Sheriff Hollowell’s Attorney Speaks Publically

On Monday (12-13) Tony Perez, the Sacramento-based attorney for Sheriff Hollowell’s $20  million lawsuits against Inyo County, spoke exclusively to KIBS/KBOV News.

Perez reported that Mr. Hollowell, who retires as Sheriff formally on December 15th, has a court date for Sept. 19, 2022 – Perez stating that is normal timing for a civil case such as this. The case has been moved from the court of filing in Sacramento County, and will now be heard in Inyo County, at the request of one of the defendants. A special, now retired L.A. County Judge, William Willet, will be brought to Inyo County to hear the case.

Both the County of Inyo, and three defendants who worked for the county, have been sued for allegedly releasing  private and protected information on Hollowell during the last campaign for Sheriff. Attorney Perez indicated that he has a ruling from California’s Attorney General, that the three defendants could additionally face mistorneanor charges in the case. Perez thought that ruling spoke well for Hollowell’s case.

Joshua Nicholson, a former Inyo County Deputy Sheriff who ran against Hollowell in 2018, Rubin Bradley, a former county employee, and Sue Dishon, the county’s Deputy Director of Personel, are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Mr. Perez would not comment on any recent motions, or possible settlement offers by Inyo County, as the case is still in the Discovery Phase.