The injured Kit Fox, rescued by Wildcare Eastern Sierra, more than two months ago, was released Tuesday by Wildcare Director Cindy Kamler, along with volunteers Jennifer Garrison and Ella Boehme.

A safe release spot was found near where the fox was hit by a car, near Jo’berg on the way to Trona. She traveled quietly in her special cloth carrier. The spot was far enough from the road and away from any human structures or activities.

The carrier faced a good hiding place in the creosote thicket and the door flap  was unzipped. The group moved away quietly to a spot a discreet distance away.
After a small pause, the small fox left the carrier and slowly began to move across the immediate landscape. She appeared calm, looking around keenly and happily inhaling the familiar smells. She traced ever-larger circles, steadily moving away from the release site.
Almost out of sight, she quietly lay down behind a thicket. Her color and markings served  well as camouflage.

When turned into Wildlife Eastern Sierra, the Kit fox was motionless for four or five days, eyes shut. Nearly a week passed until she could lick blended raw meat from a syringe. and begin her road to recovery and release.

Wildlife Eastern Sierra rescues birds and small animals that are injured or abandoned. We ask you to join with us here at KIBS/KBOV by supporting the work of Wildlife Eastern Sierra.

Like us here at the station,  one way is to take your California redemption cans, glass, or plastic bottles to Manor Market’s buy-back center, and ask to have the proceeds donated to Wildlife Eastern Sierra. This is an important funding source for the rescue center.

(Photos courtesy of Wildlife Eastern Sierra.)