Masking Now Required By Some Inyo Businesses, Mandatory in Mono

Although not yet required, we’ve found a few businesses and restaurants in the Bishop area that now require wearing of masks indoors.

Mono County’s indoor mask mandate becomes effective on Friday, August 6 for all – vaccinated or not.  Mono County became the 9th county in California to mandate indoor masks.

Anna Scott, Deputy Director of Inyo County Health Department, told KIBS/KBOV News that she doesn’t expect a mask mandate to be placed in Inyo County just yet. Although she did say that positive COVID-19 infections rates are up (reportedly four or five new cases a day) it is not as heavy as Mono County with its tourist and out-of-town visitors.

Inyo County will follow the state’s, and CDC masking guidelines in future weeks.

This sign is being distributed to area restaurants by one local Bishop business in the ongoing debate.

Politically speaking, poll watchers report that should Govenor Gavin Newsom put a statewide mask mandate back in place, although he may not have a choice, it may mean the end of his job in the upcoming recall election.