Caltrans Adds Three New EV Charging Stations

Highway 395 now has three new charging stations for electric vehicle travelers. The units are the Level 3 DC fast chargers, charging most EV’s to 80% within a half-hour. The chargers have adapters for all EV’s, including Tesla’s.

“The station’s are essential to continue the growing  EV adoption of California and meeting the state’s goals for combating climate change,” said Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin.

The Hwy. 395 locations are: Coso Junction Rest Area, Division Creek Rest Area, and the Caltrans office at 500 S. Main Street in Bishop.

These new stations are in addition to the Tesla charging stations in Lone Pine (at the Film Museum) and in Bishop, on Warren Street, There is also a charging station behind the VONS gas station.  Caltrans opened up two additional stations on Highway 58 in the Boron area on both sides of the freeway off-ramps.

Several charging stations can also be found in Mammoth and one is proposed in June Lake.