Mono in the Movies – Alvin & The Chipmunks

Movies in the Movies is a DVD Collection of films shot in Mono County, housed at the June Lake Library, and available to check out through any Mono County Library branch. 

Released by 20th Century Fox, the 2007 reboot brought back the lovable characters of Alvin, Simon, Theodore and their human, Dave Seville.

The first three-minute opening sequence was filmed above June Lake on Oh! Ridge, and along Hwy. 158 into the Village. (Also filmed in Inyo County on Hwy. 395 near the Division Creek Rest Area and passing the old, abandoned, green cafe in Olancha.)

The plot starts with  the “Sierra Lakes Christmas Tree Farm” cutting down the Chipmunks’ tree and the journey to Hollywood stardom begins.

For all the Chipmunk lovers in the Eastern Sierras, in the end credits, the disclaimer reads, “No chipmunks were harmed during the filming of this movie.” The animated Chipmunks unfortunately did not stay in any June Lake motels while filming. So there’s no report on how the animated Chipmunks behaved in the Tiger Bar after the daily production ended.



– KIBS’ News Director Ken Harrison has been the volunteer curator of the DVD collection as a member of the June Lake Historical Society and June Lake Friends of the Library. Updated information is welcomed.