National Park Visitor Dies from Heat Exposure

Death Valley National Park has reported the death of a visitor due to heat exposure. The incident occurred on Saturday, as temperatures soared to a high of 128 degrees Fahrenheit. The victim was part of a group of motorcyclists traveling near Badwater Basin.

Due to the extreme heat, flight helicopters were unable to respond as they cannot operate safely in temperatures above 120 degrees. Another member of the same group was transported to advanced medical care in Las Vegas, while four others were treated and released on site.

Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds reminded recreationalists that “high heat like this can pose real threats to your health.” Visitors are encouraged to “choose their activities carefully, avoiding prolonged periods of time outside of an air-conditioned vehicle or building when temperatures are this high.”

Once the heat index reaches 99 degrees Fahrenheit, ambient air no longer provides relief to motorcyclists. Heat illness and injury are cumulative and can build over the course of a day or even several days.

All visitors to the park, as well as those experiencing dangerous heat throughout the area, are encouraged to stay hydrated and take precautions to limit exposure to direct sun during the heat of the day.