Future Eagle Scout to Rebuild Lone Pine Gazebo

Seth Tait, a local scout from Ridgecrest Troop 35 is on his trail to become an Eagle Scout. The Lone Pine resident is 17.

Seth will be completely replacing the aging Spainhower Park Gazebo. “The structure is falling apart, parts have been replaced and not painted. There’s deterioration of structural members, the stairs aren’t to code, and there are electrical safety problems,” said Seth.


Seth has reached out to some heavy hitters in the Valley, in donating materials, labor, and funding. Supporting the project are LADWP, Coso Geothermal Plant, Gardner’s Hardware & Lumber, the Celbridge Plant in Olancha,  county planning, and local engineers.

“Becoming an Eagle Scout requires a lot of leadership, citizenship, doing service projects that are important to the community,” said Seth.  Before applying for the top rank of Eagle Scout, among many merit badges and ranks, one has to be able to save a life, tie knots, read maps, and have camped outdoors over 50 nights with the Boy Scout program. An Eagle Scout Project is one of the last endeavors to obtain the rank, It is an honored title that is bestowed for a lifetime.

Unfortunalty Lone Pine Boy Scout Troop 82 folded a few years back. Seth’s older brother, as part of his Troop 82 Eagle Project, rebuilt the bridges across the creek in Spainhower Park.

Seth’s plans were submitted to Inyo County for approval last week. Anyone wishing to help out this project may contact Seth at: sethtait16@gmail.com