A Message from Inyo County

Six people have lost their lives in Inyo and Mono counties this season in tragic incidents involving snow,
swift water, and extreme heat. Our condolences go out to the victims’ loved ones.

It’s critical to recognize that conditions this year are unprecedented with the amount of runoff we’re
seeing in creeks and rivers and the volume of snow still left to melt in the backcountry.

We urge everyone recreating outdoors or traveling in intense heat to take these dangers seriously! Don’t
become the next tragedy.
• STAY AWAY from swift water. Don’t underestimate the power of these flows and the unseen
dangers lurking under the surface. Even a slip on a wet or unstable bank can lead to tragedy.
• BE PREPARED for dangerous backcountry conditions – including avalanche – and wait until
conditions improve or you have the skills and experience to keep yourself and your partners safe.
• NEVER split up! Staying together can mean the difference between survival and death.
• DO NOT drive around road closures. They’ve been put in place for your safety and that of first
responders who will have to come get you when something goes wrong. Don’t be that person!
• STAY HYDRATED AND KEEP COOL! If you’re traveling through areas of extreme heat, make sure
your vehicle is in proper working order and that you have a surplus of water available in the event
of a breakdown.

If you’re looking to beat the heat this weekend, there are many other recreational opportunities available, including Millpond, Diaz Lake, Klondike Lake, and fishing at our high-elevation lakes in the Bishop Creek Drainage. However, the creeks below the dams should be avoided as they are running fiercely cold and very fast.

Remember: the risks you take put others in danger too!

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