BUSD Covid Policy Will Help Student-Athletes Play

This week, the BUSD School Board voted unanimously to adopt a “Test to Play” policy, allowing students and staff who have been identified as close contacts due to a school-based COVID exposure to continue to participate in extracurricular activities given that they are:
– Asymptomatic, and
– Testing [negative] twice-weekly during modified quarantine per CDPH guidelines or have proof of vaccination.
This policy will go into effect immediately in order to support students to stay engaged, connected, and playing alongside their teammates and peers.

Recently, we have experienced a decline in Covid infection active cases, (down 75% in last four weeks) compared to the spike in cases during the month of October.  Hopefully this trend continues and helps to alleviate the challenges that have been put upon schools to operate safely and smoothly.

Thank you to the students, staff, and our community as a whole for doing what it takes to make this possible; we know it hasn’t been easy.  We will continue to make decisions that support all students to be in class, learning and growing together.