Congrats to Sheriff Ingrid Braun

Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun was recently honored by the National Sheriff’s Association as the Sheriff of the Month. The accolade coincided with Women’s History Month.

With her recognition, Sheriff Braun encouraged young woman looking into a career in law enforcement, “Do it. Don’t second guess yourself or wonder if you have the right stuff. Don’t worry what others might think. You can do this. Our law enforcement should reflect the community it serves. We need women like you who want to make a difference.,” she posted.

Sheriff Braun is the first woman sheriff of Mono County. Having served in the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, in 2014, voters handedly elected her as the new sheriff in town. Then Sheriff  Ralph Obenberger was voted out of office over allegations of mismanagement, false arrests, and in-fighting with the County Board of Supervisors.