Buy A Lotto Ticket – Its Your Lucky Day

From Bridgeport CHP . . . .

Being on your side isn’t so bad unless you are in a car and on the edge of an embankment that drops straight down 1,000+ feet. This driver was lucky to escape without injury this morning on Tioga Pass (SR 120W).

We would like to take this time to remind people to watch your downhill speed and maintain control of your vehicle at all times. This is the fourth crash within two weeks that have occurred on either Tioga Pass or Sonora Pass (SR108) where people have lost their braking power, or lost control of their vehicle due to speed. Last week on Sonora Pass to individuals jumped out of their moving vehicle because they feared it would go over the edge. The vehicle ended up going into the hillside and the driver and his passenger had minor injuries.

Please travel safely.

Photo Courtesy of Bridgeport CHP