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Sadly, “Wolfie,” Gary Wolf OR-93’s Historic Journey Comes To An End

We at KIBS/KBOV are saddened to learn that unfortunately, on November 10, OR93 , the most southern-traveled gray wolf in California was found dead near Interstate 5 in Lebec, in Kern County.

We’ve been following the travels of the Southern Oregon-born wolf since his tracking collar reported him in northern Mono County on  February 25.  He then traveled through Yosemite.

By late March he was in Fresno County, and then entered San Benito County after crossing Highway 99 and Interstate 5. He was in Monterey County on April 1 and his last collar transmission was from San Luis Obispo County on April 5. Up until the loss of the collar signal, he had traveled 935 air miles – about 16 miles per day.

A few months ago he was spotted in Kern County, showing up at night on a rancher’s water trough camera.  Calif. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife tried to restart the collar’s tracking with flights over the area.

On the afternoon of November 10, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife received a phone call from a truck driver who witnessed a deceased wolf along a dirt trail near a frontage road running parallel to I-5.

A CDFW warden quickly responded to the scene.  Wolfie was quickly identified as OR93, because of his collar.

Following a full investigation CDFW determined the wolf died from trauma consistent with vehicular strike and does not suspect foul play.

The carcass was transported to the Wildlife Health Laboratory in Rancho Cordova where a complete necropsy was performed. The wolf had significant tissue trauma to the left rear leg and a dislocated knee, as well as soft tissue trauma to the abdomen. The injuries were deemed to be caused by a vehicle strike.

Native Gray wolves became extinct in California in 1922. CDFW reports that the wolf population continues to grow in California, coming from other states, and are known to travel and roam long distances, as Wolfie did.

Gray wolves are listed as endangered under California’s Endangered Species Act (CESA). It is unlawful to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap or capture gray wolves. Gray wolves pose very little safety risk to humans. Gray wolves are generally much bigger than coyotes, they can sometimes be misidentified. with coyotes and even large dogs.

“Wolfie, named by this reporter, against a CDFW recommendation of applying human characteristics to wild animals, just wanted to be free and run through the Golden State. We were honored to have watch your journey!


Three Vehicle Accident Closes Hwy. 395 for Six Hours

On Wednesday (11-24) in the late morning, a truck driver in a 2011 International semi-truck/trailer, loaded with cardboard, was traveling northbound along US-395 just south of Cactus Flats Road near Olancha, CA.

The semi truck was entering a construction zone when the truck driver failed to see northbound traffic was coming to a stop due to the road construction. The semi truck crashed into the back of a travel trailer and truck at approximately 50 MPH. The pickup and travel trailer were then pushed into the back of a Toyota SUV.

The pickup and travel trailer came to rest on the northbound shoulder of US-395, where it became fully engulfed in fire. The semi truck and trailer came to rest, blocking both the northbound and southbound lanes of US-395, where it became fully engulfed in fire.

A small brush fire resulted from the crash, which was extinguished by firefighter personnel. US-395 was closed to all traffic for an extended period of time due to the semi truck blocking all lanes of traffic.

All parties were able to exit their vehicles and only minor injuries were reported. This crash is still under investigation by Bishop CHP.

Personnel from CHP, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, CalFire, Caltrans, Olancha Volunteer Fire Department, and Lone Pine Volunteer Fire Department responded to the crash scene.

Due to the traffic back up, a subsequent two-car crash occurred around 2:30 p.m., which didn’t help the six hour slow moving traffic through the scene. One KIBS/KBOV listener reported it took them one hour to drive 10 miles approaching Olancha.

(Photos Courtesy of CHP – Bishop)

Mammoth Chamber Sides With Mono County Masking Requirement

In a 325 members-only survey, the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce asked area businesses two questions about COVID mandates. The final results are in!

 Question 1 asked should the Chamber, on behalf of its members, support or oppose the county’s mandatory masking for business customers? The response was 52% said support, 48% asked the chamber to oppose the mandate.

Question 2 asked about a potential proof of vaccination mandate that may be required by the state or county.  48.48% would support a requirement mandating business owner be required to check proof of vaccination of its customers. 51.52% would expect the Chamber to oppose such a mandate.

The end result . . . For now the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce will support the current County of Mono masking mandate for indoor businesses.

Congrats to Bronco Cross Country Team – Go On To State

Congratulations to Bronco sophomore Ashley Fitt for placing third out of 113 runners in the CIF Central Section Cross Country Championships Divisional IV race.
Ashley ran a Personal Record time of 20:01 over the 5000 Meter course.  Ashley’s third-place finish qualifies her to compete at the CIF State Championships on Saturday, November 27.
Congratulations to Diego Honda for his fifth-place finish out of 166 runners in the Division IV race in a Personal Record time of 16:44 over the 5000-meter course. Diego’s finish also qualifies him to run at the CIF State Championships.
The Boys team placed third in the Division IV race out of 22 teams. Kyle Schaniel placed 14 in a Personal Record time of 17:22,
Ezra Spoonhunter placed 27 in a Personal Record time of 18:05.
Alexander Adkins placed 31 in a time of 18:11,
Denzel Gomez placed 42 in a time of 19:05
Steven Veenker placed 67 in a PR time of 19:30.
The meet was held on Thursday, November 18 at Woodward Park in Fresno.
Coach Michael thanks the school and the community for support of  Bishop Union Cross-Country and all High School sports.
Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Fitt. Pictured Ashley Fitt (l) and Diego Honda (r)

Yard Sale For Claiborne Mitchell

The Independence Civic Club is hosting a yard sale for a beloved member of their community, Claiborne Mitchell. Claiborne passed away recently.

The Sunday, November 28 sale will be held at 225 N. Webster St. in Independence, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and will include furniture, clothes and kitchen items.

Claiborne was known for her vast community involvement, and her work here at KIBS/KBOV Radio. She is missed.


On “Giving Tuesday” Eastern Sierra Land Trust Matches Donations

It’s National Giving Tuesday, when we try to remember one of the reasons for the season – giving to others. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on Tuesday, November 30, ESLT has a benefactor that will match all donations giving to the ESLT on Giving Tuesday.

The ESLT shared how grateful they are to all the friends, members, and donators over the last 20 years, allowed them to save 20,000 acres of the Eastern Sierra.

Contact: ESLT.org


Owens Valley School District Approves Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Proclamation

On November 17, after two hours of public comment and discussion, the Owens Valley Unified School District Board of Directors approved – 4 to 1 –  a proclamation stating they will not enforce the state’s proposed mandatory Covid -19 vaccination for all students.

The Board’s Resolution proclaims that the OVUSD lacks the legal authority to mandate COVID 19 vaccinations for all students and staff.

The resolution flies in the face of defiance of Gov,. Newsom’s expected school mandate, which he announced on October 1, would become law either in January or July of 2022, which will requiring  all public and private school children be vaccinated.

But the Board also read to the public, the written advice from their attorney. If vaccinations become mandatory, the school district would have to enforce state law, or face possible penalties, reduced funding, even to shutting down the school. The four supporting board members were very clear, they will have to do what is required by a state mandate.

In essence, the board is firing the first shot, prior to the expected change in state law, to everyone who will receive the notice of Proclamation, from Govenor Newsom, to state  legislators, local leaders, and health officials.

Most members of the public that spoke on the Zoom meeting supported the Resolution. Howard, a former school principle, advised the Board to “Take a stand. Fight back,” advising in his former school district, the only way to change bad law was to challenge them in court.

Ginger, a parent, said, she expected the Board to fight for her child. “I’m the one that should decide for the health of my child, not the Board or the state of California.”

Eight teachers, representing the Owens Valley Teachers Assn., filed a letter in opposition to the Resolution, stating the staff should be assured a safe working environment.

Other school boards in the area continue to address this issue, with sometimes numerous parents and staff showing up at meetings, opposing mandated COVID vaccines.

Susceptible to Children Virus Going Through Mono County

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health advisory about an increase in Childhood Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in various parts of the country.

Unfortunately, an increase of RSV has been noticed in California and in Mono County.

Mono County Public Health urges parents to monitor for symptoms of RSV in their children. However, RSV is a common respiratory virus that can infect people of all ages. In fact, it is so common that most children have been infected with the virus by age two.

Most people, including infants, usually develop only mild symptoms similar to that of a common cold, with congestion, runny nose, and cough. But RSV can be severe, and even lifethreatening, which can lead to pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

The symptoms of RSV include, mild cold symptoms like congestion, runny nose, fever, cough, and sore throat. Very young infants may be irritable, fatigued and have breathing difficulties. Normally these symptoms will clear up on their own in a few days.

A barking or wheezing cough can be one of the first signs of a more serious illness. In these instances, the virus has spread to the lower respiratory tract, causing inflammation

For more information, questions, or concerns, please call Mono County Public Health at (760) 924-1830 or follow up with your pediatrician or medical provider.

BUSD Covid Policy Will Help Student-Athletes Play

This week, the BUSD School Board voted unanimously to adopt a “Test to Play” policy, allowing students and staff who have been identified as close contacts due to a school-based COVID exposure to continue to participate in extracurricular activities given that they are:
– Asymptomatic, and
– Testing [negative] twice-weekly during modified quarantine per CDPH guidelines or have proof of vaccination.
This policy will go into effect immediately in order to support students to stay engaged, connected, and playing alongside their teammates and peers.

Recently, we have experienced a decline in Covid infection active cases, (down 75% in last four weeks) compared to the spike in cases during the month of October.  Hopefully this trend continues and helps to alleviate the challenges that have been put upon schools to operate safely and smoothly.

Thank you to the students, staff, and our community as a whole for doing what it takes to make this possible; we know it hasn’t been easy.  We will continue to make decisions that support all students to be in class, learning and growing together.

Bear Walks Into Lake Tahoe 7 – Eleven

A bear opened a door to a 7-Eleven and walked right in — until the hand sanitizer got him.

In a social media video posting by Rachelle Ducusin, an employee at the 7-Eleven store in Olympic Valley, California (about 7 miles from Lake Tahoe) shows the bear open the door.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser went off as the bear’s nose triggered it, The bear didn’t seem fazed, and didn’t run away, even with the employee screaming and shouting.

Posted Comments: “He just wanted a Slurpee.”  “He wants a blue raspBEARy Slurpee,”  “At least he sanitized.”

Ducusin said the bear had charged her twice before, when she tried to keep it our of the garbage cans. 7-Eleven stated the bear probably just wanted a special treat from inside the store.

Emergency officials arrived and shot the bear with rubber bullets to make it go away,
In Mammoth Lakes, bears continue to be a problem . . . a people problem. Mammoths Lake Police Dept. report eight bear incidents in the last two weeks, including one dead bear obviously hit by a vehicle, and a bear on a second story balcony.

Congrats To Lone Pine High’s FFA Program

Lone Pine High School’s FFA chapter has been recognized by the National FFA.

The national program recognizes outstanding FFA chapters from throughout the country that actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization. These chapters improve chapter operations using FFA standards, and offering programs that emphasizes growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture. Chapters are also rewarded for providing educational experiences for the entire membership.

Only five chapters in California received the FFA’s highest “Three Star” – Lone Pine being one.

The group was recognized at the 94th National FFA Convention held on October 27-30. Lone Pine High School FFA members Kayla Daughtry, Brisa Gutierrez, Airam Avalos, Juanita Joseph, and Jessica Milsap attending the National Convention with Advisor Brenda Lacey. Juanita Joseph and Jessica Milsap where presented the award on stage at the second session of the Convention.

FFA chapters receive honors made possible by corporate sponsor John Deere.

(Photo Courtesy of Lone Pine FFA Advisor Brenda Lacey, along with a big round of applause to her and her program!)