Bronco Dad Shares Challenges and Successes of QB1 Son Clay Omohundro

KBOV AM1230 carried the Friday Night Lights game live from Orosi High School, with commentators Ken Harrison & Sonya Hernandez, and play-by-play announcer Adam Gonzalez.

KBOV’s Sonya Hernandez interviews Coach Palu and OB1 Clay Omohundro after the 47-21 victory

Adam Gonzalez had the pleasure of talking to Steve Omohundro before his son Clay Omohundro took the field for the final time – a proud father and Bronco Baseball Coach:

“All of our family is proud of Clay and has always enjoyed watching him perform on the field and the court. This Senior year has been tough, but so is Clay. A lot of times we cannot control what happens, we can only control how we react. Clay is a true example of this.”

“As some people may or may not know, when Clay was 6 years old playing football for BYFL (Bishop youth football league) he came down ill and was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. In the moment, the world stopped for our family. We were forced to regroup and refocus on how we would move forward with his condition. We were able to rely on the Native American culture and the ceremonies that we were able to be a part of. These prayers brought great strength and understanding to Clay and our family.”

“This strength and courage still walks with him to this day, we are forever thankful for that. Clay is a true leader and loves getting his teammates involved in whatever sport he plays.”

“Our family is thankful for the coach’s efforts in making sure these boys have had the opportunity to be on the field practicing all year. My proudest moment is hearing all the great things his coach’s say about his work ethic. There is no doubt in my mind that Clay will continue on and strive to make those around him better people. We love him and are thankful for everyday that we get to watch him play”

  • Adam Gonzalez thanks Mr. Steve Omohundro for taking time out of his busy schedule.
  • Sport Director Ken Harrison adds, ” Thank you to the Orosi High staff, coaches, and fans for making us feel so welcomed. Broadcasting the game from your incredible field and radio brought us a return to a sense of normalcy.”

    Ken Harrison & Adam Gonzalez