Local Caltrans Receives Big Bucks To Get Clean

Governor Gavin Newsom’s $1.1 billion Clean California initiative, awarded $312 million for 126 beautification projects along the state highway system – including five projects in Caltrans District 9 in  Eastern Kern, Inyo, and Mono Counties.
Some of the projects located in District 9 include:

Bridgeport Main Street Banner: The Bridgeport Main Street Banner project will install a banner structure that spans scenic US Highway 395 at the intersection of the highway and Sinclair Street in the town of Bridgeport in Mono County. The banner structure will be a placemaking focal point where the community can suspend customized events and welcome banners over the historic main street.

Mono  Lake Guardrail Beautification and Safety:The Mono Lake MGS (Midwest Guardrail System) beautification and safety project will replace outdated guardrails with safer, color-treated guardrail systems that will complement the beauty of the scenic basin near the town of Lee Vining in Mono County. A beautification treatment will allow the guardrails to blend into the surrounding environment.

Four of the five Caltrans District 9 “Clean California” projects are on Highway 395.

Fort Independence Lighting: The Fort Independence Lighting project will install lighting along US Highway 395, where the highway divides the Fort Independence Indian Reservation in Inyo County.

Fort Independence Monuments:  The Fort Independence Monuments project will install gateway monuments along US Highway 395 at the northern and southern boundaries of the Fort Independence Indian Reservation in Inyo County. The monuments will serve as placemaking focal points that enhance the community space.