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3rd District Supervisor Rick Pucci Not Running For Re-election

Inyo County 3rd District Supervisor Rick Pucci will not be running for re-election this year.  In an announcement to supporters and friends, Pucci said he announced early so that interested constituents and potential candidates could file for the upcoming June primary.

Pucci has served three terms as Supervisor.

Potential candidates may now pull nomination papers for state, county, and local offices in the June 7 primary,  from the County Registrar of Voters in Independence. The office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A complete candidate guide is also available online.

Deadline for declaring oneself self as a candidate is March 11. Use of a Nomination Signature Petition, instead of paying filing fees, is due by  February 9.


Auditions For Alice In Wonderland – Postponed Until Jan. 31

Originally scheduled for the MLK Holiday, on Monday, January 31st,  children from kindergarten to 8th grade are invited to audition for the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland.

Auditions will be held at 3:00 PM at the Home Street Middle School’s Multi-Purpose Room. Children who make it into the play then rehearse after school daily to perform the play for the community the following Saturday, January 22nd.

Rehearsals and the performance will be on public school grounds and masks will be worn at all times inside. Additionally, daily antigen tests may be required for participants. Let’s stay safe while having fun.

The Theater Group is very grateful to the Bishop Unified School District for funding this year’s production. For further information please contact Genevieve Woods at 760-258-6377.

CHP High Speed Chase – Gardnerville to Lee Vining

From Bridgeport CHP . . .

On January 11, 2022, at approximately 2:00 am, CHP Bridgeport was advised by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada of a vehicle failing to yield southbound US 395 south of Gardnerville, NV. CHP was advised the subject was throwing drugs out of the window.

At approximately 2:13 am the suspect vehicle crossed the California/Nevada state line on US 395 near Topaz, CA. A CHP unit attempted to stop the suspect vehicle by deploying a spike strip on southbound US 395 just north of SR 108 but was unsuccessful.

Douglas County Sheriff units and the CHP unit continued pursuing the suspect vehicle southbound US 395 through the town of Bridgeport and south towards Lee Vining. Speeds in the pursuit varied from 60-80 MPH.

Mono County Sheriff Deputies assisted in the pursuit south of Bridgeport and became the assisting units in the pursuit as Douglas County Deputies discontinued the pursuit.

At approximately 3:07 am, CHP successfully deployed the spike strip at US 395 and the Mono Inn (north of Lee Vining). The suspect vehicle continued for a short distance until its tires went flat.

Once the suspect’s vehicle came to a stop, the suspect (driver) jumped out of the vehicle and ran down an embankment towards Mono Lake. Mono County Deputies took foot chase after the suspect, where after a brief foot pursuit the Deputies were able to handcuff the suspect.

The suspect, 39-year-old Charles Evanson out of Vancouver, WA, was booked into Mono County Jail for: Felony evading, Delaying a peace officer, and a DUI of drugs.

Inyo & Mono County’s State Senator Not Running For Re-election

Inyo and Mono County’s State Senator for the 8th District, Andreas Borgeas, (R Fresno) has announced he will not run for re-election in this June’s statewide primary election.

The former Fresno City Councilman and Member of the Fresno County Board of  Supervisors was elected to the State Senate in 2018.

“It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve the nearly one million residents in the eleven counties of the 8th Senate District. Our team is beyond proud of what we have been able to achieve legislative and politically in Sacramento,” stated Borgeas.

“Anna and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to our family, friends, and everyone who has supported my tenure in public service. I look forward to remaining politically engaged and keeping up the good fight for our community in a future capacity,” He added.

After incumbent Congressman Devin Nunes announced that he would resign from California’s 8th congressional district to become CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group, Borgeas formed an exploratory committee to consider a campaign for the seat. On January 6, 2022, Borgeas announced that he was suspending his campaign for Congress.

Borgeas is known to be heavily involved in Fresno’s Greek and Armenian communities.

Due to redistricting, after the June and November election, Inyo and Mono Counties will now be in the 4th State Senate District, currently represented by long-term Senator Jim Nielson (R- Red Bluff). It is undisclosed if Senator Nielson will run for re-election.

Stay tuned to KIBS/KBOV News for the latest up-to-date on who’s running – who’s not in the 2022 Election Season.

Mammoth Snowboarder Makes U.S. Olympic Team

Congratulations to Mammoth-based snowboarder Dusty Henrickson for making Team USA on the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle and Big Air Teams.

Announced at the conclusion of last weekend’s Toyota U.S. Grand Prix held in Mammoth, Henrickson will join 2018 Olympian Chris Corning and reigning Gold Medalist Red Gerard on the specialized team.

More team placements for skiing and snowboarding will be announced by the end of January, stated Team USA officials at the end of the Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, fan-favorite and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn White, did not make the 2022 team. He pulled out of the competition due to an injury during a training session.  White had indicated previously this would be his last Olympic participation, should he have made the team.




Grants Available to Reduce Local Air Pollution

The County of Inyo has announced a total of $1.4 million is available in grants to individuals, groups, non-profits, and governmental agencies interested in creating and completing projects to reduce local air pollution.

The County is seeking applications for projects that directly or indirectly reduce air pollution within the Owens Valley Planning Area, a swath of land from north of Aberdeen, south past Olancha.

Projects must be able to be completed by June  2025.

To answer questions and help applicants prepare competitive proposals, Inyo County is holding two virtual workshops on Thursday, January 20 at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Known as the “CAPPII” program, check the county website for a link to the workshop. Questions may also be directed to InyoCAPPII@inyocounty.us.

Project applications will be accepted up to March 31, 2022.

CAPP funding was a result of a 2011 Abatement Order issued to the LADWP by the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District. The order stipulated that LADWP implement additional dust controls at Owens Lake and pay an excess
emission offset amount of $6.5 million – 85% of which was to go into a special fund for use on clean-air projects in Inyo, Mono, and Alpine counties, with special preference given to the Owens Valley Planning Area.


Red-Tailed Hawk Shot With Arrow

About a month ago, Wildcare Eastern Sierra staff received an urgent emergency call. Dave, an Edison workman, reported a hawk in the field west of the Bishop Golf Course. The large bird of prey had a long black arrow penetrating the lower part of its body.

About 15 minutes later, staff arrived at the caller’s location. Several concerned people had congregated. 

The Red-tailed Hawk was spotted first in the field close to Sunland Road, then flutter-flew across the cropped alfalfa and over a shallow ditch into a thick cluster of trees. Wildcare assessed the situation: the bird was tangled in lower tree limbs by the protruding arrow ends; the ditch was a foot or more deep in water; the far bank was steep and muddy.

The bird’s location was blocked by barbed wire. Dave cut the wire along the road and Danielle pushed through the branches to the bird. Using a special cutting tool, Dave shortened the arrow ends so she was able to get through the tangle and fit the patient into a cage.

At the Center, the highly-stressed hawk was given time to relax; then the exam began.

Luckily, the arrow point was for shooting, not hunting. It first penetrated the hawk’s thigh muscle from the outside, passing through the skin, then muscle and exiting the skin on the other side of the thigh. The impact fractured the femur. 

Staff didn’t know whether blood might spurt or heart or lungs might fail. Thankfully, no such symptoms appeared. 

In the morning he was standing and alert! Hydration, pain control, thigh fracture immobilization were next. In the next day or so, it became apparent that his digestive and urogenital systems were functioning normally and soft foods were added to his treatment.

Almost fully recovered, the Red-tail will soon be able to be released back into the wild. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife took possession of the arrow and have opened an investigation into its origin. 

Please join KIBS/KBOV in turning your CA CRV cans and bottles in the recycling redemption center at Manor Market, earmarked for Wildcare Eastern Sierra. 

Mono County COVID Community Meeting

It’s been a tough start to 2022 for Mono County residents – Most COVID-infected county in California, Mammoth schools closed for three weeks, National Gaurd called in to help with testing, increased testing hours and locations.

To help recieve correct information, residents may join representatives from the Emergency Operations Center, Mono County Health Officer, Dr. Caryn Slack, Mammoth Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Wildman, and Dr. Craig Burrows, Chief Medical Officer, Mammoth Hospital for a  bilingual community conversation.

Topics include:

– We’re All in this Together!

– Case Statistics Update

– MUSD Temporary In-Person Instruction Closure

– COVID-19 Testing Update

– Q&A

The meeting this Thursday, January 13, begins at 5:30 p.m. in English, with a Spanish translation option.  The meeting will also be streaming LIVE on the Mono County Health Department Facebook page.

Meeting Details: https://coronavirus.monocounty.ca.gov/pages/alerts#cc

Election Season Has Begun – Sheriff Braun Goes First

(STORY UPDATED 1-13 @ 10:00 a.m.)  Inyo and Mono County’s State Senator (8th District) Andreas Borgeas has announced he will not run for re-election this June.

– – – – – – – – –

It’s that time of year again – the 2022 Election Season opened on January 3.

Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun is the first to throw her hat into the ring, with re-election ads already appearing in local media this week.

Potential candidates have until March 11 to declare they are running, including incumbents. Candidates are now able to take out petitions to start gathering nomination signatures.  (Using a nomination petition reduces filing fees for candidates – which is 1% of an elected position’s salary, without signatures)

Candidates for Congress, State Senate and Assembly, and County Supervisors will have to wait until later for new redistricting maps to be finalized as some district boundaries may change

Besides Senator Diane Feinstein having to decide to seek an additional term, 11 Inyo County offices are up for grabs in the June Primary; County Supervisors – 1st District (currently held by Dan Totheroh), and 3rd District (Rick Pucci), Superintendent of Schools (Barry Simpson), Assessor (Dave Stottlemeyer), Auditor (Amy Shepard), Clerk-Recorder (Danielle Sexton), Coroner (Jason Molinar), District Attorney (Tom Hardy), Public Administrator (Patricia Barton), Sheriff,   Treasurer/Tax Collector (Alisha McMurtrie)

As happens often in some of the smaller local races, even if no one runs against the incumbents it’s not an automatic new term. Solo candidates’ names will still appear on the June ballot.

Special Districts, School Boards, and City Council elections are held in the state-wide general election in November 2022.

As with the 2020 General Election, every registered voter will receive a mail-in ballot. Live voter polls will also be open on Primary Election Day, June  7.

Both Inyo and Mono County’s Registrar of Voters are ready to help any interested candidate to file out paperwork and guide them through the filing and election process.

National Guard Ordered to Mammoth – Schools Shut Down

Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered National Guard troops to Mammoth Lakes to help out with COVID testing, due to a rapid increase in positive cases. Mono County has become the number one (per capita) most infected county in California.

On Monday (1-10)  Dr. Caryn Slack, Mono County Health Officer, ordered the temporary closure of in-person instruction and indoor activities within the Mammoth Unified School District – Mammoth High School, Mammoth Middle School, Mammoth Elementary School, Sierra High School, Husky Club, Mono County Office of Education’s Inclusive Preschool, and Inyo-Mono Advocates for Community Action Mammoth Head Start Preschool.

This closure is in response to a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases and the resulting impacts on staffing and resources upon local schools. Instruction and indoor activities may resume on Monday, January 28.

Last week, approximately 23% of students and 19% of staff were unable to be physically present within MUSD.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented number of cases in
Mono County, and with the high volume of students and staff who have been exposed to or infected with COVID-19, and the lack of staff now available to ensure compliance with Mono County Health Department,” stated Dr. Slack.

The Order does not apply to school-related activities that are conducted outdoors.

The National Gaurd is in town to aid OptumServe health care COVID testers with checking in individuals, and filling in when needed, as more staff currently needs to be hired.

The Gaurd will also provide increased security as several test sites around California, health care workers have faced violence.

OptumServe offers testing most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11 am – 7 pm in Mammoth Lakes at the Sierra Star Golf Course Club House.

Mono County COVID-19 testing schedule for January can be accessed here:

Listen to KIBS/KBOV News for updates on Mono County testing sites throughout the county.

Dispersed Camping Collaborative Recognized

Perhaps it was the slogan “Poo Like A Pro” that garnered the attention of the U.S. Forest Service in their recent award to the Eastern Sierra Dispersed Camping Collaborative.
The effort to reduce trash,  environmental damage, and sustainability to be caused by an expected invasion of visitors from the city and suburban areas – folks wanting to escape COVID restrictions and shutdowns, created the Eastern Sierra Dispersed Camping Collaboration.
A multi-platform campaign of County, Forest Service, and LADWP, officials,  entitled  Camp Like A Pro, was recognized by the Regional Forester and Research Station 2021 Director Honor Awards.
The program was nominated for the Collaborative addressing sustainability issues of widespread dispersed camping over the summer and early fall..  The initiative focused on education, implementation, stewardship, and infrastructure.
A map tool was developed showing where it is legal to disperse camp, along with the public information on the do’s and dont’s of dispersed camping. And . . . of course, the reminder to learn how to “Poo Like A Pro.”


Dodgers’ 40-Man Roster Predictions

With the New Year and a fair amount of change already having taken place, it’s a good time to take a look at where the Dodgers 40-man roster stands as of early January. – Remembering pitchers and catchers show up for Arizona spring training in just seven weeks. 

First, let’s look at who’s missing from last year’s team.


  • Scott Alexander (DFA)
  • Andy Burns (Outrighted)
  • Danny Duffy (Free agent)
  • Joe Kelly (Free agent)
  • Kenley Jansen (Free agent)
  • Clayton Kershaw (Free agent)
  • Corey Knebel (Signed 1 year deal with PHI)
  • Sheldon Neuse (DFA)
  • Jimmy Nelson (Free agent)
  • Billy McKinney (Traded)
  • Albert Pujols (Free agent)
  • Zach Reks (Traded)
  • Max Scherzer (Signed 3-year deal with NYM)
  • Corey Seager (Signed 10-year deal with TEX)
  • Jimmy Sherfy (Outrighted)
  • Steven Souza (Free agent)

Additions This Winter

  • Andrew Heaney (1-year deal)
  • Daniel Hudson (1-year deal)
  • Jorbit Vivas (Rule 5 protection)
  • James Outman (Rule 5 protection)
  • Eddys Leonard (Rule 5 protection)
  • Jacob Amaya (Rule 5 protection)
  • Michael Grove (Rule 5 protection)

40-Man Roster As It Stands Now

  • Trevor Bauer
  • Phil Bickford
  • Justin Bruihl
  • Walker Buehler
  • Garrett Cleavinger
  • Caleb Ferguson
  • Tony Gonsolin
  • Victor Gonzalez
  • Brusdar Graterol
  • Michael Grove
  • Andrew Heaney
  • Daniel Hudson
  • Andre Jackson
  • Tommy Kahnle
  • Dustin May
  • Darien Nunez
  • Evan Phillips
  • David Price
  • Blake Treinen
  • Julio Urias
  • Alex Vesia
  • Mitch White


  • Austin Barnes
  • Will Smith


  • Jacob Amaya
  • Matt Beaty
  • Eddys Leonard
  • Gavin Lux
  • Max Muncy
  • Edwin Rios
  • Trea Turner
  • Justin Turner
  • Jorbit Vivas


Will this be the final roster by opening day? Absolutely not. With the MLB lockout in place, transactions are, of course, frozen. Once teams can get back to work, it’s easy to assume the Dodgers try to add a starting pitcher or two before or into spring training.

This very much changes depending on how the league and the team handle Trevor Bauer’s legal situation. He currently remains under investigation for allegations of sexual assault.

Projected Lineup

  1. Mookie Betts (RF)
  2. Max Muncy (1B)
  3. Trea Turner (SS)
  4. Will Smith (C)
  5. Justin Turner (3B)
  6. Cody Bellinger (CF)
  7. AJ Pollock (DH)
  8. Chris Taylor (LF)
  9. Gavin Lux (2B)

Edited  From DodgerNation – the leading fan site for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Join us LIVE on KBOV AM1320 – The Eastern Sierra’s Voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the last 35 years.  Each game – home and away with the Dodgers on Deck pre-game show, followed the greatest baseball broadcasters in the Major League.