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Bronco Baseball Season Ends

Round one of the CIF D4 playoffs did not go as planned for the Bishop Broncos losing to Garces Memorial by a final score of 8-2.

Garces Memorial, which played in a higher division during league play was dropped down to Division 4 for the playoffs while Bishop was moved up to D4 because of their excellent record during league play.  These kind of things just do not make sense except for the higher-ups in the Central Section CIF office.


Senior Bronco players playing their last game were Acie Valdivia, Jake Frigerio, Kennedy Batchelder and Hector Martinez.

Frigerio had a hot bat and stole 4 bases during the game but the Bronco bats were having a hard time getting the runners in scoring position to come home due to the good pitching by Garces Memorial.

Albert Cano went 1 for 3 and scored 1 run

Riley Eropkin was 1 for 3

Jake Frigerio was 2 for 3 with 1 run scored

Kennedy Batchelder was 1 for 3 batting

Garces pitching held the Broncos to just 5 hits.

Great season for the Bishop Bronco Baseball team but we are left with a sour taste in our mouth by the selection committee in the Central Section CIF.

Big shout out to the Bronco coaching staff for doing an outstanding job all season. Linda Frigerio, Steve Omohundro, Andy Gillem, Chuck Goede and JJ Cervantes.

Photos by Gary Young



After dropping 29 runs on Lone Pine last week the Bishop Boys Varsity Team stayed hot and downed Frazier 26-4.

Acie Valdivia got the start on the mound for the Broncos and pitched 3.1 solid innings after giving up 2 runs in the top of the first inning. After that, Acie was on his game and the team gave him a ton of run support scoring 13 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning.

Reece Dondero

Reece Dondero was the RBI leader of the game with 5 on 4 hits.

Jake Frigerio


Albert Cano

Jake Frigerio scored 4 runs with 2 hits and 2 RBI’s

Jake Frigerio

Riley Eropkin scored 4 runs on 2 hits and 4 RBI’s

Riley Eropkin

Acie Valdivia scored twice, had 2 hits with 1 RBI

Acie Valdivia

Reece Dondero scored three times with 4 hits and 5 RBI’s

Reece Dondero

Albert Cano scored twice, 3 hits and 4 RBI’s

Albert Cano

Cain Omohundro scored 4 times on 2 hits with 4 RBI’s

Cain Omohundro

Caleb Gillem 3 runs 3 hits with 2 RBI’s

Caleb Gillem

Kennedy Batchelder 2 runs on 2 hits with 2 RBI’s

Kennedy Batchelder


Next up in the Mammoth Huskies on Friday. We will see if the Huskies can slow down the Bronco Baseball hitting machine.

Photos by Gary Young Photography.




The Bishop Broncos traveled to Kern Valley Friday night and completely dominated the Kern Valley Broncs with the final score 54-0.

The first half was one of the strangest we have seen. The Kern Valley Broncs were doing their best to cheap shot the Broncos, to throw them off their game and it seemed to be working for a while. There were multiple personal fouls on both sides. There was one KV player finally ejected for collecting a few personal fouls by himself. It looked like it took the Bishop boys a ton of self restraint to not let the foul play of KV to get the best of them. The Broncos went into halftime with a 18-0 lead.

Then the second half started.

Coach Palu and the staff made sure their team knew that these cheap tactics would not work and the Broncos responded with one of the best defensive effort of the season. Kern Valleys offense never got going…all game!

The entire Bishop defense was on point. 7 sacks and 2 interceptions for the Bronco defense. The defensive line dominated KV all night. Cheap shots and hostile territory didn’t faze these boys. KV never had good field position during the entire game with many drives going backwards. That would allow the Bishop offense some of the best field position all year.

Senior QB Jakob Redmond was solid completing 15 of 20 passes for 322 yards with 5 touchdowns. Kruger, Frigerio (2), Omohundro and Arndal all catching TD’s from Redmond. Bishop Broncos and an excellent passing game just sounds so strange! Years of just pounding the football is what Bishop does and now they have both passing and running.

It’s a great day to be a Bronco fan!!!

Bronco stats at Maxpreps!!

Next up, Rosamond comes to Bishop for Homecoming

Friday, October 22nd at 7pm.


Photos courtesy of Gary Young Photography


Recap by Bradford Evans

Photos by Gary Young

After nearly two years of no high school football in Bishop, the Broncos took the field against a familiar foe. The Lindsay Cardinals arrived in the Eastern Sierra looking for revenge after losing 22-16 in the CIF Central Section Division 6 semifinals in 2019.

A few days before the game, sixth year head coach, Arnie Palu reflected back on the semifinal game against the Cardinals saying, “That semifinal game against Lindsay was without a doubt the toughest game we had in 2019. However, we made necessary adjustments after falling down at the half and we were able to come away with a victory.”

However, the Broncos didn’t have much trouble this time around against Lindsay. From the start, Bishop was able to establish the run and scored on their first drive of the season. Senior running back, Zach Mojarro was the star of the night and got his first touchdown after he ran the ball to the outside for a five-yard touchdown.

The Broncos took the lead 6-0 and then missed the point after attempt.


Turnovers were a big problem for both teams on the night, but more so for Lindsay, who gave the ball away seven times on the night. The first turnover came when the snap went over the head of Cardinals quarterback, Samual Reyes. Bishop recovered the ball and picked up where they left off with another Zach Mojarro run to the outside. Bishop led 13-0 after the first quarter.

The Broncos weren’t as dominant in the second quarter, but still were able to score another touchdown thanks to another Mojarro run. Bishop took a 19-0 lead going into the half.


Bishop struggled at the beginning of the second half. They turned the ball over multiple times during the first portion of the second half. By the midway point of the third quarter, the Cardinals were able to pull within three points after senior quarterback, Jakob Redmond threw a pick six to Lindsay safety, Leonardo Duran. The score was 19-16 and the home crowd began to get a little bit nervous. However, Bishop responded well and fed their star running back, Zach Mojarro who was able to cruise up field for another touchdown to give the Broncos a bit of breathing room. The score after the touchdown was 25-16.

Bishop took over in the fourth quarter and dominated the rest of the affair. Zach Mojarro got two more touchdowns and Jakob Redmond scored off of a quarterback keeper. Mojarro’s second touchdown of the fourth quarter came late when Redmond found the running back unmarked on the far side of the endzone for a twenty-yard receiving touchdown.

Overall, it was a solid performance for the Broncos. Jakob Redmond was able to make some good plays with his feet, while Zach Mojarro was electric the entire night and is essentially the reason why the Broncos won the game on Friday. Other players who stood out included Cain Omohundro, who was able to make a few good plays both defensively and offensively. The star of the night on defense was defensive lineman Reese Dondero, who plugged up the middle of the trenches and did an effective job of generating pressure.

Individual stats for the Broncos


Team Totals 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6
Team Totals 9 24 99 .375 11.0 2 2 23 43.6


# Athlete Name Car Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 41 384 9.4 57 5
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 9 104 11.6 27
2 Cheveyo Marquez (Jr) 2 0 0.0 1
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 1 1 1.0 1
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 21 223 10.6 57 4
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 9 9.0 9
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 3 31 10.3 24 1
31 K. Batchelder (Sr) 4 16 4.0 8


# Athlete Name Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 9 99 11.0 23 2
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 2 7 3.5 7
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 1 10 10.0 10
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 3 54 18.0 23 2
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 7 7.0 7
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 2 21 10.5 14

Total Yards

# Athlete Name Pass Rush Rec Total
Team Totals 99 384 99 483
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 99 104 203
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 1 7 8
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 10 10
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 223 54 277
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 9 7 16
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 31 21 52
31 K. atchelder (Sr) 16  



# Athlete Name Solo Asst Tot Tckls TFL
Team Totals 38 22 60 7.0
1 Jakob Redmond (Sr) 2 2
2 Cheveyo Marquez (Jr) 1 1
3 Hector Martinez (Sr) 1 1
7 W. Rost kruger (Sr) 2 2
8 Tristan Cooper (Sr) 1 1 2
11 Carson Schmidt (Jr) 6 6
17 Austin Van nest (Sr) 1 2 3
22 Zach Mojarro (Sr) 2 2 1.0
23 Isaac Reno (Jr) 1 1 2
24 Cain Omohundro (Jr) 2 3 5 1.0
31 K. Batchelder (Sr) 4 5 9
33 Aden Arndal (Jr) 1 1
42 Colt Matteson (Sr) 3 2 5 1.0
50 Kaelan Smith (Jr) 1 1
52 Wyatt Douda (Jr) 5 1 6 1.0
65 Reese Dondero (Jr) 4 2 6 2.0
66 Shane Norris (Sr) 1 1
67 Michael Boothe (Sr) 2




The Bishop Boys Varsity Baseball team took out the Caruthers  Blue Raiders  on Wednesday with the final score of 6-5.

Caruthers loaded the bases  in the first inning but Bronco starter Ace Selters pitched the boys out of that Jam.

Then the Bronco  bats came alive early and scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st.

Bronco infielder Reece Dondero deliver a couple of monster doubles in the game, had 2 RBI’s in the game with a stolen base.

Jake Frigerio slammed a triple in the bottom of the 1st and accounted for one of the three Bronco runs.

Individual stats for the Bishop Broncos:


1-3 triple,2 , 1 run scored


1-1,single ,1 run scored , 1 stolen base 1 RBI

2-2, 2 doubles, 2 RBIs, – stolen base , 1 run scored


0-2, 1 run scored

2-2, single/ double1 run scored , 1 stolen base, 2 RBIs

0-2, 1 run scored – pitched 4 1/3 innings, 3 Ks

1-3, homerun, 1 run scored 1 RBI

Billy McKenzie came in to pitch in the 5th inning when the game was tied and pitched a heck of a game in relief.

Clay Omohundro broke the 5-5 tie with a solo home run and the Broncos never looked back winning 6-5. What a game!

Now the Broncos wait to see if they are traveling to Minarets High School or hosting Lindsay high School next Wednesday, June 16th in the semi finals of Division 5 Baseball. Minarets is ranked #1 and Lindsay is ranked #8. Lets hope for an upset on Friday when those two get together so the Bishop Boys can host another at Tatum Field in Bishop!

We will keep you updated on all the happenings on the local news at KIBS/KBOV.

Go Broncos!!



The final regular season game was played this past Tuesday at  Tatum  Field with the Bishop Broncos keeping their undefeated season intact.

The Broncos spotted the Bobcats 3 runs before the bats came alive in the bottom of the third inning.

After scoring 7 runs in the bottom of the third, the Bronco defense and pitching were strong while keeping Boron off the board for the rest of the game.

Individual stats for the Broncos

1-2, single , 2 runs scored , 1 stolen base

2-4, 2 singles , , 1 run scored , 1 stolen base, 2 RBIs

1-4, single, 1 run scored , 2 RBIs

1-2, single ,1 run scored , pitched 1 1/3 inning, 2Ks, 4 walks

0-2, 2 runs scored , pitched 2/3 inning , 2 Ks

1-3, single, 1 run scored , 1 stolen base , 2 RBIS

0-0, 1 run scored , 1 stolen base

2-3,!single and double (walk off), 2 stolen bases , 1 run scored 3 RBIS, pitched 3 innings, 3 walks, 3 Ks

0-1, 1 stolen base , 1 run scored

1-2, single , 2 stolen bases , 2 runs scored , 1 RBI

The Bishop Bronco now wait to see who and where they are going to play in the CIF playoffs.

Lady Broncos Fall to the Scorpions

The Bronco Varsity Softball team took on the Desert Scorpions yesterday at the city park. The final score was a  Scorpion victory  5-1.

According to Head Coach Stacy Van Nest “We just couldn’t string our hits together to score more runs. Defensively we executed excellent bunt coverage and got the out every time. We have ended our regular season play as 5-3 in league and 5-5 overall. We are not sure what is next for the Broncos. Play off intent forms need to be turned in May 28 and the play off bracket will be released June 5. We are unsure if we will go for the play offs as of yet. And since we had to reschedule Boron, we do not know how we will finish in league as others teams have more league games to play. ”

Jasmyn Dondero pitched 7 innings and had 7 K’s and 7 hits.

Lauren Allen was 2 for 3 with a double.
Sadie Dishion was 1 for 2 with a double.
Jayda Jackson was 1 for 3 with a double.

Kayla Jackson was 1 for 2 and
MaNeSe Braithwaite was 1 for 4 at the plate.

Van Nest added “We would like to thank our seniors Lauren Allen, MaNeSe Braithwaite, Sadie Dishion, Jessica Doll, Jazmyn Dondero, and Kayla Rodriguez. We would also like to thank the City Park for great facilities and the parents for their support.”

As Stacy Van Nest mentioned, we will just have to wait and see if more softball is in the future for our Lady Broncos.


Maybe the Bishop Bronco’s were a little complacent with the Mammoth Huskies. Mammoth came prepared for the Broncos and it was an actually great game with the Broncos pulling ahead for a 7-4 victory. Here is the game in pictures.

2-3 single and triple , 1 run scored




0-1, 1 run scored

1-4, single , 1 run scored

0-2, 1 run scored,pitched 2 1/4 inning, 2K no walks


2-3, singles and double, 1 run scored

1-3, double

1-2, double, 1 run scored pitched 7th inning , 1 Ks 0walks

2-2, 1single on base error, 1 run scored, 2 stolen bases on passed balls, pitched 3 3/4 inning , 5K , 3 walks

2-3, singles and double, 1 run scored

1-3, double

Broncos travel to Rosamond for an away game this Thursday 5/20.21 to take on the Rosamond Roadrunners.

Bronco Baseball is Back!

The Bronco Baseball team rolls on with a victory over the Rosamond Roadrunners today by a final score of 12-2 in 6 innings.

With Rock Baker and Ken Harrison calling the game on 1230 KBOV and Gary Young getting the pictures, we had all the base’s covered.

Bronco hitting was a little slow in the first three innings but the afterburners kicked in after that.

Hitting stats for the Bronco’s

1-3,double , 2 runs scored

3-4, 2 singles/1 double , 3run scored

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-2, triple and single , 3 run scored, 1 stolen base

1-4, single, 2 RBI, 1 run scored

2-3, double and triple 1 RBI, 1 runs scored, 2 stolen bases

2-3, single, 1 sac fly, 3RBIs


1-2 single

1-3; single 1  runs scored

And Pitching for your Bishop Bronco’s

Landon Kruse pitched 4 innings with 8Ks, 2 walks

Ace Seltzer final 2 innings , faced only 7 batters in 2 innings. 2Ks, I walk.

A GREAT team effort !!! Go BRONCOS!!!

The upcoming game against the Desert Scorpions has been cancelled, so the next game for the Bishop Bronco Varsity Baseball team will be Thursday, May 6th at Boron.


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September 10, 2020


Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action (IMACA) cordially invites interested community members to a virtual meeting (Zoom video conference) on Wednesday evening, September 16, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss IMACA’s proposal to operate a monitored, overnight parking lot for people experiencing homelessness and living out of their vehicles at the Bishop Nazarene Church located at 900 W. Line Street, Bishop, CA.
The Inyo County Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for the Nazarene Church Safe Parking Project in January of 2020, which was subsequently appealed to the Board of Supervisors. This community meeting and the appeal hearing were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. IMACA has operated an emergency parking lot at 910 N. Main Street since May of this year and would like to close the facility and then reopen at the Nazarene Church in Bishop.

The community meeting will include a presentation by IMACA staff of the proposed Safe Parking Operating and Security Plan followed by a moderated panel discussion with questions and comments from members of the public. Everyone will participate via Zoom video conference from individual, separate locations. The video conference is accessible to the public at Individuals will be asked to provide their name and an email address in order to access the video conference. Anyone who does not want to provide their email address may use the following generic, non-functioning address to gain access:

Anyone wishing to make a comment prior to the meeting, or as the community meeting is being conducted, may do so either in writing, or by utilizing the “hand-waving” feature when appropriate in the Zoom meeting (the moderator will call on those who wish to speak). We encourage everyone to email comments and questions prior to the meeting to

Emailed comments may or may not be read aloud, but all comments will be made a part of the meeting record. We value community participation in this process and welcome recommendations that will improve our project to better serve the community.

Please call Larry Emerson at (760) 873-8557, extension 109, or contact him by email at with any questions or comments.