Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

(Hawthorne, NV listeners – see update at bottom of story)

Bishop BLM office has announced permits are now available to cut one’s own Christmas Tree on BLM-controlled land.

Permits are available online through their Bishop office – $5.00 per tree – may take up to 10. (Why would anyone need more than 10 trees?)

The trees are generally Pinon Pines located in the Benton and Bridgeport areas.  BLM will send complete maps and guidelines with a paid permit.

With the on-going drought and fire danger, the minor thinning of singular trees in this area helps the growth and stability of the rest of the forest.

STORY UPDATED 12-2) For our listeners on 102.3 KIBS in Hawthorne, NV, you too may take advantage of BLM’s tree cutting program. Contact the BLM Office in Carson City 775-885-6000 or check out their website for an application. The info/cost/process is the same as the BLM Bishop office.

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook: A Bishop Family found their perfect tree.)