Owens Valley School District Approves Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Proclamation

On November 17, after two hours of public comment and discussion, the Owens Valley Unified School District Board of Directors approved – 4 to 1 –  a proclamation stating they will not enforce the state’s proposed mandatory Covid -19 vaccination for all students.

The Board’s Resolution proclaims that the OVUSD lacks the legal authority to mandate COVID 19 vaccinations for all students and staff.

The resolution flies in the face of defiance of Gov,. Newsom’s expected school mandate, which he announced on October 1, would become law either in January or July of 2022, which will requiring  all public and private school children be vaccinated.

But the Board also read to the public, the written advice from their attorney. If vaccinations become mandatory, the school district would have to enforce state law, or face possible penalties, reduced funding, even to shutting down the school. The four supporting board members were very clear, they will have to do what is required by a state mandate.

In essence, the board is firing the first shot, prior to the expected change in state law, to everyone who will receive the notice of Proclamation, from Govenor Newsom, to state  legislators, local leaders, and health officials.

Most members of the public that spoke on the Zoom meeting supported the Resolution. Howard, a former school principle, advised the Board to “Take a stand. Fight back,” advising in his former school district, the only way to change bad law was to challenge them in court.

Ginger, a parent, said, she expected the Board to fight for her child. “I’m the one that should decide for the health of my child, not the Board or the state of California.”

Eight teachers, representing the Owens Valley Teachers Assn., filed a letter in opposition to the Resolution, stating the staff should be assured a safe working environment.

Other school boards in the area continue to address this issue, with sometimes numerous parents and staff showing up at meetings, opposing mandated COVID vaccines.