Rumors Flying About New Bishop Businesses – Target? Dollar Tree? Bev-Mo?

A sign of a good economy might be when rumors start flying around about new businesses coming to vacant town storefronts. Such is the case recently on several Owens Valley social media sites.

KIBS/KBOV decided to go to the source – the Planning Department for the City of Bishop – to find our if some . . . or any of the rumors  . . . are true.

Rumor: Dollar Tree is coming to Bishop.

YES! Dollar Tree purchased the old Health and Human Services building on Warren Steet, and is working in a full remodel mode.

Rumor: The old location of Joseph’s Bi-Rite Market is going to be a Bev-Mo.

Sorta. It will be similar to that concept, say city officials. And reportedly its getting real close to opening. There is food, etc., being stocked on the shelves already.

Rumor: The old Ben Franklin store is going to be a convenience store. 

The building has been purchased and the new owners are spending some money to fix up. But the city has not received any intensions or plans for what the new owners intends to open. (Parking would be huge problem if the rumor came to fruition.)

Rumor: Target has made a bid on the old original K-mart location.

“I wish it were true, but its not,” said a city planner.

(ADDED TO STORY 11-16 @ 1:00p.m.)   However, another vacant storefront will soon be brought back to life. The Bishop Salvation Army’s Sherry O’Connell announced they have purchased the building at 131 – 151 S. Main Street, which used to house Bishop Martial Arts and Inyo Council for the Arts. Remodeling of the 4,000 square-foot building will begin in 2022.

And the Bishop Ford dealership will not stay vacant for long. Bishop Veterinary Hospital has announced the purchase of the large property, and will be relocating to their new facility by the end of Summer 2022.