New Pedestrian Crossing Signals Activated

Caltrans announces two new pedestrian signals were activated on  Monday. One is at the intersection of Highway 395/Main Street at East Elm (Giggle Springs/Sinclair Gas), and on Line Street at the Post Office/Dwayne’s Friendly Pharmacy intersection.

The flashing yellow, flashing red, solid red design is new to Inyo County and most California drivers. One does exist in Mammoth at The Village crossing into the parking lot on Highway 209.

When the pedestrians push the walk activation button, the system looks for breaks in traffic before activating the yellow flashers, but eventually will alert traffic to stop. The signal will then go to a solid red light, and the cross-walkers will see the WALK symbol. The solid red stays on for a normal amount of time for one to safely cross the street.

The signal then goes to flashing red, which is new, indicating it is okay for vehicles to proceed  . . . if safe to do so – as in the pedestrians have cleared the intersection.

KIBS/KBOV News visited the Line Street site and saw three separate interactions, one pedestrian didn’t seem to understand the system, didn’t push the WALK button, and crossed anyway. Another activated the system, and crossed safely. The vehicle stopped at the light did not proceed when the flashing Red was displayed and the pedestrian had safely cleared the intersection. A flashing Red is the same as as top sign – proceed when safe.

Caltrans has produced a short, informative video on the new crossing.