Bear Walks Into Lake Tahoe 7 – Eleven

A bear opened a door to a 7-Eleven and walked right in — until the hand sanitizer got him.

In a social media video posting by Rachelle Ducusin, an employee at the 7-Eleven store in Olympic Valley, California (about 7 miles from Lake Tahoe) shows the bear open the door.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser went off as the bear’s nose triggered it, The bear didn’t seem fazed, and didn’t run away, even with the employee screaming and shouting.

Posted Comments: “He just wanted a Slurpee.”  “He wants a blue raspBEARy Slurpee,”  “At least he sanitized.”

Ducusin said the bear had charged her twice before, when she tried to keep it our of the garbage cans. 7-Eleven stated the bear probably just wanted a special treat from inside the store.

Emergency officials arrived and shot the bear with rubber bullets to make it go away,
In Mammoth Lakes, bears continue to be a problem . . . a people problem. Mammoths Lake Police Dept. report eight bear incidents in the last two weeks, including one dead bear obviously hit by a vehicle, and a bear on a second story balcony.