Hillside Lets Go

Around 2:15 p.m. Monday (7-19-21) CHP received a call for help up on Highway 168 just west of Aspendell. After heavy rains the night before, three spots on the steep hillside let go, covering the highway with up to two feet of mud and rocks.

The slides were about 1/4 mile apart. Two cars were stranded between the slides and were able to walk out safety. No one was injured in the incident. Several anglers and hikers were stranded for the time driving down from South Lake and Sabrina, unable to proceed down the road.  No rescues were required.

Caltrans got the highway re-opened by sundown.  Engineers know that area of the highway will be a challenge. In July of 2018, another rockslide occurred in the same area,  blocking access for days.