A Big Win For Mono Lake

From Geoffrey McQuilkin, Executive Director of the Mono Lake Committee . . . .

“It’s a bright new day for streams and wildlife in the Mono Basin!

Yesterday evening [October 4] the California State Water Resources Control Board issued Order WR 2021-0086 EXEC, which amends the Mono Basin water rights of the City of Los Angeles to make sure that 20 miles of Mono Lake’s tributary streams, riparian forests, and fish habitat will be restored to health.

This is truly a landmark moment for the streams, and cause for celebration. Head to our blog for more on this exciting news.

Years of hard work by all of us who care about this special place have gone into this achievement. Mono Lake Committee supporters know well that persistence and collaboration are essential ingredients for healing Mono Lake and its tributary streams. This State Water Board action shows that those lengthy efforts can lead to positive results.

As the yellows and oranges of fall tinge the aspens and cottonwoods, the creeks now flow to Mono Lake alive with the promise of a healthier, sustainable future.

Long Live Mono Lake’s tributaries!

Geoffrey McQuilkin
Executive Director