thanks to another Mojarro run. Bishop took a 19-0 lead going into the half.


Bishop struggled at the beginning of the second half. They turned the ball over multiple times during the first portion of the second half. By the midway point of the third quarter, the Cardinals were able to pull within three points after senior quarterback, Jakob Redmond threw a pick six to Lindsay safety, Leonardo Duran. The score was 19-16 and the home crowd began to get a little bit nervous. However, Bishop responded well and fed their star running back, Zach Mojarro who was able to cruise up field for another touchdown to give the Broncos a bit of breathing room. The score after the touchdown was 25-16.

Bishop took over in the fourth quarter and dominated the rest of the affair. Zach Mojarro got two more touchdowns and Jakob Redmond scored off of a quarterback keeper. Mojarro’s second touchdown of the fourth quarter came late when Redmond found the running back unmarked on the far side of the endzone for a twenty-yard receiving touchdown.

Overall, it was a solid performance for the Broncos. Jakob Redmond was able to make some good plays with his feet, while Zach Mojarro was electric the entire night and is essentially the reason why the Broncos won the game on Friday. Other players who stood out included Cain Omohundro, who was able to make a few good plays both defensively and offensively. The star of the night on defense was defensive lineman Reese Dondero, who plugged up the middle of the trenches and did an effective job of generating pressure.

Individual stats for the Broncos


Team Totals 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6
Team Totals 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6


# Athlete Name Car Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 41 384 9.4 57 5
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 9 104 11.6 27
2 Cheveyo Marquez (Jr) 2 0 0.0 1
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 1 1 1.0 1
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 21 223 10.6 57 4
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 9 9.0 9
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 3 31 10.3 24 1
31 K. Batchelder (Sr) 4 16 4.0 8


# Athlete Name Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 9 99 11.0 23 2
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 2 7 3.5 7
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 1 10 10.0 10
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 3 54 18.0 23 2
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 7 7.0 7
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 2 21 10.5 14

Total Yards

# Athlete Name Pass Rush Rec Total
Team Totals 99 384 99 483
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 99 104 203
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 1 7 8
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 10 10
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 223 54 277
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 9 7 16
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 31 21 52
31 K. atchelder (Sr) 16  



# Athlete Name Solo Asst Tot Tckls TFL
Team Totals 38 22 60 7.0
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 2 2
2 Cheveyo Marquez (Jr) 1 1
3 Hector Martinez (Sr) 1 1
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 2 2
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 1 1 2
11 Carson Schmidt (Jr) 6 6
17 Austin Van nest (Sr) 1 2 3
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 2 2 1.0
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 1 2
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 2 3 5 1.0
31 K. Batchelder (Sr) 4 5 9
33 Aden Arndal (Jr) 1 1
42 Colt Matteson (Sr) 3 2 5 1.0
50 Kaelan Smith (Jr) 1 1
52 Wyatt Douda (Jr) 5 1 6 1.0
65 Reese Dondero (Jr) 4 2 6 2.0
66 Shane Norris (Sr) 1 1
67 Michael Boothe (Sr) 2



Know When To Turn Around

Inyo County Search and Rescue and Inyo County Sheriff’s Office reminds hikers . . . Know when to turn around!

Sometimes, we have to make a hard decision on the mountain: turn around before reaching the summit. While this can seem very annoying, reaching the trailhead safely is much more important that reaching a summit.

When to turn around . . .  Set an expected time to reach the summit. Too late? At your set turn around time – get back to the parking lot before it’s dark or very late.

When members of the group get too exhausted/sick/altitude sickness/dehydration.

When there’s a storm approaching.

When it is too hot/cold/windy for some members in your group.

When members in your group get scared (no reason to feel ashamed for speaking up!)

All members of your group turn around together! Never leave your friends and mountain partners behind!

Bishop Bronco Lady Varsity Soccer Team When League Title

Bishop Bronco Lady Varsity Soccer team finished the regular season games first in High Desert League with 5 wins and 1 lost.

This season’s athletic awards were awarded to the following “Scholar Athletes,” presented to athletes who have maintained honor roll status, with a 3.5 + GPA, during season:

Congrats to Morgan Booth, Brooklyn Braaten, Kaylyn Cooper, Taylor Dailey, Zoe Dailey, Ami De la Torre, JuliAnna Jackson, Annabell Mojica,  Alexandra Morales, Jorden Pritchard, Larissa Simpson, and Emma Thornberg.

The CIF High Desert All-League Honors Exceptional Achievement Awards went to Taylor Dailey (Center Defense / Team Captain)
Most Valuable Player, Zoe Dailey (Center Defense), JuliAnna Jackson (Left Wing Forward)- 1st Team,  Kaylyn Cooper (Left Mid-fielder), Jaden Davis (Striker) – 2nd Team,  Emma Thornberg (Center Defensive Mid-fielder), Honorable Mention & the All-Academic Award.

Interested girls in playing soccer in the upcoming Lady Broncos’ Varsity Soccer season, please contact Coach Bill Dailey at 661-340-3947.

Was That L.A. Mayor Garcetti In Town?

I’m having some fun here . . . All in the quest for news . . . .

We’d love to tell you that we met with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti when he came to town recently in July.  We’d love to share the one-on-one interview we had with him talking about the issues of the Eastern Sierra and its relationship to L.A.

The Mayor met with many people – L.A. city employees, local elected leaders, staff, etc., as he traveled around, from Bishop to Mono Lake. We’d love to show the photos he took with local tribal  members and environmental leaders.

But unfortunately, we can’t.  We at KIBS/KBOV weren’t invited. Neither was the other local radio station. Neither were the local tribal or environmental leaders.

But reading the interview Garcetti gave to a local publication, he said the reason for his visit was to strengthen our community’s connection with L.A. and change direction of our combined past history. At least I think that’s what he said.

Garcetti has accepted President Biden’s appointment to become the Ambassador in India. He’ll need to be confirmed by the Congress. But L.A. media speculation says he’ll be eating Chicken Marsala by New Years.

So was this a farewell tour? Political insiders speculate it was more likely a “Remember Me” tour?  Its no secret his intensions are to return to California  at some point and run for Govenor.


Mono Lake Committee Disappointed In Lake Level

The Mono Lake Committee have announced the lake level has not risen as expected.

Its been 28 years since the California Water Resources Board’s historic decision,  ordering LADWP to allow more water flow from the Mono Lake tributaries, in essence – saving Mono Lake.

The 1994 state mandate was to rise the level of lake to a ecologically stainable 6,392 feet above sea level. As of the latest report just released by the Committee, the lake level “remains frustratingly out of reach.”  Currently the lake is  down by 11 feet from the 2014 projected level.

The biodiversity of Mono Lake has been affected by hydroclimate extremes and expanding climate changes, and later this year, may affect the island-based California Gull nesting sites. The Mono Lake Committee, LADWP, the Kucadikadi Tribe and other stakeholders continue to work on longterm solutions.


The Bishop Boys Varsity Baseball team took out the Caruthers  Blue Raiders  on Wednesday with the final score of 6-5.

Caruthers loaded the bases  in the first inning but Bronco starter Ace Selters pitched the boys out of that Jam.

Then the Bronco  bats came alive early and scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st.

Bronco infielder Reece Dondero deliver a couple of monster doubles in the game, had 2 RBI’s in the game with a stolen base.

Jake Frigerio slammed a triple in the bottom of the 1st and accounted for one of the three Bronco runs.

Individual stats for the Bishop Broncos:


1-3 triple,2 , 1 run scored


1-1,single ,1 run scored , 1 stolen base 1 RBI

2-2, 2 doubles, 2 RBIs, – stolen base , 1 run scored


0-2, 1 run scored

2-2, single/ double1 run scored , 1 stolen base, 2 RBIs

0-2, 1 run scored – pitched 4 1/3 innings, 3 Ks

1-3, homerun, 1 run scored 1 RBI

Billy McKenzie came in to pitch in the 5th inning when the game was tied and pitched a heck of a game in relief.

Clay Omohundro broke the 5-5 tie with a solo home run and the Broncos never looked back winning 6-5. What a game!

Now the Broncos wait to see if they are traveling to Minarets High School or hosting Lindsay high School next Wednesday, June 16th in the semi finals of Division 5 Baseball. Minarets is ranked #1 and Lindsay is ranked #8. Lets hope for an upset on Friday when those two get together so the Bishop Boys can host another at Tatum Field in Bishop!

We will keep you updated on all the happenings on the local news at KIBS/KBOV.

Go Broncos!!


Bronco Baseball’s “Ace” Heading to UCLA

After a 7-4 win over the Mammoth Huskies on May 17, at the closing ceremony of league-play for the COVID-shortened season of the Bishop Broncos, 1st baseman, Ace Selters, made a special announcement.

Ace announced, to the cheers of fans, that he’s heading to UCLA  after graduation. Although he’s not part of the school’s baseball program . . .  yet . . .  Ace hopes to get a walk-on try-out once he settles in as a Bruin.

AM1230 KBOV’s play-by-play announcer, Rock Baker,  noted “Ace” is a great name for a baseball player.  Congratulations Ace.

The school, and fans, were just as proud of two other seniors. Pitcher Landon Kruse will be a Warrior at Indiana Tech. Catcher Breaden Gillem will become a Titan at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne, IN. Both boys will be playing in their school’s baseball program.

A great group of senior athletes! Bishop Proud!

The Broncos have two more non-league games remaining – Thursday, May 20 @ the Rosamond Roadrunners, and Tuesday, June 1 vs. the Boron Bobcats. The June 1 game will be broadcast live on AM 1230 KBOV. Game time 3:15 p.m.

(Photo Courtesy of Gary Young Photography)




Maybe the Bishop Bronco’s were a little complacent with the Mammoth Huskies. Mammoth came prepared for the Broncos and it was an actually great game with the Broncos pulling ahead for a 7-4 victory. Here is the game in pictures.

2-3 single and triple , 1 run scored




0-1, 1 run scored

1-4, single , 1 run scored

0-2, 1 run scored,pitched 2 1/4 inning, 2K no walks


2-3, singles and double, 1 run scored

1-3, double

1-2, double, 1 run scored pitched 7th inning , 1 Ks 0walks

2-2, 1single on base error, 1 run scored, 2 stolen bases on passed balls, pitched 3 3/4 inning , 5K , 3 walks

2-3, singles and double, 1 run scored

1-3, double

Broncos travel to Rosamond for an away game this Thursday 5/20.21 to take on the Rosamond Roadrunners.

Public Comment Re-Opened For Long Valley Mining Exploration

Due to public requests, the Inyo National Forest has extended the deadline for public comment on the scope of proposed exploration drilling project in Long Valley. Deadline for public comment has been extended to Thursday, May 13.

The Inyo National Forest is initiating the analysis process for the proposed Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project proposed by Kore USA Ltd. (Kore Mining). The project boundary area proposed for exploration is within a claim block controlled by Kore Mining and encompasses 230 acres approximately 6.2 miles east of the town of Mammoth Lakes and 45 miles north of Bishop.

The Forest Service is opening a scoping period to ask for your help in determining the scope of the analysis. Kore Mining proposes to conduct mineral exploration activities at the claim for a period of less than one year.

A total of fourteen pads measuring 30 feet by 50 feet (1500 square feet) each are proposed for construction within in the claim area. Up to three core borings would be drilled on each pad. The drill pads would also be utilized for staging all vehicles and equipment. Each pad would be surrounded by temporary fencing during the work.

You may submit comments on the project website or please contact Colleen Garcia, Minerals Program Manager, 351 Pacu Lane Suite 200 Bishop, CA 93514, or by email:, or (760) 920-0285 for questions about the project or scoping process,

Tioga Road Now Opened to Yosemite Gate, Ellery Lake Trout Await Anglers

Caltrans announced late Friday (4-30-21) that the Tioga Road gate at the Inyo National Forest’s Ranger Station in Lee Vining is now opened. The high mountain highway is cleared and safe, all the way to the top at the Yosemite entrance gate. Tioga Pass, into Yosemite National Park, is not opened and no expected date has been given.

Beaver’s Sporting Goods in Lee Vining has been stocking Ellery Lake for several years, and reports as of May 3, the lake has some open waters by the stream inlet, on the west side of the lake. The mostly ice-covered lake is expected to melt within a few weeks. Tioga Lake is frozen over. Saddlebag Lake Road has been plowed and is reportedly accessible, but icy as well.

Private trout plants in Ellery and Lee Vining Creek are organized  Wayne Beaver through fund raising efforts by most Lee Vining businesses, and the  Lee Vining Chamber of Commerce.

(Photos Courtesy of Nat’l Park Service & Beaver’s Sporting Goods)


Bronco Baseball is Back!

The Bronco Baseball team rolls on with a victory over the Rosamond Roadrunners today by a final score of 12-2 in 6 innings.

With Rock Baker and Ken Harrison calling the game on 1230 KBOV and Gary Young getting the pictures, we had all the base’s covered.

Bronco hitting was a little slow in the first three innings but the afterburners kicked in after that.

Hitting stats for the Bronco’s

1-3,double , 2 runs scored

3-4, 2 singles/1 double , 3run scored

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-2, triple and single , 3 run scored, 1 stolen base

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-3, double and triple 1 RBI, 1 runs scored, 2 stolen bases

2-3, single, 1 sac fly, 3RBIs


1-2 single

1-3; single 1  runs scored

And Pitching for your Bishop Bronco’s

Landon Kruse pitched 4 innings with 8Ks, 2 walks

Ace Seltzer final 2 innings , faced only 7 batters in 2 innings. 2Ks, I walk.

A GREAT team effort !!! Go BRONCOS!!!

The upcoming game against the Desert Scorpions has been cancelled, so the next game for the Bishop Bronco Varsity Baseball team will be Thursday, May 6th at Boron.