About 820,000 people visited Death Valley National Park in 2020. This was about half the number of people that visited the park the previous year.

As the weather started to cool down, Americans resumed traveling to Death Valley. 67,000 people visited in October, down 52% from the previous year. As temperatures cooled even more, November 2020 was a tie for the park’s busiest November, with 132,000 visits.

Campgrounds and lodging in the park closed on December 7 in response to California’s Regional Stay-at-Home Orders. In spite of the lack of overnight accommodations, 94,000 people visited in December, which was the park’s third-busiest December.

2021: The Regional Stay-at-Home Orders were in effect until late January, yet visitation remained high, with 80,000 visits.

Campgrounds and lodging in the park are now back open, and interest is high. Reservations are fully booked for the remainder of the season at Furnace Creek, the park’s only campground with a reservation system. Other campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.