Was That L.A. Mayor Garcetti In Town?

I’m having some fun here . . . All in the quest for news . . . .

We’d love to tell you that we met with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti when he came to town recently in July.  We’d love to share the one-on-one interview we had with him talking about the issues of the Eastern Sierra and its relationship to L.A.

The Mayor met with many people – L.A. city employees, local elected leaders, staff, etc., as he traveled around, from Bishop to Mono Lake. We’d love to show the photos he took with local tribal  members and environmental leaders.

But unfortunately, we can’t.  We at KIBS/KBOV weren’t invited. Neither was the other local radio station. Neither were the local tribal or environmental leaders.

But reading the interview Garcetti gave to a local publication, he said the reason for his visit was to strengthen our community’s connection with L.A. and change direction of our combined past history. At least I think that’s what he said.

Garcetti has accepted President Biden’s appointment to become the Ambassador in India. He’ll need to be confirmed by the Congress. But L.A. media speculation says he’ll be eating Chicken Marsala by New Years.

So was this a farewell tour? Political insiders speculate it was more likely a “Remember Me” tour?  Its no secret his intensions are to return to California  at some point and run for Govenor.