New Lower Speed Limit Coming to June Lake

The Mono County Board of Supervisors, using a new state law for establishing speed limits, approved a lower speed limit for Main Street through the June Lake Village.

The new speed limit will be posted at 15 MPH. Previously, “downtown” business districts with on-street parking used to be equally posted at 25 MPH, statewide.

Specifically, AB43 authorizes local jurisdictions to find a speed limit “more than reasonable or safe,” allowing the rounding down by 5 MPH.

For decades, California Vehicle Code requires a speed survey and set the limit at 85% of vehicle vehicles June Lake’s latest speed survey tracked the average vehicle speed at 19 MPH. Under AB43, the county was allowed to round down to 15 MPH.

The rule change also allows local authorities to consider the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, as well.

Critics say lowering limits too much can be problematic. They add those speed variances also can create more conflicts and passing maneuvers, Additionally, opponents say lowering speed limits by itself will not reduce speed. Instead, it will criminalize normal behavior and will not make streets safer.

According to Kevin Julian, the Supervisor of Roads for Mono County, ” The goal is to have the full sign package installed before the 4th of July.”  CHP is the agency that would enforce the lower speed limit.