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Bishop Co-Ed Adult Soccer Leagues Forming

The City of Bishop will be hosting their 2021 co-ed adult soccer league. This year’s registration will be a little different than the past.

Everyone who is intending to play must register on the City of Bishop website by August 29th. The teams will be generated from the list of registered players. Players may request a buddy preference during the registration process.

For addition information please go to the City of Bishop Sportsites registration page, or call Waylon Cleland, 760-873-5863.

Own a Piece of Goldfield, NV

The County of Esmerelda, Nevada is auctioning off 27 parcels, three mining claims, three former fire trucks, and an ambulance. All located in Goldfield, the auction will take place live, behind the Esmerelda County Courthouse on  August 7 at 1:00 p.m.

Bidders must pre-register for a fee of $25., which includes a bidder number, parcel  maps, and parcel descriptions. Minimum bids for  parcels have been established, ranging from $1,000 to $8,000. Most  are vacant properties and have been liened by the county for delinquent property taxes, to be sold to the highest bidder.

For more information, contact the county treasurer’s office. 775-485-6309

(PHOTO – The International Car Forest in Goldfield, NV is not one of the properties up for auction.)


LADWP Award Five Skilled Labor Scholarships to Recent Graduates

LADWP has announced they were honored to award five, $1,000 scholarships to recent Owens Valley high school graduates.

The main goal of the scholarships is to help bridge the gap in the area of technical trades skills and encourage the next generation to pursue careers in skilled labor trades like utility workers, woodworking, auto mechanics, and IT.

Congrats to Bishop Union High School grads Wyatt Reedy, Braeden Gillem, and Garrert Wilkinson. Also to Miguel Santana of Palisade Glacier High School, and Delaney Perpall from Owens Vally High School.

Mammoth Chamber Members Gather For First Time in 16 Months

The Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce held their first public gathering yesterday (7-27) since Covid began.  The well-attended “Business After Hours” mixer was hosted at the historic Hayden Cabin at the Mammoth Museum. Along with the incredible food and drinks, Covid  frustrations could be worked out with an ax-throwing instructor.

KIBS/KBOV Radio is a member of the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce and appreciate all they do for the Mammoth business community.

MAIN PHOTO:  KIBS’ News & Sports Director Ken Harrison, along with KIBS’ Account Executive Sonya Hernandez, learn all about the 12-year old Mammoth business, Black Tie Ski’s, with owners Collin, Brittney, and 3-month old Bennett.

Suspect Arrested, Charges Filed, Bodycam Video Released (Updated 7-27)

(UPDATED 7-27-21 @ 8 a.m.)   Inyo County Sheriff’s Office released the two involved deputy’s bodycams video, this before the investigation is complete and the facts are fully known. The video can be viewed on YouTube here. (WARNING – VIDEO IS GRAPHIC  – NOT FOR CHILDREN)

Or . . . . 

ICSO also announced the charges that have been filed against the suspect: Obstruction/Resisting Officers , Threatening Criminal Intent, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Violation of Parole – all are felonies, an additional misdemeanor of Battery on a Police Officer.

On Saturday, July 24, shortly after 2:00 a.m. Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic violence restraining order violation on Tu Su Lane.  Upon arrival of the deputies, neither the reporting party nor the suspect could be located.
While looking in the area, the deputies noticed a male subject across the street at the Chevron station, which was closed; the subject was agitated and yelling.

When the first deputy contacted the subject  – identified as 32 year George Barlow III, of BIshop, Barlow asked, “Can I kill you too?”

George Barlow III, from Go Fund Me
Barlow then charged the deputy with his pit bull closely behind him.  The deputy continually ordered Barlow to stop charging.  When Barlow came within 10 feet, the deputy deployed his Taser.  Due to the heavy clothing Barlow was wearing, the Taser had no effect on Barlow.  Barlow removed his heavy sweater.

A second deputy responded to the gas station Chevron after Barlow refused to follow commands. He deployed his Taser, striking Barlow in the upper abdomen.  This caused Barlow to fall to the ground.  Before the deputies were able to handcuff him, Barlow sat up and removed the Taser darts.

Deputies transitioned to a baton and after striking him, Barlow grabbed the baton and attempted to get it away from the deputy.

During the incident, Barlow commanded his dog to attack the deputies.  Both deputies received dog bites before a deputy was able to shoot the dog.  Barlow was pepper sprayed which caused him to release his grasp on the baton and charge at the deputies.

Verbal commands were continued to be given to Barlow which he ignored, crossing the street into an apartment complex.  The Sheriff’s Office deployed its canine, which was able to subdue Barlow until an additional officer from the Bishop Police Department arrived. They were able to handcuff Barlow.  Deputies immediately provided medical aid until an ambulance responded to medically clear Barlow before transport.

Barlow was transported to a hospital outside of the area, where reportedly he is on life support. He has yet to be charged with a potential of numerous crime including attempted murder of a police officer which could carry a life sentence without parole.

The ICSO has not confirmed if the initial call’s address had anything to do with Barlow. (ED. NOTE – The above was confirmed on 7-28 – the initial call had nothing to do with the arrestee, nor did the address of the call. A deputy was unable to located the reporting party at a specific address near Highway 395 on Tu Su Lane, regarding a domestic restraining order violation, requesting an officer. When the deputy could not find the reporting party, he then heard the suspect yelling across the street at the closed gas station.)   

The Sheriff’s Office has seen, and is reviewing the social media videos capturing this incident. After a thorough investigation of this incident, it will be referred to the District Attorney for review. The public is encouraged to contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office if you have any additional information.
  • Edited from an INSO Press Release, and other sources including eyewitness reports and videos posted on Facebook.


Changes at Museum of Western Film

KIBS/KBOV News received confirmation yesterday that two major positions will be changing at the Museum of Western Film in Lone Pine.

Shawn Lum, the Director of the Museum, has resigned, effective August 15,  to take the open position as Director of the Eastern California Museum in Independence. That position was vacated with the retirement of long-time director Jon Klusmire. Shawn served the Museum for the last three years.

Chris Langley, the Inyo County Film Commissioner, is one of the founders of the Museum and now serves as its president. He announced his retirement to coincide with Shawn leaving. Chris said he will still be involved, spending time doing research and writing on the film industry in the west, which is what he enjoys doing.

The 31st Annual Lone Pine Film Festival will take place October 7 -10, 2021. Tickets for the panels and tours are on sale now at

A Great Group of Inyo County Guys

The Eastern California Museum received its largest donation of the year so far on Wednesday when members of the Inyo County Road Department delivered a huge slab of the historic Roosevelt Tree.
The historical tree stood for over 100 years at the intersection of U.S. 395 and Highway 168 East, at the Veteran’s Flag Monument.
At 14 inches thick and over four feet in diameter, the substantial cross section required a backhoe to maneuver into place near the south entrance of the museum.
Museum staff would like to express their deep gratitude to Inyo County Road Department members Dale Renfro, Herb Dyer, Norm Kane, John Kinney, and Brandon Nelson for their hard work in transporting the slab.  And to the Big Pine Civic Club for their generosity in ensuring this piece of Owens Valley history is preserved.
Previous stories on KIBS/KBOV followed the multi-year attempts to save the tree, its ultimate death and removal, and the replacement of three trees representative of the area, for generations to come.

Inyo County CAO Clint Quilter Passes

It is with great sadness that Inyo County announces the passing of its County Administrative Officer Clint Quilter on July 20, 2021, when cancer took him way too soon.

Quilter was first hired by Inyo County as its Public Works director in 2013 and became CAO in November, 2018, when, after a nationwide search, the board of supervisors unanimously agreed that Quilter was a perfect fit for the job. Previously he worked for the city of Hollister where he started in 1993 as an assistant engineer and worked his way up to city manager, a position Quilter held for almost 10 years.

His experience with leading many large, complicated projects during his tenure at Hollister made him an extremely valuable asset to the Inyo County community. While in Hollister, not only did he lead the construction of a multi-billion dollar wastewater treatment plant, he balanced the budget during the worst of the recession while still improving services and parks for the city.

During his time with Inyo County, Quilter led or was a key player in many successful projects. As Public Works director, he was instrumental in implementing critical improvements to county infrastructure, served on the team that helped draft Inyo County’s historic cannabis regulations in the face of mounting voter pressure, and proved an invaluable leader during times of emergency, including during the historic runoff of 2017 that damaged several county roads.

Quilter also worked diligently on the consolidated office building, carrying the massive undertaking across the goal line earlier this year. Perhaps Quilter’s favorite project was the Eastern Sierra Regional Airport, which is scheduled to open to commercial air service in December. While he didn’t get to see the project completed, his expert mentorship and ability to transfer his wealth of knowledge to those around him will ensure its success.

Quilter performed this work with humility, integrity and a dedication to public service that will continue to inspire the Inyo County family long into the future.

Quilter was a steward of the public dollar, always remembering that he worked for the public and was paid with taxpayer dollars. He was a man who took time to meet with every new employee to share his vision of public service and integrity (and to tell a few stories about his father, who was his role model).


He was also an exceptional leader, able to listen to views on all sides and assess the big picture. He could offer quick and solid solutions during intense anxiety, high emotions and conflicting priorities. Quilter’s even-mannered approach to controversial issues engendered the respect of his employees, the public, board members, and community partners. When Quilter spoke, people listened, and when people spoke to Quilter, they knew they had his full attention and consideration.

He was a trusted and steady source of support, encouragement, counsel, problem-solving, and camaraderie. Quilter was an active member of the community and he loved coaching the Lone Pine Lady Eagles basketball team. He also was a frequent guest at another favorite project of his, the Lone Pine dog park.

The entire Inyo County family mourns the loss of Quilter and sends its sympathies to his family and all those who knew him.

If you would like to make a gift in Quilter’s honor, his family recommends donating to the Lone Pine Lady Eagles or contributing to a shade tree and memorial bench at the dog park.

– Issued From Inyo County 

Hillside Lets Go

Around 2:15 p.m. Monday (7-19-21) CHP received a call for help up on Highway 168 just west of Aspendell. After heavy rains the night before, three spots on the steep hillside let go, covering the highway with up to two feet of mud and rocks.

The slides were about 1/4 mile apart. Two cars were stranded between the slides and were able to walk out safety. No one was injured in the incident. Several anglers and hikers were stranded for the time driving down from South Lake and Sabrina, unable to proceed down the road.  No rescues were required.

Caltrans got the highway re-opened by sundown.  Engineers know that area of the highway will be a challenge. In July of 2018, another rockslide occurred in the same area,  blocking access for days.


Bishop Little League All Stars Take Title

Bishop Juniors All-Stars took the title of “champs” of the District 51 Little League play-off tournament, held in Bishop over the last week.

The final winning game was held on Wednesday (7-14-21) at the Bishop City Park field #4, defeating the California City All Stars –  12 to 7. 

The Bishop Team heads to Santa Anita on Saturday (7-17-21) to play in the Section 2 Junior Little League All Stars Tourney.

The All-Star team manager is Matt Kemp, All-Star Coaches are Richard Dondero and Josh Nicholson.

Team members are; Joseph Bacoch, Travis Cano, Jesiah Dondero, Elliot Douda, Blake Fimbres, Aiden Frechette, Will Kemp, Rueben Nicholson, Sage Otto-Conners, Elijah Reynolds, Carlos Sualez, Richie Talavera, Mike Trejo
Congrats Boys!
Photo Courtesy of League President Jamery Ray   

Missing Hiker in The Whites Found

UPDATE: FOUND ON SATURDAY 7-17 By Nye County Search and Rescue. Very dehydrated with cuts and scrapes but he will be fine, according to his daughter, who gave KIBS/KBOV an exclusive interview (aired on Monday, 7-19 on our 12 Noon and 5 PM newscast.)

Missing climber alert for Ron Bolan, who was last seen at the summit of Boundary Peak in the White Mountain Wilderness & Inyo National Forest. Last known location was on the “Trail Canyon” Trail.

His last communication was his posted selfie taken at 1:38 PM Tuesday (7/13/2021) – a picture of himself on the peak, and what he was wearing at the time.

If seen, please contact the Esmerelda County, NV sheriff’s office at 775-485-6393.

The Sheriff’s Dept. confirmed, as of 8:00 AM today (7/15/21), the search is still ongoing.


Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Almost one week later, the earthquake swarm continues after last Thursday’s (7-8-21) 6.0 centered in Walker, but not as intense.

Over the weekend, a larger area of California and Nevada received almost 100 shakers, most under 3.0. The quake swarm ranged from Dardanelle – north of Sonora in Tuolumne County, up to Markleeville in Alpine County, east through Walker, and out east to Smith Vally, NV.

No damage has been reported in the recent swarm of quakes.

One of our listeners, Rhonda, from Bishop, was the 2nd car heading south on Highway 395 into Walker Canyon as the 6.0 hit.  She said she thought, at first, something was wrong with her car, until she saw the large boulders resting in the roadway.

“The shaking lasted about 20 seconds,” said Rhonda, in an exclusive interview on KIBS/KBOV.


“If one of those boulders had hit a car, it would have been disastrous,” said Rhonda. She continue slowly down Highway 395 through Walker Canyon, negotiating around the fallen boulders. It was about seven or eight minutes before she saw an emergency response vehicle .

Rhonda was the 2nd person to call 911 right  after the shaking stopped. She was advised to let 911 know if their were any injuries.

Since Rhonda’s background is in nursing, after regaining her composure, she was ready to render aid to any other motorist stranded on the highway. Fortunately her services was not needed.

When she finally left the canyon, about 30 cars and trucks were pulled over to the northbound side of the road, not willing to enter the canyon highway. CHP had the road closed northbound in Bridgeport.

(Photos Courtesy of KIBS listener, Rhonda, of Bishop)