Two Young White Pelicans Saved

Earlier this month, Everett Holland, who was boating at Klondike Lake called Wildcare Eastern Sierra and reported a White Pelican stranded in the tules. Adjacent to Highway 395, between Keoughs and Big Pine, the lake is a common resting spot for migrating water birds, including white pelicans.

Wildcare staff member Leith Felgar rounded up the necessary equipment and set off to help. Leith waded waist deep out to the boat and they approached the large white bird. Leith secured the long, snapping beak and large wings, and got it into a container.

At Wildcare, it was placed in a small outdoor cage to rest and relax.

But even before Leith returned to the Center, Everett spotted a second pelican elsewhere in the tules and called us again. Staffer Danielle Manriquez prepared for a second rescue while the first one arrived and was placed in a cage. The second bird was smaller and weaker than the first.

Both were weighed and thoroughly examined. Neither was injured, but both had been without food for several days. They couldn’t stand upright and needed recovery time.

They were put in the same cage where they snuggled together happily. [When young are a few weeks old, they come together in a crèche or “pod” where their parents feed them.] Each was fed 3 times a day for a total of 3 pounds each. For the next several days, the two continued to fatten up. They grew stronger and eventually could stand up fully.

Wildcare put out the word for a volunteer to drive the two down to a Laguna Beach rescue facility. Deena Davenport drove down the five hours, where  they soon joined up with four other youngsters who were already there. Once they all grow strong enough, they will be released into a fresh water bay to feed and continue to mature.

KIBS’ Gary Young caught a migrating-south flock at a local lake this past weekend. “They took off when they smelled me coming,” says Gary

Please join KIBS/KBOV in recycling your CRV bottles and cans at Manor Market’s Buy-Back Center (Tues – Sat). They’ll reassign your recycling proceeds to Wildcare Easter Sierra. Always looking for donations and volunteers, please contact Wildcare Director Cindy Kamler at 760-872-1487.