Know When To Turn Around

Inyo County Search and Rescue and Inyo County Sheriff’s Office reminds hikers . . . Know when to turn around!

Sometimes, we have to make a hard decision on the mountain: turn around before reaching the summit. While this can seem very annoying, reaching the trailhead safely is much more important that reaching a summit.

When to turn around . . .  Set an expected time to reach the summit. Too late? At your set turn around time – get back to the parking lot before it’s dark or very late.

When members of the group get too exhausted/sick/altitude sickness/dehydration.

When there’s a storm approaching.

When it is too hot/cold/windy for some members in your group.

When members in your group get scared (no reason to feel ashamed for speaking up!)

All members of your group turn around together! Never leave your friends and mountain partners behind!