Public Comment Re-Opened For Long Valley Mining Exploration

Due to public requests, the Inyo National Forest has extended the deadline for public comment on the scope of proposed exploration drilling project in Long Valley. Deadline for public comment has been extended to Thursday, May 13.

The Inyo National Forest is initiating the analysis process for the proposed Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project proposed by Kore USA Ltd. (Kore Mining). The project boundary area proposed for exploration is within a claim block controlled by Kore Mining and encompasses 230 acres approximately 6.2 miles east of the town of Mammoth Lakes and 45 miles north of Bishop.

The Forest Service is opening a scoping period to ask for your help in determining the scope of the analysis. Kore Mining proposes to conduct mineral exploration activities at the claim for a period of less than one year.

A total of fourteen pads measuring 30 feet by 50 feet (1500 square feet) each are proposed for construction within in the claim area. Up to three core borings would be drilled on each pad. The drill pads would also be utilized for staging all vehicles and equipment. Each pad would be surrounded by temporary fencing during the work.

You may submit comments on the project website or please contact Colleen Garcia, Minerals Program Manager, 351 Pacu Lane Suite 200 Bishop, CA 93514, or by email:, or (760) 920-0285 for questions about the project or scoping process,